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Best Adderall Alternatives 2023: Top 5 Natural OTC Adderall Pills

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Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro

  • Nootropic supplement.
  • Enhances brain functioning.
  • Improves memory and recall.



  • Boost your cognitive abilities.
  • Increase your concentration and attention.
  • Multitasking should be improved.

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  • Less abuse potential.
  • Boosts your focus.
  • Convenient one-dose-per day.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, is a worldwide menace. According to a 2016 study[1], about 6.1 million kids were diagnosed with ADHD, including kids from two to seventeen.

Adderall is the most popular prescription medication to treat ADHD, followed by Ritalin. Adderall is used primarily to improve cognitive function, consequently helping one better concentrate and become productive. It then helps one become productive both at work and school since it is used by both kids and adults alike. But in different dosages.

On the dark side, using Adderall has adverse side effects[2] like weight loss, loss of appetite, mood swings, sex drive reduction, and issues with your cardiovascular system. Long-term uses may also induce fatigue, lethargy, and insomnia.

Admittedly, Adderall works, but who wants to risk any of the above side effects?

So people are looking into the best Adderall alternative supplements to avoid suffering through these side effects of Adderall while still reaping the cognitive benefits. This piece covers five natural Adderall alternatives that can offer a user better brain health, restore mental energy, enhance mental clarity, and have the least side effects.

Regardless of the use of Adderall alternative supplements being less invasive, their administration still needs to be monitored and guided by a medical professional. Indeed you can access over-the-counter (OTC) nootropic brain boosters from anywhere, but you still should seek medical evaluation to use them.

Best Adderall Alternatives on the market in (May. 2023)

Who Should Use Best Adderall Alternatives?

Adderall and Ritalin alternative supplements should only be used by people that have received an ADHD diagnosis from a licensed expert. The ADHD symptoms must be medically assessed to ascertain that ADHD is indeed the cause.

Once someone has confirmed that they have ADHD, they can investigate the use of natural nootropic supplements as an alternative to better cognitive function and mental clarity. However, this category of supplements is not the only Adderall alternative; we shall highlight the others later on in this text.

A patient or parents may decide to get the doctor to prescribe Adderall first or start with a natural Adderall alternative from the beginning. All in all, it is not advisable to mix the two. The effects of drug interactions are always a significant risk regardless of the prescription drug in question or the condition.

So, Adderall or not, never mix prescription and OTC drugs before getting the go-ahead from your physician.

Top 5 Best Adderall Alternatives 2023

Mind Lab Pro

Unlike low-cost, unreliable smart drugs, Mind Lab Pro is free of harmful stimulants and chemicals. Instead, it employs eleven effective nootropics to help with the human brain’s energy, chemistry, rejuvenation, circulation, defense, and alpha brain wave activity.

  • Improve concentration.
  • Improve memory recall and cognitive performance.
  • Boost your mental energy.
  • Supports the long-term development and function of the brain.
  • Pricey.

The powerful elements that constitute Mind Lab Pro, one of the top natural Adderall alternatives, are listed below:

  • Bacopa monnieri[3] is a herbal substance that can help with memory retention, making it suitable for learning and passing exams.
  • Citicoline (Cognizin) is a powerful nootropic that promotes neuronal regeneration[4], improved focus, and memorization.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom[5] aids brain renewal and can boost general cognitive performance.
  • L-theanine is an amino acid that can help you unwind and relax by increasing alpha brainwaves. A double-blind, placebo-controlled 2011 study[6] of 98 boys with ADHD showed that this substance helped better sleeping qualities.
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract has neuroprotective qualities that can help the brain stay healthy by increasing blood flow to the brain. In children[7] with ADHD, it reduces hyperactivity improving concentration and attention.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine[8], NAT, can help you improve your memory and multitasking skills.
  • Phosphatidylserine[9], PS, improves memory by regulating brain chemical synthesis.
  • Rhodiola rosea[10] is a herbal remedy that can help you stay focused throughout stressful times.
  • Vitamins B12, B9, and B6[10] are nootropics that help to improve brain health. They can also assist you in making excellent use of your existing mental energy.



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Wolfson Brands Ltd manufactures this potent brain enhancer and produces them in FDA-approved facilities. It’s intended to help you focus, multitask, and remember things better.

  • Improves your memory and mental speed.
  • No caffeine or genetically engineered organisms.
  • May improve mood and relieve stress.
  • Boosts cognitive performance.
  • Improves juggling tasks and attention efficiently.
  • Unless purchased in bulk, it is expensive.
  • Only available on the brand’s official site.

By taking two capsules each morning, you should notice the supplement’s brain-boosting effects within an hour after consuming it.

This nootropic is only for people aged 18 and older who are in good health. Although it is primarily targeted at students and office workers, it is suitable for everybody.

The NooCube recipe includes seven potent nootropics that are great Adderall substitutes. Among these nootropics are:

  • Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine[11] (Alpha GPC) can help the brain produce more acetylcholine. This substance helps brain cells communicate, allowing for learning, memory, recollection, and focus.
  • Bacopa monnieri works by mending damaged brain cells and encouraging the creation of new ones. Its treatment claims to minimize cognitive loss.
  • Cat’s Claw[12] is a herb native to South America. It contains antioxidants that help to improve cognitive abilities and brain health.
  • Huperzine-A[13] helps prevent your brain from depleting its reserve of acetylcholine resulting in an overabundance of this neurotransmitter. More acetylcholine in the brain can improve cognitive performance and lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.
  •  L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine are amino acids[14] that can reduce stress and improve mood, allowing you to execute tasks more effectively.
  • Oat Straw, according to studies[15], can improve brain function in seniors. It can also help younger people enhance their memory, and focus.


Modafinil, also known as Provigil, is a central nervous system drug promoting wakefulness. It’s utilized to treat narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work disorder.

  • Has a lower potential for abuse than stimulant drugs like Adderall.
  • It can assist you in feeling alert without becoming agitated.
  • It does not prevent you from falling asleep.
  • Can make hormonal contraception less effective for up to 12 months.
  • A lower dose for older adults
  • Requires a doctor’s prescription.

The dosage for people with narcolepsy to consume is 200 mg orally once a day in the morning. Modafinil is advised for patients with Shift Work Disorder as one dose of 200 mg once a day, roughly 1 hour before you start working.

Its dosage should be decreased to one-half of that advised for patients with normal hepatic function in patients with severe hepatic impairment.

In the case of geriatric patients, smaller doses and thorough monitoring should be considered.

Modafinil acts by increasing the dopamine levels in the blood by blocking dopamine receptors. It has general mood-elevating effects with an associated decrease in anxiety. Modafinil requires a doctor’s prescription before you can use it. It is considered to be a novel stimulant without the side effects generally associated with stimulants.

Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind

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See Qualia Mind Reviews

Qualia Mind is a high-quality brain enhancer that promotes mental wellness and concentration. It’s caffeine-free and jam-packed with nutrients like neuro-vitamins, nootropics, choline donors, amino acids, antioxidants, and adaptogens.

  • Promotes concentration and focus
  • Encourage the development of healthier brain cell architectures
  • Helps you to think clearly
  • Encourages neuron and synaptic development
  • Promotes the flow of blood to the brain
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Pricey.
  • Money-back guarantee is available for only first-time customers.

Qualia Mind includes various nutrients that have been scientifically studied to  improve cognitive performance, enhance energy, increase metabolism, provide brain nutrition, and increase neuroplasticity.

Here is the complete list of the ingredients included in this Adderall alternative supplement:

  • Alpha-GPC[16] promotes new brain cell formation, the generation of acetylcholine, and the synthesis of brain energy.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI[17] improves cognitive function by improving memory, temperament, and learning.
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract is a powerful nootropic that boosts memory retention, short-term memory, and long-term memory.
  • Bacopa monnieri reduces tension and weariness in the mind. It accomplishes this by promoting dendritic development in neurons.
  • Citicoline improves learning, cognitive functioning, focus, and the development of new brain cells.
  • Rhodiola rosea promotes neural repair, antioxidant enzyme production, and neurogenesis.
  • DL-Phenylalanine[18] increases dopamine and norepinephrine production, thereby improving recollection, concentration, and drive. It also reduces mental stress and improves sleep disorders.
  • Uridine-5’-Monophosphate Heptahydrate Disodium aids in generating acetylcholine, which is essential for increasing brain performance.
  • Creativity, working memory, and temperament are all enhanced by N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine. Furthermore, it lowers stress and alleviates ADHD symptoms.
  • Taurine[19] promotes GABA production, a neurotransmitter involved in emotion and recollection,the promotion of stem cell generation, and brain cell proliferation.
  • L-theanine boosts creativity and improves mental calm by stimulating theta and alpha brain waves.
  • Organic Coffeeberry[20] enhances cognitive abilities such as thinking speed, logic, creative thinking, and concentration.
  • Velvet Bean[21] increases focus and reduces stress.
  • Ginkgo biloba is a plant that protects brain cells, improves memory, and improves cognition.
  • Coleus forskohlii[22] helps with memory, learning, and concentration.
  • Phosphatidylserine[23] boosts memory, concentration, and language skills.
  • Theobromine[24] is thought to act in the same way that coffee does to improve mood, stamina, and concentration.
  • Docosahexaenoic acid ( DHA[25]), an omega-3 fatty acid, increases learning and concentration, activates neurotransmitters, and receives signals by reducing and preventing age-related cognitive decline.
  • Celastrus paniculatus Seed Extract[26] enhances learning and memory while protecting against oxidative stress.
  • Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium[27] boosts nerve growth factor generation, preserves neurons, and boosts cognitive performance.
  • Memory, learning, attentiveness, and vitality are all enhanced by Huperzia serrata Leaf Extract.

Performance Lab Mind

The composition for Performance Lab Mind is brief and basic, with only four active substances. This is in contrast to many other ‘nootropic’ options in the industry, which have a far lengthier list of ingredients.

  • Strengthens and improves memory and recall.
  • Boosts motivation
  • Aids in the development of self-esteem
  • Concentrate quickly and easily.
  • Aids in the alleviation of depression.
  • Improves the fluency of one’s speech
  • You can only purchase it on the brand’s official website.

There is no proprietary blend used by Performance Lab Mind. This means that the quantities of all of the items listed on the label are displayed as they are inside the formula.

The four ingredients in this blend are listed below:

  • Cognizin®[28] is a trademarked form of Citicoline. It is a naturally-occurring substance. There is 250 mg of Citicoline in each Performance Lab Mind capsule.
  • Ajipure® is the branded form of L-Tyrosine. It is one of the twenty amino acids found throughout the body and is a critical component of protein formation.
  • Sharp PS® Green is trademarked as Phosphatidylserine in this formula. Each Adderall and Ritalin substitute dose contains 100 milligrams of Phosphatidylserine, a fatty molecule known as a phospholipid.
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract, standardized to 95% of Proanthocyanidins, is a plant extract incorporated in the recipe because it includes a chemical molecule called Proanthocyanidins. . Proanthocyanidins act as an antioxidant protecting the cardiovascular system. There is 75 mg in every dose.

Potential Side Effects

Using an Adderall substitute effectively reduces the danger of any form of Adderall side effect. Substitutes to manufactured pharmaceuticals do not contain the same compounds injected into the system; instead, they rely on natural components. These natural compounds rarely have any adverse side effects.

Regardless, the user should strictly follow the formula’s instructions to avoid an unfavorable reaction.


The ideal Adderall alternative will depend on the exact brand. Each manufacturer will clearly indicate the best dose and how to use the product on the packaging.

The product’s constituents may influence the best Adderall alternative supplement dosing. This means that nootropic supplements will differ from Adderall alternatives made exclusively with herbal extracts. Each element in these formulas is a guiding factor since they are in various quantities.

That said, when it comes to Adderall alternatives such as nootropic supplements, herbal extracts, and other natural cognitive function boosters, there is no one-dose-fit-all regime to follow. Each is unique, and each must be followed.

How To Choose The Best Adderall Alternative?

There are numerous alternatives to Adderall in the market that promise to boost brain health, but how do you know which is best for you? Well, here are a few simple guidelines you can follow to get the best that genuinely boosts brain energy and make you better:

Get Medical Evaluation

One of the biggest problems we have currently is people fishing for diagnoses online without proper medical evaluations. Unintentionally, the internet fuels this issue where you search for a symptom and are flooded with possible causes.

Unfortunately, some people have believed what they have read and headed straight to buy an OTC Adderall alternative without medical intervention. They think that since they cannot concentrate as well as they did before, they conclude that they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD.

This rush to get an alternative to Adderall is fueled as they cannot get an Adderall prescription without medical evaluation-which is equally recommended for these substitutes. To treat any brain function issue, you require medical intervention whether you are using Adderall or its alternative.

Decide on the Best Adderall Alternative for You

There are several alternatives to Adderall that serve the same purpose. Some examples of natural Adderall alternatives that boost cognitive function and treat ADHD are reviewed above. The evaluation you get from the medical professional will help you select one that best suits you. Each has its benefits and downsides that a doctor will help you understand.

Be on the Lookout for The Ingredient Profile

Even after deciding which alternative to use, you still need to look at the entire ingredient list. In this respect, avoid Adderall alternatives with allergy triggers if you have an allergy. Also, go for non-GMO products and those manufactured under standard FDA-compliant facilities. This shows that they adhere to federal rules regarding the production of dietary supplements.

There is not one dietary supplement that has met any FDA-approved research as a drug[29] but only as food, so selecting one that has been made from an FDA-approved facility is your best bet for an OTC Adderall alternative.

Purchase from a Trusted Source

The next thing to get your brain energy boosted using the best Adderall substitute is to get it from a trusted source. You should purchase any Adderall alternative from a verified seller or the product’s official site to mitigate any issues.

Brand Reputation

It would help if you got a brand of natural Adderall replacements that have a commendable reputation. Read blogs, reviews, and e-commerce sites on the specific product to ensure that they work and have a good relationship with their clients.

Clear Labeling

The labels on the product should be clear, indicating each ingredient used in the supplement is there in the amount advertised. Even if the element has no nutritional value, it should still be included.

Money-back Guarantee

If a brand offers you an excellent money-back guarantee for more than 30 days, go with them. This ensures that you can get compensated suppose you do not get satisfactory results from these smart drugs.

Consider Your Budget

Believe it or not, ADHD is one of those conditions that may stick with you for the rest of your life. And the stimulant drugs you use to better your brain functioning may have to become your daily bread. That said, you need to ensure that your finances or at least your insurance can cater to a lifetime supply of Adderall or Ritalin alternative supplements.

Final Thought

Adderall is a prescription drug used to treat ADHD with numerous cognitive benefits like mental clarity, better focus, enhanced concentration, and an overall boost in cognitive performance. However, FDA-approved Adderall such as Adderall XR does have its downsides like addiction, depression, seizures, and insomnia.

For these reasons, you may seek natural alternatives in the form of dietary supplements that may reduce the occurrence of these risks. You can get amino acid supplements like Citicoline and Methionine, nootropic supplements, or mineral supplements for the same function of boosting cognitive performance. But these too have guidelines to follow. They are:

  • Get medically evaluated.
  • Choose an alternative to Adderall that suits you.
  • Check the ingredient list.
  • Purchase from a trusted source.
  • Consider your budget.

One thing to note about these natural alternatives is that the FDA considers them as food, not drugs. So any product that purports that they can, with certain, treat ADHD might be misleading since more studies on these products are needed.

Lastly, Adderall alternatives work when you are also living a healthy life. You need to be eating foods good for the human brain and still carry out mental exercises to enhance their effectiveness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adderall, and how does it work?

Adderall is an amphetamine and dextroamphetamine-containing prescription medication. These medications cause the neurological system to react. It increases dopamine and norepinephrine

Is it possible for the user to obtain Adderall without a prescription?

No, users must have a prescription to use Adderall lawfully.

How would someone who does not have ADHD react to Adderall

The effect of Adderall is similar regardless of the diagnosis. The central nervous system is still stimulated, causing particular chemicals to be produced that can boost the user’s focus and productivity.

What are Adderall’s side effects?

There are numerous adverse effects associated with the use of Adderall, including uneasiness, headaches, sleeplessness, and restlessness. As the patient uses Adderall, the patient’s side effects often worsen, resulting in health problems.

Is Adderall a habit-forming drug?

Yes, Adderall has the potential to be addictive.

Is it true that natural nootropics are safer than Adderall?

Of course. Users generally regard natural nootropics as safe, whether in high or low dosages. The adverse effects of nootropic formulations are frequently less severe than those of Adderall. Anyone who uses Adderall should do so with caution and only under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

What is the closest thing to Adderall?

Supplements with DL-phenylanine in them increase the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the body, two chemicals deficient in ADHD. Modafinil increases the level of dopamine in the blood. Citicoline is a close alternative to Adderall and goes by the trade name Cognizen. Studies show that Cognizen may reduce symptoms of ADHD[30].

What works just as well as Adderall?

Modafinil, a prescription nootropic, works just as well as Adderall. As far as OTC Adderall supplements, Mind Lab Pro is the Editor’s Choice.

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Medically reviewed by:

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