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Mental illness is a family matter

Associate Professor Andrea Ruepert

Associate Professor Andrea Ruepert

The impact of mental illness on families will be explored by Monash University psychologist Associate Professor Andrea Reupert at the next Faculty of Education Dean’s Lecture Series.

The impact of a parent’s mental illness on his or her own children is something that Associate Professor Reupert’s research has explored.

“Many of those who suffer with a mental illness are parents. It often runs in families so there is a substantial risk that children whose parents have a mental illness will also develop a mental illness – but it doesn’t have to be the case,” Associate Professor Reupert said.

“There are many people in our everyday lives who can intervene to support parents and their kids – from other family members, to teachers and school counsellors and neighbours.”

Associate Professor Reupert’s research has been concentrating on the child’s voice.

“I have been looking at what works best for the child? What do children actually want us to do?” Associate Professor Reupert said.

“I am currently involved with a project called Let’s Talk about Children – an initiative of the Victorian Department of Health. It is an intervention program designed to empower parents to make changes in their family.

“During my presentation I’ll provide a snapshot of the range of interventions available to different family members and the major challenges faced in delivering and evaluating these programs.”

Associate Professor Andrea Reupert will present Mental illness is a family matter, on Tuesday 16 September at Monash University Clayton campus Rotunda (Building 8), Lecture Theatre 6 starting at 6pm.

The Dean’s Lecture Series is a free event and open to the public, however registration is required.

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