03:31am Thursday 17 October 2019

Searching for sleep

Searching for sleep

Dr Jason Ellis, Director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep, is carrying out two pieces of research and is on the look-out for people who are losing sleep due to stress or people who have insomnia.

One study will investigate two different non-pharmacological treatments for people who are losing sleep due to stress and people who have insomnia. Participants will need to be able to attend the Centre for Sleep in Newcastle for one hour a week for six weeks to receive their treatment. They will not be required to sleep away from home.

The other study will investigate whether people with insomnia also suffer with restless legs as part of their problem. People interested in taking part in the study into restless legs will need to come into the university for just two hours over one week.

Anyone interested in taking part in either study is asked to contact Jason Ellis at the Northumbria Centre for Sleep at Jason.ellis@northumbria.ac.uk

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