08:03pm Saturday 19 October 2019

Does what we eat influence how our fat ‘behaves’?

The team is looking for men between the ages of 35 and 55 to take part in the study which it hopes will help it to understand more about how our food influences the health of our fat tissue.

Previous research has found that our lifestyle, especially in middle age, has an effect on the diseases we develop later in life. Now the researchers want to investigate this further.

Dr Dylan Thompson who is leading the research said: “We want to understand more about how and why people respond differently to the same standardised meal. This is important because most of our waking day is spent in the hours after consuming food.

“There are great benefits for those taking part in this research. They will have an opportunity to look in detail at their own health and fitness, ideal if they want to know what specific changes they can make to improve their lifestyle or to understand the impact of their current lifestyle.”

Participants will be asked to attend one short visit to the University for some preliminary tests and then spend a full day in the laboratory where they will consume a meal and various aspects of their body’s response will be monitored. They will be able to read or watch a DVD whilst they are in the laboratory. 

In return they will be given a health MOT, including blood measurements for cholesterol, glucose and insulin, a DEXA scan to show percentage of body fat and muscle, an assessment of physical activity levels and a dietary assessment.

The opportunity is suitable for people looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle, or simply those keen to find out a bit more about their current health and fitness.

The research team is particularly interested in hearing from men who do not smoke and have been at a stable weight for more than three months.

For more information about the project, participants should email Dr Dylan Thompson or call 01225 383177 or Becki Travers on 01225 384826.

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