01:24pm Tuesday 14 July 2020

Study to help curb domestic violence

Monash University research into men’s behaviour change programs (formerly anger management programs) will survey the women and their partners who have used the services.

With one in four Australian families affected by male violence, it is hoped the investigation will lead to better services that improve the safety and wellbeing of women and child victims of abusive behaviour, and assist those attending programs to cease the violence.

Principle investigator, Professor Thea Brown from the Department of Social Work, said the study was the only research to be undertaken on this scale in Australia.

“Domestic violence in Australia is widespread. Physical violence affects one in three women and sexual violence one in five women,” Professor Brown said.

“Despite this high incidence and the evidence of the damage and costs, the community has been slow to recognise the problem and address it.

“Women struggle with the issue of family violence and getting feedback from them when they have had a partner who has used a Men’s Behaviour Change Program will greatly help service providers and funders to better assist them.”

The researchers are also conducting a three-year follow up, gathering from partners and participants in ongoing behaviour change programs. Eight social welfare agencies from three states are participating in this part of the research, which began a year ago.

The study’s investigators are calling on partners of men, and men who have participated in behaviour change programs to participate in the survey.

“We want to hear from people who have participated in these programs and find out how it helped them, incorporating both short and long term outcomes,” Professor Brown said.

The study is part of the Violence Free Families program, the national charity for the prevention of family violence, and is supported by a Commonwealth Government grant and donations from philanthropic institutions and Rotary.

Those wanting to participate in the study should visit the Violence Free Families website.

For more information or to request interviews please contact Courtney Karayannis, Monash Media & Communications on +61 3 9903 4841

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