03:44pm Saturday 22 February 2020

Online therapy now available to help beat the blues

Presented by a team of psychologists who work at the University’s eCentreClinic, the Wellbeing Course provides guidance on simple but effective techniques that help people gain better control over their symptoms, improve their confidence and get back to living a full and satisfying life.

More than three million Australian adults experience clinical symptoms of anxiety and depression each year, yet less than 40 per cent seek treatment, according to Associate Professor Nick Titov, the Director of the eCentreClinic.

Delivered over an eight-week period, this free clinical trial helps reduce and eliminate many of the barriers often experienced by consumers who would like to access treatment but feel, for whatever reason, that it may too difficult.

The online setting eliminates the need to travel by offering access from the privacy and convenience of home. Recent trials have revealed than more than 95 per cent of those participating said they would recommend the course to a friend.

Since beginning research into the use of online education and treatment for mental health disorders in 2007, the eCentreClinic treated more than 2200 Australian adults.

To register your interest in the program and find out more information, visit the eCentreClinic website at www.ecentreclinic.org


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