04:21pm Monday 24 February 2020

Not so happy Mother’s Day

Mother\\\'s Day can be a trying time for some women

Thousands of mothers will have a hard time enjoying Mother’s Day this year, according to a prominent women’s mental health expert.

Some groups of women were identified as vulnerable to feeling sad, lonely or excluded on the highly anticipated day of celebration.

Mother’s Day for many is not all roses and chocolates, Professor Jane Fisher, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University and Director of research at Jean Hailes for Women’s Health said.

“The euphoria surrounding Mother’s Day can be especially difficult for those who have experienced tragedy and loss of a child or their own mother,” Professor Fisher said.

“In other cases where women may be separated by distance from their children or mothers, including defence force personnel posted in war zones, Mother’s Day can be a reminder of the people they are missing

“For women who are single and would prefer to be partnered and parenting or for those experiencing infertility, the day represents what they may want but do not have.”

To help make the day a more positive experience, Professor Fisher encouraged women to acknowledge any feelings of distress and create opportunities to do something enjoyable to lift their spirits.

“Of course, Mother’s Day is also an opportunity to do something that lifts your spirits by creating memories and spending time with loved-ones,” Professor Fisher said.

Professor Fisher advised a number of tips for women including planning ahead to organise activities, spending time with loved ones and creating inexpensive Mother’s Day rituals.

Monash University.

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