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Women at risk of abuse by partner


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Director of research at Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, at Monash University’s School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Professor Jane Fisher said many women continue to face serious risks to their health and emotional wellbeing because of gender-based violence, including sexual and physcical violence and emotional abuse.

“Every woman has the right to feel safe,” Professor Fisher said.

“Home should be a place of safety, and violence at home is especially damaging to a woman’s health.”

Jean Hailes produced a short video explaining intimate partner violence and the impact it has.

Professor Fisher was joined by CEO of inTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence, Maya Avdibegovic, who spoke about the added difficulty for women who have migrated to Australia and may have limited English, support and knowledge of local services.

“There is no excuse for violence. Migrant and refugee women and their children do not have to suffer in silence,”Ms Avdibegovic said.

“Culturally sensitive services such as inTouch make it clear that all women have a right to feel safe at home and will support them in their journey towards a life free of violence. Don’t suffer in silence – there is help available.”

Monash University

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