01:48pm Friday 06 December 2019

UQ offering adults with Type 2 diabetes some TLC

The user-friendly program involves participants calling the Telephone-Linked Care (TLC) system, which provides tailored information and support targeting diet, medication taking and daily exercise.

It also provides feedback on participants’ blood glucose readings, which are transmitted to the system using Bluetooth technology.

An example of a TLC call can be heard online.

Project Manager, Dr Dominique Bird, said the recent Federal Government announcement of additional funding for diabetes prevention and treatment highlighted how important it was for the community to tackle diabetes head-on.

“This program is designed to provide regular and frequent reminders and feedback, which a lot of people need to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” she said.

“Many people living with diabetes find the daily routine of checking blood glucose, eating well and making time for physical activity very challenging.

“Users phone the TLC system weekly from the comfort of their own home and engage in a conversation about these topics.”

Dr Bird said the Brisbane phase of the trial was showing very encouraging results.

Michael Burke, from Sunnybank in Brisbane, said he was pleased he picked up a TLC brochure.

“The programme has changed my life because I now know what I have to do to live well with Type 2 diabetes,” Mr Burke said.

“The weekly feedback received during the calls to the TLC Diabetes system motivated me to make sure I walked daily and to work out how food affects my blood glucose.

“I have now lost weight and most of my blood glucose results are in the recommended range. Importantly I feel much more positive about looking after my health.”

Queensland Health has provided funding for the UQ Centre for Online Health to evaluate the program in regional Queensland.

Research Officer, Stuart Jones, from the Centre for Online Health, will be at exposing diabetes, an event organised by Diabetes Australia – Queensland, at the Bundaberg Civic Centre on Saturday, May 1 to offer advice to anyone considering participating.

The TLC Diabetes program was developed by Monash University, Boston University, The University of Queensland, and the Queensland University of Technology.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact the TLC Diabetes team on 07 3636 5506, or email TLCdiabetes@coh.uq.edu.au, or visit the TLC Diabetes project website.

Media: Dr Dominique Bird (0416 237 655, dbird@coh.uq.edu.au) or Penny Robinson at UQ Communications (07 3365 9723, penny.robinson@uq.edu.au)

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