03:16am Tuesday 19 November 2019

What worries Australia?

What worries Australia survey

The survey, titled ‘What worries Australia?’, will determine the key worries of everyday Australians – from financial security to health issues to being robbed on the street.

Each survey participant will receive their own set of ‘worry results’ enabling them to see how worried they are compared to other participants.

The Sydney Morning Herald will publish the survey findings to share with Australians the resources and tools available to them to ease worry.

Centre for Emotional Health director, Professor Ron Rapee, said: “Everybody worries, but what we’re aiming to determine via the survey is what worries everyday Australians right now. We expect worry will manifest differently between men and women and between different sections of the community, butthe survey will allow us to answer the question: what worries Australia?”

“We’re particularly excited that individual survey participants will be able to receive their own results in comparison to other respondents.”

The survey, ‘What worries Australia’ will be live for three weeks from today and can be accessed here: www.centreforemotionalhealth.com.au

Macquarie University

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