Empath Therapist Near me [2021]: Counseling For Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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empath therapist near me

Empathy plays a big role[1] in social interactions and it can make or break a person. This is why people like empaths may necessarily need more time to process their feelings compared to others. And for that, you need an empath therapist that does their job well. If you’re looking for an empath therapist near me, then read on.

If you’re curious about why you need an empath therapist then you should know that empaths are different from others and the feelings of regular people tend to be different from the feelings of empaths most of the time. Hence, why it’s important to find the best empath therapist near you. This also applies to therapy for highly sensitive people as well.

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Whether you’re an empath or a highly sensitive person, both need an understanding and reliable therapist who knows of your sensitive condition. It would be even better if the therapist is an empath or at least a person who is very sensitive as well. Which is why we recommend a competent service like Online-therapy.com.

Online-Therapy.Com has a very respectable reputation and they have over thousands of counselors who have tons of experience dealing with different types of people and their issues. Their good reputation stems from achieving positive results and the professionalism of their counselors who know the boundaries of their clients but still know when to push them just enough for positive change, like counseling for PTSD and other personal issues. 

We are sure that the majority of their counselors are able to handle sensitive individuals like empaths. After all, they’re one of the best online therapist services currently in the market and they will live up to all the hype that their customers praise them for. 

How can an empath therapist help?

As mentioned previously, a therapist is a good job for an empath simply because of their high empathy and the additional services they can offer with their thoughts and feelings.  And since empath therapists are more perspective, they can easily find the best treatment for you and your family members. 

When should you see your empath therapist? 

An empath therapist can offer their services and use their gift to help lives but the question is when? Well, this depends on the subject and situations of their client. Being empaths they can easily find problems with your relationships, children, and even problems you have with society as well. They can sense your desire for certain things and they can give detailed analysis as psychologists can. 

We advise that whenever you have a problem you are dealing with emotions that can’t be helped by relationships like your parents and friends, then it is recommended that you seek the help of an empath therapist. 

Can I Rely on Therapists for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths?

The world has yet to take the mechanism and concept of empath therapists but many people have received positive guidance from them. Additionally, their services are the ideal therapy for highly sensitive people and other empaths, as well as their sessions, involve the treatment of emotional problems that can lead to mental health without prodding too much on their boundaries and lives.  As a result, people who are clients of empath therapists often experience few issues with the way they do things. 

How to Choose the Best Empath and HSP Therapist Near Me?

Just because you are with an empath therapist doesn’t mean that they have the trait that you are looking for. Compatibility and preferences play a big role which is why it’s important to choose the best empath therapist based on what you have in life and the type of person you are looking for. 

Do Your Research

There are many empath therapists in the world and choosing one of them is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is why you need to narrow down your search in a way that suits you.

The best way to do this is by searching the internet and looking for the best empath therapists. Here you’ll be able to see various statistics about the empath therapist you are looking for like their clients, reviews, and their experience.

Additionally, you can ask others around you as well. If your friend or even parents have gone to a particular therapist then ask them for their experience and recommendations if they are worth the time and money, after all, most empath therapists especially the good ones tend to be pretty expensive. 

The Community Around the Therapist

One overlooked aspect that most clients tend to forget is the community around the therapist. Some empath therapists help you get in touch with your fellow empaths so that you have someone you can also relate with who is going through the same problems as you are facing. Who knows you might even find a good friend out of this community. 

Check Customer Reviews

After you’ve done your research and found one or two therapists that you think to suit you, it’s time to look at the opinions of others. Particularly those of previous customers and clients and find out if the therapist is worth investing in.

Read about the experiences of the clients and how their feelings have been resolved. Did their life get better?  Was the therapist sensitive and respectful of boundaries? Find these things out and determine if the therapist is what you want. 

Call the Therapist and Judge for Yourself

The opinions of others may matter in helping you get a better picture of the therapist but no one in the world has the choice to decide when it comes to yourself. The best way to find out if you’re availing the services of the best therapist is to call them yourself.

You’ll be talking to this person about your issues, needs, desires, and situation. Make sure you are comfortable conversing with them. Are they accommodating? Are they understanding of your needs?

Choose Based on Your Preferences

Last but not least is to choose based on your preferences and desire. Even the best empath therapist in the world can be bad for you if they don’t suit your preferences. Do you prefer male therapists? Do you want a therapist to be closer to your age range? Do you want someone who cracks lighthearted jokes?

Ask yourself these questions and chances are you’re going to have the best therapist that you feel comfortable enough to share personal information with. 

What is an Empath?

The word “empath” is often used in science fiction or supernatural fiction to explain someone with a paranormal ability to feel the experiences of another person. But recently people are becoming more open to the idea of empaths and it has a different meaning. 

Most empaths are able to feel the emotions of other people. They have a very unique ability to experience the feeling, sensations, and pain of other people. Because of this, empaths tend to be very understanding and compassionate people as they can personally feel what other people are feeling.  

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

Empaths share very similar traits to highly sensitive people (HSP) and they are often confused with one another. Elaine Aron, a clinical psychologist is an expert[2] on highly sensitive people and she even wrote a book about it.   If you want to know whether you’re an empath or a part of a group of highly sensitive people, then you might want to ask yourself these questions. 

How Do I Feel About Time Pressure?

Highly sensitive people tend to get really stressed when under time pressure. This is normal for them as they are very sensitive to stimulation and rushing them will only make them more anxious. An empath on the other hand might be able to deal with time pressure much better than highly sensitive people. 

Do you easily get startled?

Another trait that you need to look out for is your ability to handle surprises. If you easily get startled by noise or sudden movement then chances are you’re a highly sensitive person. Most people get startled all the time but if you get startled in non-threatening situations then it’s a telltale sign.

Do you find change uncomfortable?

A big sign of highly sensitive people is that they don’t take change lightly. These people are often comfortable following routines and sticking with them. And it’s not just bad change, even good changes might put highly sensitive people off as well. 

Do other people think you’re perceptive?

One of the most praiseworthy traits of highly sensitive people is their perception. If other people often praise you for your perceptiveness then it might be a good sign that you are. Being able to notice small details of others is a gift thanks to your sensitivity. 

Does your environment tend to be your enemy?

Having high sensitivity, HSP people might have problems with the environment. As mentioned before, you are very perceptive so if you are taken to a new environment then you might perceive dangers and other problems that will stress you out. 

Do you hate violence? Are you afraid of conflict?

Conflict and violence are naturally repulsive things for human beings. However, highly sensitive persons take this to the next level and it might even affect their well-being.  Since they have high sensitivity violent acts and conflict affect them more causing deep empathy and pain as if they are feeling it themselves. If you can’t stand gory movies or cruel people in movies, then chances are that you’re a highly sensitive person. 

Do you have high self-awareness?

Last but not least is your self-awareness. Are you usually more self-aware than the people around you? Highly sensitive persons put a lot of thought into feelings, if you spend a lot of time trying to understand your emotions and the emotions of others, HSPs are very introspective because they spend a lot of time reflecting on their actions and the information that they’ve gathered. 

What’s the Difference Between an Empath and an HSP?

empath therapist near me

Most of the questions above tend to apply to empaths as well with the exception of time pressure, the environment, and getting startled. Highly sensitive people aren’t just sensitive emotionally’ in other aspects as well, this means that they are sensitive to physical and mental things as well. An empath on the other hand may not be so paranoid about the environment compared to HSPs.

Living as an Empath

If you’ve found out you’re an empath then it’s good news because now you know what you can do to improve your life. Empaths are often misunderstood and because of this, they tend to get poor treatment from people with low sensitivity to feelings and emotions.

As an empath, you need to understand that you process things differently as other people and you need to give more self-care to yourself and balance your mental health and life much harder. 

Since you may find some things more repulsive than other people, it might be a good idea to live with a fellow empath who knows your needs or at least someone who has a good sense of your needs and boundaries. These are good people to form relationships with and have wonderful experiences in life. 

Jobs For Empaths

Just like with everyone else, empaths have things they are bad at and things that they are good at. And although how well you do in a job depends on the differences in your body and experiences, you can still generalize what ideal jobs empaths can have. 

High-stress jobs like fire fighting, being a police officer, and customer support might not be good for empaths. Since they process emotions much more deeply they can easily get overwhelmed by emotions causing damage to their mental health.

Jobs like being a psychologist, social worker, therapist, nurse, doctors, counselors might be good for an empath. It depends on the type of doctor as well as jobs involving the emergency room and late-night sessions might be way too much of a situation for empaths. 

Empaths have keen senses of body language and their perception can easily help them find a treatment or the best solution for their clients. Of course, these jobs can also apply to HSPs as well since they have a trait or two similar to that of an empath.  

Therapy for Empaths: How Does Online Empath Counseling Work?

As stated before, empaths and highly sensitive people might take a lighthearted joke seriously and feel stressed about it. This is why we need specialized people like empath therapists when dealing with this kind of person. Empath therapists are therapists who know how to deal with empaths and they are usually empaths themselves or a highly sensitive person.

Benefits of Therapy for Empaths

Empaths who have undergone sessions with empath therapists often claim that:

  • They have better management of stress
  • They understand and accept they are different from other people
  • They have a better time dealing with their problems and differences from others
  • They have a much better goal in life after their sessions

What does an empath therapist treat?

An empath therapist treats the same things which are helping you resolve your problems and internal conflicts however they also help empaths and highly sensitive people deal with their issues as well. Their methods will help you cope with interacting with others while still embracing that empath and highly sensitive side. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Empaths need therapy?

It depends on the person. Some empaths have it under control while some may need professional help.

Is it rare to be an empath?

There are no scientific studies about the rarity of empaths so we can’t tell. But from what other empaths say, it’s hard to find people with a similar ability so it is pretty rare.

What is empathic therapy?

 Empathic therapy is a form of therapy designed for empaths.

What Empaths should avoid?

Empaths should avoid overly toxic people and conditions that cause severe mental and emotional stress.

How do you treat Empaths?

Other people should treat empaths with respect and care. They take in emotions differently from other people.

Is being an empath a psychological disorder?

Considering that there aren’t many studies regarding empaths, it’s a no. Being an empath doesn’t mean you have a psychological disorder.

Can Empaths be therapists?

Yes, in fact, they make great therapists since they can be more understanding and compassionate.

How do Empaths control their emotions?

Most empaths find some quiet or alone time where they won’t be exposed to the emotions of other people.

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