12:21pm Monday 06 April 2020

Program aims to ease fear of flying


The UTAS Psychology Clinic will be running a free four-session program entitled “Fear of Flying” from August 2.

Aerophobia is a specific phobia or fear of flying and is characterised by an intense feeling of panic and threat when confronted with situations in relation to flight.

Dr Caroline Schwerkolt, from the UTAS School of Psychology, said aerophobia can be isolating, preventing people from travel and enjoying experiences with their friends and family abroad.

“It can also impact work and career opportunities; this impact is even greater when living in remote locations such as Tasmania,”

The Fear of Flying program will aim to help people understand the causes of their anxiety, discuss it in a safe forum, and learn coping and relaxation strategies to help them overcome their fear.

The program will be coordinated by two psychology Interns and will feature an experienced pilot, Gus Vans-Colina, who has over 18,000 hours of commercial flying time.

Gus will be on hand to answer questions and provide guidance and reassurance for participants. The program will run on Mondays from 9.30 to 11am. The sessions will be held at the Psychology Clinic at the Sandy Bay UTAS Campus, Churchill Avenue.

To participate in the workshop, contact the Clinic on 6226 2805. Registration to take part ends on Friday July 30th.

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