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Stoka Bars

stoka bars

  • Ketogenic-Friendly
  • Flavors
  • Net Carbs Amount
  • Clean and Healthy Ingredients
  • Protein Amount







Stoka Bars

  • Owned by Geoffrey Howell
  • Founded in 2018
  • Headquarters in Vancouver, WA

Medical Benefits

  • Keto-friendly protein bar
  • Non-GMO ingredients 
  • Multiple flavors available 
  • It helps to curb cravings

About The Brand

Whether it is weight loss you want or you are simply watching what you eat, there is no doubt you would consider reducing the number of net carbs you eat daily. Once the body is at a deficit, you can get into ketosis, thus burning body fat for energy. 

There are many reasons people are using Stoka protein bars as a way of eating keto-friendly or paleo food[1]

Some find that food without carbs can be boring over time, so Stoka bars come in handy. They are available in multiple flavors to make the diet fun.  

This Stoka bar review highlights some of the important flavors and features of the food to help you understand why you may want to consider it. 

 Alternatives to Stoka Bars

Stoka bars claim to be low-carb, keto-friendly, contain an amount of good protein, and so much more. The company goes ahead to list any other natural ingredients in the bar to build confidence in the users. However, what if you want something different? Are there other options? Below are the common alternatives to Stoka bars. 

Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars

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  • Grass-fed collagen protein
  • GMO-free ingredients
  • Tasty bars

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars

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  • GMO-free ingredients
  • Tastes good to many 
  • Affordable

What is Stoka Bar?

Stoka bars can be described as sweet, crunchy, keto-friendly snacks you enjoy when you want to keep the carb intake low. It is common to associate such food types with a high number of calories and a lot more carb content. 

With various reviews showing that it is a good choice for those who want to get into ketosis, stoka bars have gained popularity. But is this true? Below is a review detailing the various benefits, flavors, and nutrients you can expect from the product. 

Stoka Bars Flavors Review 2023 

Stoka bars stand out as keto-friendly snacks you can get today. Even though they are not entirely sugar-free, they will still offer good nutrition that most people want. The best part is that those on a keto diet will enjoy such snacks with some ingredients having a low glycemic index.[2]

If you can eat a Stoka bar in moderation like any other protein bar, you should get several benefits. Keep in mind that it takes more than eating a protein bar to get into and remain in ketosis. 

Stoka bars are made to be keto-friendly. This means that the Stoka bars come with fewer net carbs compared to what you get in some other food types. The whole idea is to help keep you at a carb deficit to the point your body gets into ketosis. 

Ketosis can take time to achieve as different bodies would take varying times to get fat-adapted[3]. It is why more people would consider using such protein bars to give them the energy to go through their day without being sluggish. 

Stoka bars are available in many flavors; however, the most common include vanilla almond, coconut almond, and peanut chocolate chip. All these flavors mean that even if you decide to eat keto bars, they will not be boring. 

If you look at the Stoka nutrition facts table, you will also find that the bars have other important ingredients. These ingredients largely vary based on the choice of flavor. The various ingredients you can get in a Stoka bar include stevia extract, guar gum, inulin, erythritol, peanuts, almonds, vanilla extract, sunflower, sea salt, etc. 

Below is a quick look at the different stoka bar flavors to help you understand which one you should get for yourself. 

Coconut Almond

In case you have ever eaten coconut almond cookies, you should expect the same taste here too. The best part is that this time you are eating something keto-friendly while at the same time sweet. 

Stoka nutrition facts show that this  flavor has low net carbs to help keep you in a state of ketosis. Even if it is sweet, these Stoka bars would be correctly balanced to ensure you do not end up raising your blood sugar too high. Also, it has only 4g net carbs. 

These Stoka bars are also crunchy. This is great for those who love to purchase crunchy snacks. 

There is also the option of getting coconut almond cereal from the same manufacturer. It is nice to know that you can have a variety of the same flavor. You can always look at the Stoka nutrition facts of the cereal to count macros.

Vanilla Almond

There are several recipes in the market that combine vanilla and almond. So, why not Stoka bars? The Stoka bar offering vanilla almond will be a nice treat during the day when you are craving sugars or just to enjoy a nice snack. 

Stoka nutrition facts of this flavor show that it is a low-carb and keto-friendly bar to buy today. This is especially when you are on a ketogenic diet[4]. As much as it might not have a high protein content as other protein bars, it provides you with enough protein to help you feel full and energized. 

By eating low net carbs daily, such as those in vanilla almond flavor, you can help your body to tap into the stored fat. This one also comes as a cereal version too.

Peanut Chocolate Chip 

These Stoka bars come with 3g net carbs and 8g of protein rather than the 4g net carbs you get in coconut almond flavor. It easily qualifies as keto-friendly to appeal to those who want to keep their carbs intake and calories low. It also features other natural ingredients many people want. 

Since it is a combination of peanut and chocolate, you should be able to enjoy the taste. Who said that eating foods to get you into ketosis has to be boring? It is why more people would consider eating these bars more often. 

These Stoka bars are also versatile. This is because you can eat them as bars or use them for toppings or crust. It is easy to see how you can combine them with other food types. 

Stoka Bars Nutrition Fact

Below is a Stoka nutrition fact table showing how much a vanilla almond stoka bar would have in terms of ingredients and calories. 


  • Offer high-fat content 
  • Keto-friendly bar 
  • The crunchy texture appeals to many


  • It lacks high-quality proteins
  • It contains erythritol, making the net carb to be slightly higher than the claimed amount

Stoka Bars Review: What Real Users Say?

“I have read several opinions on using a stoka bar as part of your ketogenic diet. At first, it was not easy for me to consider getting the product because I figured it was just another product overpromising on its capabilities. However, after reading more on its ingredients, I gave it a try. I love the bars so far.”

Allen K. 

“For me, it is the almond flavor. I can still like what I eat, even if it means eating food with low net carbs. I felt it was time I reviewed it since the bars have been good to me so far.”

Christie D.

“If you are going to try out keto-friendly protein bars, this is it. Stoka bars are just as good as quest bars. It is why it was easily for me to consider getting such bars for myself.” 

Richard G.

Where to Buy Stoka Bars? 

If you are ready to enjoy the low net carbs you get from Stoka bars, proceed to buy the bars from Amazon or the official company website. Once you have purchased the product, give it a couple of days for it to be shipped to your location.

Final thought

Stoka bars have many claims to a point some consider using them as part of their ketogenic diet. First, Stoka bars have relatively low net carbs, high fat, and multiple options as flavors. As such, you can enjoy your paleo diet while at the same time stimulate your taste buds.

Buying the Stoka bars is also easy as you simply visit Amazon and get some for yourself. However, that is not the only thing you need to get into ketosis and keep it that way. There is still the need to do more, including changing your other diets too. 

So, Stoka bars alone are not the best way for you to get into ketosis. They still have some downsides that need addressing. With a proper diet that a nutritionist guides, you can still enjoy eating Stoka bars moderately and keep your body in the ketosis state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are sugar alcohols like those used in Stoka bars?

Sugar alcohols such as erythritol are used to help manage your sugar level to maintain a healthy diet. The same can be used for managing diabetes, unlike when using artificial sweeteners.

What flavors of Stoka bars are available?

The common flavors include vanilla almond, coconut almond, and peanut chocolate chip

Are Stoka bars keto-friendly?

For the most part, they are keto-friendly. It is why they are popular among ketogenic diet lovers. However, they are heavy on nut butter. This is not the healthiest for everyone.

Are Stoka bars safe to eat more often?

Like any other protein bar, you are advised to eat Stoka bars in moderation. Since it is made of all-natural ingredients, this should appear safe for most people.

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