CBD Oil Near Me In New York (Brooklyn) 2021: Where To Buy CBD

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Is CBD Legal In NY

The buzz around CBD in the United States picked momentum over two decades ago. This was when more states in the country started to legalize the use of medical marijuana. This is what led to the emergence of many CBD products. 

It was only a matter of time before you could buy CBD oil in New York. You can now easily walk into a store and get yourself quality CBD around the state. 

Even though there might still be regulations in place on the use of hemp-derived CBD, more people now have access to such products. 

Also, anyone who wants to start a business selling cannabis oil products must follow the regulatory framework[1] on sale, use of hemp, licensing, and manufacturing from the state. The state adopted the regulations as of June 2019. 

If you have not bought CBD products before, you might question where to buy CBD in New York State? Do not worry yourself so much, as this guide is all you need. It talks about the top stores to get yourself high-quality CBD oils, among other products. 

Best CBD shop online in NY (May.2023)

Anyone would want to get themselves the best quality CBD products. However, it always depends on where you are buying from online or a physical store. Below are the top 5 best online stores you can consider when looking for cannabis oil products. 

  • Uncle Bud’s Hemp – Best for Variety 
  • Lord Jones – Best for Affordability 
  • Sunday Scaries – Best CBD Bundles
  • Foria Wellness – Best for Fast Shipping 
  • CBD Pure – Best for Organic CBD oil products
  • Royal CBD – Best for non-GMO CBD products
  • Penguin CBD – Best for Flavorful CBD products

CBD Oil In New York 

There was so much stigma around the use of CBD that many people are  not  sure if they should use it or not. However, since you can now get CBD oil in New York easily, it has helped patients see that it is not a bad thing at all. 

You are likely to come across two main types of CBD oils when looking to buy some for yourself. The two main options are;

  • Cannabis-derived CBD
  • Hemp-derived CBD

From the name of each CBD oil, you can easily tell them apart as they are named after the CBD source. The introduction of the Farm Bill[2] and other legislatures has also made it easier to get legal CBD products in New York. 

The THC content[3], in most cases, is what determines what can be legal and illegal. For those who do not know, THC is what makes you feel high after using CBD-related products. 

In hemp products, the THC level is around 0.3% meaning it will not make you high. As such, it was easier to make hemp legal than cannabis. 

Well, if you have an illness that might require the use of medical marijuana, then you are allowed to buy medical cannabis-derived products. You always have to present your medical marijuana card to get such products. 

Where To Buy CBD In NYC?

Where To Buy CBD In NY?

With the many health benefits associated with CBD, it is easy to see how people would always want to consider looking for a CBD shop near them. It should not come as a surprise as CBD products are always changing as manufacturers come up with new ways to infuse CBD into various products. 

You will have the option of either buying online or from a local physical store when looking for CBD or cannabis products. 

Local Stores

Some people always want to walk into a store, make a purchase, and walk out with their CBD product. That is not a problem if you stay in New York. This is because various local stores offer such a service. 

The top local stores include The 420 CBD Store, Your CBD Store, Natural Releaf CBD, Hemp Garden, New York CBD, and more. 

These stores would have different CBD products for you to consider. They include bath, beauty, drinks, edibles, tinctures, supplements, pain relief, and more. 

As for the ordering process, you simply walk up to the shop attendant and let him or her know about what you need. It is from your description that the staff would recommend the best product for your needs. 

Once you pay for the product, you are good to go. As you can see, it is easy to get New York CBD products. 

Online Shops

The alternative to local stores is shopping online. The most significant thing about online shopping is that you can do it anywhere. You can even be in another state and still place your order to get CBD oil in New York City. 

Another benefit is that you are exposed to a wide range of options. You can take your time going from one store to another to find the one with the best CBD products. This has made more people find online shopping better. 

If you are lucky, these online shops often offer coupons so that you can get your New York CBD products at a discount. 

Placing an order is not hard. First, you need to set up your account on the online shop by filling in the details as requested by the company. Once you are done, you can proceed to choose the product you want and add it to the cart. 

After the customer service team confirms the order, it should be shipped to your location within a few days. 

Editor’s Choice



Why is it better?

  • Fast shipping capability
  • Allows payment using various methods
  • Third-party testing results available

Free Shipping and 15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

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The Lineup At A Glance

Best for non-GMO CBD products

  • Promotes sustainable farming 
  • Easy to use website 
  • Offers full-spectrum CBD

20% Off Coupon: HC20

Best for Flavorful CBD products

  • It has many products
  • It offers many flavors
  • The products are affordable

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How to Choose the Best CBD Oil Products?

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil Products?

Here are some of the health benefits you may get with hemp oil. 

What Should We Expect from a CBD Brand?

As part of picking the best hemp CBD oil, you always have to consider the brand. Not all brands would use the best hemp-derived CBD, thus making inferior products. Below are some of the things to keep in mind when looking at a CBD brand. 

Product Range

CBD oils can always lead to many products. Any top brand would not be selling various products infused with CBD oil. That is how you end up with CBD tinctures, CBD balm, CBD salve, CBD cream, CBD dog treats, and more. 

There is no doubt you would want variety. Look at the various CBD products the company makes before settling on what you like. Sometimes it is great to try out new things. Let us say you want edibles, they can always be in many forms. 

Hemp Source

The hemp source is crucial for anyone who wants to know more about the brand. The source will help you know where the company gets its raw materials. 

Most companies operating in the United States have their hemp source in the country. This is to help boost the farming activities of the local farmers and the economy in general too. 

You will also learn more about farming practices. No one wants to use cannabis plants grown using a lot of pesticides. 

Hemp Extraction 

Hemp extraction is also crucial. The method used to extract the oil from hemp largely determines its quality. 

The most common methods used for CBD extraction include hydrocarbon, supercritical CO2 and ethanol. 

Third-party Test

Of course, you would also be happy to know that the company takes its products for third-party testing. Such type of testing is important to ensure that you always get a company with more transparency and safety in mind. 

The third-party labs are crucial for checking the product ingredients, heavy metals, and more. The findings are then availed to the manufacturer for publishing.

Most companies publish the results of their lab tests. This will help the user to learn more about the product before making the purchase. 

Tips for Choosing the Right CBD oil 

Maybe you are new to using CBD oil and related products. You may end up being overwhelmed by seeing many brands selling you the same thing. This might make you wonder which would be the best one for you. Below are quick tips to help you pick the right CBD oil. 

  • Read the product label. This will help you to understand its ingredients and if you are allergic to any of them. 
  • Look at the CBD concentration. Some oils have higher concentration than others.  The rule of thumb is to start slow with lower concentrations before increasing it with time. 
  • Find the right format. CBD oil can be in various formats, including capsules, tinctures, balm, salve, and more. So, it is up to you to get the one you like and work efficiently for the purpose. 
  • You may want to talk to your doctor too. This helps you in picking the correct format and brand for the purpose you need to handle. 
  • Learn more about the CBD formula. The common options in the market include CBD isolates, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. Each one has its advantages, thus take the time to research more about them before buying. 

Is CBD Oil Legal in New York?

CBD legality in different states can be confusing. The same happens when you start to explore your options for CBD in New York. 

You could say CBD is legal in New York since you can easily buy CBD products in the state. However, the manufacturers, sellers, and consumers have to follow several legal frameworks and regulations if they need to use CBD oil in New York. 

As much as CBD oil promises to help with various ailments and boost your health, there have been several challenges to using CBD products due to lawsuits. 

The most notable lawsuit was filed in Albany County Supreme Court by New York-based health experts. They were looking into the licensing approach the state took to license 10 medical cannabis companies to operate in the state. 

Such lawsuits are not new in the CBD industry. They are also not likely to go away any time soon. It is expected that more people would try to bring up other lawsuits until there are proper regulations in place. 

The state has come up with a new CBD and hemp regulatory framework to help address several issues raised over the years on CBD use and products. These regulations are packaged in Bill S6184A[4], which is also referred to as the Hemp Bill. 

Marijuana in New York

Like most states, New York has yet to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Well, we all know that the THC content in marijuana is not like in hemp, where it is less than 0.3% THC. This has made it harder for most states to legalize it. 

As much as it is illegal to use marijuana for recreational use, it is decriminalized. This means even if you are found possessing marijuana in small amounts, it will be treated as a violation. 

Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is permitted in special circumstances. This was after its legalization in 2014. So, you could get a permit for marijuana use if you are sick and the ailment needs marijuana for pain relief or to improve other symptoms. 

Keep in mind that you will need your medical marijuana card to get served if you are looking for medical marijuana. Make sure not to abuse the use of cannabis as the last thing you need is to end up as an addict. 

There has been news that the legalization of cannabis for recreational use might happen faster in New York. As of now, it remains illegal, so do not go around looking for trouble. 

Top 3 Best CBD Oil in New York 2023



If you want organic or fully natural CBD products, check out what CBD Pure has to offer. It is because of such a reputation that the company has managed to get a large market share.

  • Makes high-quality CBD products 
  • Prompt customer support
  • It could use more product lineup
  • Refund is not always the fastest

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For a while now, CBD Pure has been a top choice for those in the market for high-quality CBD products. Since many producers might want to get a quick profit, some have resolved to sell adulterated CBD oil. That is not the case with CBD Pure. 

You will get a good range of products from the brand. You can opt for CBD oil, capsules, tinctures, and so much more. Each one would have a clear concentration level on the package so that you know just how much CBD you will be taking when buying a certain product. 

Fast shipping is another reason the brand has grown rapidly. More people find it easy to get their products shipped to them fast. The best part is that the company ships both locally in the U.S. and internationally too. This is better unlike other brands that only ship to U.S. customers. 

Having a 90-day money-back guarantee is another reason to get products from this brand. You would be sure that you have enough time to use and see if the products work. In case you need a refund, get in touch with the customer support team for more help.

Penguin CBD

penguin cbd oil

The brand is known for making flavorful CBD products. In case there is a flavor you enjoy, Penguin CBD might just have it. The brand also has many products that can suit all your preferences.

  • Affordable pricing 
  • Multiple flavors are available
  • Shipping is slow 
  • Refund policy is unclear

15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

See Full Review Of Penguin CBD


Penguin CBD is among the latest entrants into the CBD market. As much as it has not been around for long, it has managed to capture the attention of many people. Right now anyone who wants to get CBD products might consider Penguin CBD because of its fairly priced and safe products. 

As for the product lineup, you will get options such as CBD oil, CBD capsules, cream, and gummies. These are all important for ensuring you can have a great time enjoying your CBD in any form you like. There are some that like gummies while others love food infused with CBD oil. The choice is yours with Penguin CBD. 

Penguin CBD gets its materials from farms in Oregon. The company farms its own industrial hemp. As a result, it is easy to track how the plants are grown to the production of the products. The company grows its hemp in line with the strong regulatory farming practices of Oregon. 

Another reason you can enjoy CBD products from Penguin CBD is because of the flavors. The company understands the importance of offering more flavors. A good example is peppermint flavor for CBD oil or citric acid and sugar for gummies.

Royal CBD

Royal CBD Oil

Royal CBD is largely known for using non-GMO organic hemp extracts in its products. This one for sure makes sure that each product you buy is safe and can offer more health benefits.

  • Uses non-GMO hemp extracts 
  • Promotes sustainable farming
  • Limited product options 
  • Lacks international shipping

20% Off Coupon: HC20

See Full Review Of Royal CBD


Royal CBD has always focused mostly on ensuring the consumers get non-GMO hemp extracts. In the end, the consumers can enjoy the pure effects of full-spectrum CBD. This has made the brand have a huge following since people know that they can trust them to get the best CBD products. 

The product choices might not be as many as what you get with other brands, but they are high-quality. Keep in mind the brand only ships to U.S. customers only. Maybe in the future, we hope the brand will start including international shipping too. 

The brand claims that each batch of the products is tested in various third-party labs to ensure the customers get safe products. The testing also helps to identify any possibility of toxins, solvents, and heavy metals. 

We are still waiting for the brand to start posting its lab results on its website. As of now, no lab results are published. Based on many other positive reviews, we can say it is a brand you can trust.

Final Thoughts 

The legalization of hemp has made it easy for anyone to access and buy hemp-derived CBD products. Since there are many benefits associated with such products, go ahead and give them a try. 

However, always follow your doctor’s advice on CBD products. The last thing you need is to cause more harm to the body. 

If you would like to use medical marijuana in New York, make sure to get an assessment from a doctor too. If the doctor deems it necessary, you can get yourself a medical marijuana card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy CBD Oil in New York State?

Yes. There are several shops available in New York State that sell CBD. Some are mentioned in this guide to help you get started.

Is CBD oil available at Walgreens?

Yes. You can get different CBD oil formats at Walgreens stores. There are about 1500 stores around the country, so it should not be hard to get yourself CBD products.

Can I buy CBD oil at Walmart?

As much as you can buy CBD oil at Walmart, it is offered in limited amounts. You can only buy products from two brands, namely Procanna and Medterra.

Can you buy CBD legally in the US online?

Yes. It is possible to buy CBD online so long the product is made with industrial hemp. This type of hemp has THC content lower than 0.3%.

Do you need a prescription to buy CBD oil?

CBD oil is categorized as an over-the-counter supplement. So, you could walk into any store that sells such products and get some for yourself without a prescription.

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