Hypoxia – a low concentration of oxygen in the blood – can treat obesity

The trials, led by Professor of Nutrition, Alfredo Martínez, fall within the remit of the EXPLORA project, a national plan financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and dedicated to the search for novel treatment to combat obesity and associated illnesses.

The principal conclusions of the research were: hypoxia influences the loss of body fat linked with slimming and also the regulation of various genes related to inflammation, angiogenesis and glucose metabolism. At the same time it affords specific metabolic benefits such as enhancing physical capacity and maintaining muscular mass. Thus, the combined prescription of a hypocaloric diet treatment with intermittent hypoxic exercise, such as weightlifting, step workouts, bicycle or running on a treadmill, is a promising strategy to combat obesity, contributing additional benefits and quicker results.

Lose weight, maintain muscular mass and enhance physical capacity

According to Mr. Martínez, “a slimming diet accompanied by hypoxic physical exercise has additional benefits, given that, apart from losing fat, it contributes to avoiding the muscle mass loss typical of slimming diets and also enhances the physical capacity of the patient. It also has benefits for the inflammation markers characteristic of obese persons”.

Mr. Pedro González-Muniesa, another project researcher, opens up the possible benefits of this treatment to non-obese persons: “In a gradual manner and following the instructions of an expert, any person may undertake this treatment, given that it would appear that those who carry out physical activity in hypoxia need less hours of exercise training to achieve similar results to those who do not exercise in this way”.

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