04:47am Thursday 24 October 2019

New Tasmanian study to investigate the effect of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder on learning

PTSD Researcher Chelsea MarriottAdults suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often report on-going difficulties learning and remembering new information, but to date researchers have struggled to identify the underlying cause for this difficulty.

Researchers from the School of Psychology at the University of Tasmania’s Launceston campus are conducting a new research study exploring the capacity for new learning in PTSD sufferers.

The study will examine memory for new information in adults over 18 years who developed PTSD as a result of combat war service or in emergency services personnel who developed PTSD as a result of work-related trauma.

This year’s Lieutenant Colonel Harry Murray VC Honours Scholarship recipient, Chelsea Marriott, is undertaking the study as part of an Honours project in Psychology under the supervision of School of Psychology senior lecturer Matthew Summers.

Miss Marriott said that adults without PTSD who also have a history of combat war service or emergency services employment will also be recruited to provide a comparison group for memory performance.

“Participants in the study will be tested on their ability to learn new visual and verbal information, recall the names of common and uncommon objects, and recall the names of famous people,” she said.

For further information or to volunteer to participate in the Memory in PTSD study please contact Dr Mathew Summers on +61 3 6324 3266 or via email at Mathew.Summers@utas.edu.au

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