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Perfect Keto Bars Review 2023: Best Keto Snack Bars & Customer Reviews

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Perfect Keto Bars








  • Flavour variety
  • Keto-friendly
  • Low carbs
  • Grass-fed collagen
  • Tasty
  • Improves blood sugar

Brand Information

  • Founder: Dr. Anthony Gustin
  • Founded in 9/5/2016
  • Contact #(707) 312-3107
  • Located: Austin, TX 78702-4447

Medical Benefits

  • Helps lose weight
  • Maintain ketogenic diet
  • Lowers blood sugar levels

About The Brand

There have been a lot of recent reviews about Perfect Keto Bars and it is a bit of a mix with some people commending its amazing ingredients like MCT oil powder and sugar alcohol-free contents to comments saying that it is a scam and it does not work. But which one is true? Well, let us find out by knowing more about the product. 

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What Are Perfect Keto Bars?

Perfect Keto Bars are protein bars that can help with your ketogenic diet. It is one of the many products from Perfect Keto which is a brand known for its amazing keto-friendly products. It was developed by Dr. Anthony Gustin, who wanted to create products that will help people to lead much healthier lives.

Feature Product & Coupon

Perfect Keto Bars

Best Reputation

Perfect Keto Bars

  • Unique new weight loss supplement
  • Burn stored fat
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Block fat production
  • Improve your mood and energy levels
  • High-quality formula

Perfect Keto Bars Ingredients Review 

Perfect Keto Bars have a lot of flavors but they all use varying ingredients but most of their flavors share the same ingredients. Perfect Keto Bars come in several different flavors, but are all composed of the same ingredients. The ingredients listed below are from their famous almond butter brownie product:

Almond butter, soluble tapioca fiber, grass-fed collagen, cacao butter, organic cocoa, almonds, sunflower lecithin, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil (derived from organic coconut oil), sea salt, natural flavors, stevia extract

Here is a nutritional chart for one of their most popular flavors, the almond butter brownie:

ContentAmount% Daily Value
Total Fat19g24%
Dietary fiber9g32%

What makes Perfect Keto Bars so “perfect” in the eyes of a lot of health enthusiasts with respect to their ingredients. Their ingredients are clean and the majority of them are very expensive which is why a lot of companies tend to not include them on their ingredients list. Needless to say, this keto bar has everything you need to get into ketosis

Organic Almond Butter and Almonds

Perfect Keto Bars contain both organic almond butter and almonds. According to a study from Harvard[1], almonds are very healthy for the body since they are rich in vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and biotin. In short, you are getting a lot of supplements from these nuts. 

Aside from this, almonds contain a lot of phytonutrients like flavonoids which are good for you. A study[2] about flavonoids shows that they can help your gut microbiota leading to an overall healthy gut. The same study also states that flavonoids also help boost the immune system which is a bonus.

Overall, almond butter is one of the reasons why a lot of health enthusiasts praise Perfect Keto Bars so much and we can see why. Instead of using peanut butter, they chose the much healthier albeit more expensive ingredient. 

Soluble Tapioca Fiber

Another ingredient important for ketosis is soluble tapioca fiber. Now there is not a lot of research or studies that can back up its effectiveness in the field of health, however, this ingredient is being hyped up by a lot of ketosis enthusiasts online.

This is because according to them, soluble tapioca fiber does not spike your blood glucose levels which is good if you are undergoing ketosis. Tapioca is a form of resistant starch which is known[3] to help improve the body’s insulin and blood glucose levels so this idea by ketosis enthusiasts is not that far from the truth. 

Tapioca fiber is known[4] to be gluten-free which is good if you are into that type of diet. Based on information from the FDC (Food Data Central), tapioca has low amounts of fat which is good for a product advertised to help you lose weight.

Cacao Butter and Organic Cocoa

Perfect Keto Bars contain cacao butter which brings a lot of health benefits to the table and it is good for your blood sugar as well. A study[5] about Theobroma cacao or cocoa beans states that its ingredients are good for your vascular health. Theobroma cacao has a lot of polyphenols in the form of flavonoids which is good for your heart and blood sugar levels. 

However, the study does state that most research about cacao is industry-driven and so there might be some biases in the studies surrounding it. 

Additionally, Theobroma cacao has other health benefits besides helping blood sugar. Another study[6] shows that it has a lot of potential in other areas of the body because of its anti free radical and antioxidant properties which might be helpful in preventing cancer. 

Grass-Fed Collagen

Grass-fed collagen is made up of type 1 and type 3 collagen protein which is very abundant in our body. Collagen serves as a building block[7] for the body and helps with maintaining the structure of the body like the bones, muscles, ligaments, and other parts.

Having collagen in this product means that it also serves a similar purpose and is good for a low carb diet too. A lot of customers praise Perfect Keto Bars for making them feel full and thereby helping them avoid fatty and meaty foods. 

Sunflower Lecithin

Your Perfect Keto Bar also contains ingredients like sunflower lecithin which will help in your journey for a fitter and healthier body. Lecithin is a combination[8] of both phospholipids and neutral lipids which plays a role in your nervous system  and promotes neural network activity. Aside from this, the study does state that lecithin also has the potential for treating various neurodegenerative diseases but more research needs to be done  before we can be certain.

Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil (derived from Coconut)

Medium-chain triglycerides oil or MCT oil for short is another ingredient you will find not only in your Perfect Keto Bars but other low carb protein bars as well. According to health enthusiasts, MCT oil powder and other derivatives of MCT are good for the body since they can help you lose weight which works well with the keto diet.

A study[9] about medium-chain triglycerides shows that the substance helps with mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism which enhances your exercise performance. Additionally, medium-chain triglycerides have shown potential[10] in weight loss as a supplement but further research needs to be done before we can tell how truly effective it is for losing weight and how it will affect your net carbs in a low carb diet. 

Stevia Extract

Last but not the least we have stevia extract. This is the ingredient that helps make your Perfect Keto Bar tasty and sweet. Now, what makes the Perfect Keto Bar good for a low-carb diet is that it does not contain any form of artificial sweeteners. The reason is that stevia extract is a natural sweetener that helps you with your keto diet. 
According to a study[11], the extract is derived from the stevia plant which is found in South America. What makes this ingredient so good for your Perfect Keto Bar is that it does not have any calories which helps prevent unnecessary weight gain which is ideal for keto-friendly diets.

Health Benefits of Perfect Keto Bars

As both a protein bar and a keto bar, the Perfect Keto Bar has a lot to offer its customers from being tasty as a snack to helping you with a ketogenic diet and improving your workout. Here are some of the most notable health benefits based on the ingredients and feedback from its customers:

  • Helps with a low carb diet
  • Keto-friendly
  • Tons of supplements like collagen
  • Helps blood glucose levels
  • Lecithin promotes neural network
  • Helps lose weight
  • Theobroma cacao helps vascular health 

Perfect Keto Bars Flavors 

Perfect keto protein bars are not just healthy but are also known for their amazing taste as well. This is thanks to its all-natural and high-quality ingredients and also not relying on artificial sweeteners that could be bad for your health. 

But what truly makes Perfect Keto Bars stand out from the rest is that it comes in multiple natural flavors which gives you more options to choose from and to choose the best product that fits your taste and preferences.

Here are the flavors that the perfect keto bar has to offer:

  • Almond Butter Brownie
  • Banana Bread
  • Birthday Cake
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Lemon Poppyseed
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
  • Salted Caramel

Take note that each flavor has its own set of ingredients and all of them have their own unique texture. However, all flavors share some similar ingredients that make Perfect Keto Bars healthy. These ingredients are sunflower lecithin, MCT oil, stevia extract, grass-fed collagen and soluble tapioca fiber.

Perfect Keto Bars just like with any product have their own set of advantages and disadvantages but we can say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons and if you do not believe us, then you can see for yourself down below.


  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Quality ingredients
  • No corn fiber
  • Good for your sweet tooth
  • Tasty flavor
  • Ketogenic friendly
  • Discount prices
  • Low carb diet-friendly
  • Good protein amount
  • Helps blood glucose level
  • Can help lose weight
  • Flavor variety


  • Expensive
  • Easily melts in hot temperatures
  • Small compared to other bars
  • Very oily

Perfect Keto Bars Review: What Real Users Say?

These ketogenic bars are worth trying out and if you do have any apprehensions, the customer reviews listed below can help make up your mind.

5 Star Review

“First of all, it’s tough finding ketogenic desserts/meal replacements that are not full of garbage ingredients. Perfect Keto always seems to source the cleanest ingredients without scary stuff that I can’t pronounce. I’m a big fan of their other products so I thought I would give this a try. Sooooo good! It tastes like chocolate with a hint of almond butter I’d say and most definitely filling. Will most likely be a go-to lunch replacement or heavy snack in my keto arsenal!”

Justin B.

4 Star Review

“I am new to the Keto diet, and I tried these bars as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. The ingredients are great, but I am not a fan of the taste or texture. This is just me, and to each his own – some people may love the taste. I do recommend them for what they are and their nutritional value, but I probably will not buy them again for myself. The shipping was great, the package came with no problems.”

Steven Wilkie

3 Star Review

“For only 2 carbs a bar, the lemon ones are okay for when you’re in a fix and need something quick. But make sure you have a huge bottle of water with you. The lemon bars are really dry and are over-sweet. I feel like a smoother, bitter flavor like dark chocolate would maybe help to balance out the taste of artificial sweeteners a bit better. They’re okay, but not something I’d order again. I don’t want to waste money, so it will take a while to get through this box anyway. Joy.”


How to use Perfect keto bars?

A single order of Perfect Keto Bars comes as a box of 12 bars and according to the manufacturers, the product contains 12g of fat per bar. Since Perfect Keto Bars are not medicinal products and are instead more of a snack, it does not have a recommended dosage. 

You can technically eat as many as you want but it is highly recommended that you use this product to help you with your ketogenic diet and supplement yourself with the nutrients you need to keep up with that diet without having to eat protein-rich fatty foods with high carbs, which will definitely interrupt your weight loss progress. 

Where to buy Perfect keto bars & Discounts

If you are looking for Perfect Keto Bars nearby then you do not have to worry. Perfect Keto Bars are very popular and you will probably find them in your local stores and shops. The product is also available on online shops like Amazon and even Walmart.
However, we do recommend buying directly from their website since it is more updated with different flavors and you will get various discounts using certain discount codes and other label discount promos that the manufacturer might have.

Final thought

Overall if you are looking to test Perfect Keto Bars you can give it a try as our opinions are similar to the majority of customer reviews and other Perfect Keto Bars reviews out there. The product might be expensive but that is because it has high-quality ingredients like MCT oil powder with low overall net carbs. It is definitely a good combination for anyone following the ketogenic diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Perfect Keto Bars healthy?

Yes. The majority of keto bars are filled with natural ingredients that will help you maintain your ketogenic diet.

Which keto bars are best?

There are a lot of amazing keto bars out there and Perfect Keto Bars are amongst that list.

Does Perfect Keto help you lose weight?

Yes. Perfect Keto contains low carbs and other ingredients that will help you lose weight.

 Which Perfect Keto flavor is best?

This is very subjective and depends on the person. However, a lot of customers tend to really like the almond butter brownie flavor.

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