04:59am Wednesday 27 May 2020

Family and friends of people with depression needed for research

Patients’ preferences for treatment have a strong influence on their adherence to treatment but it is not yet known what those are based on. This ‘Choice Study’ aims to find out what factors patients consider when selecting a therapy for depression.

Prof Richard Gray, the lead researcher in the university’s School of Nursing Sciences, said: “Our aim is to understand how people with depression make choices about their treatment. Do people really know what they are opting for when taking medication, talking therapies or no treatment at all?”

“The views of family and friends are really important for us, and will be used to help patients make informed decisions about treatment for depression in the future.”

Volunteers must be over 18, and be a close family member or friend to a person who has received or been recommended to receive treatment for depression within the past year. The study is not seeking to recruit family or friends of people with bipolar disorder or other mental illness other than depression.

Participants will be invited to join in two small group sessions (with about four other volunteers) at UEA, taking about two hours each.

To find out more about the research or to volunteer, please contact Ada Mackovova by emailing [email protected] or calling 07707 298277.

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