Quest Bars Keto Review 2023: Is This Protein Bar Keto-friendly?

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Quest Bars Keto

Quest Bars Keto

  • Keto-friendly
  • Ingredients
  • Protein Content
  • The Cost
  • How to Use
  • Where to Buy

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Quest Bars Keto

  • Offers multiple-high protein products
  • Located in El Segundo, CA
  • Fast customer support
  • Offers multiple protein bar flavors

Medical Benefits

  • High-protein content
  • Contains zero-calorie sugars
  • Contains fiber 
  • Very nutritious

About The Brand

Many people who want to lose weight have resolved to use ketogenic diets. The keto diet is effective at helping you burn body fat and lose weight; however, it is not the easiest to follow. This is because you need to keep the carbohydrates low, so such dieters want low-carb snacks. 

It is why quest bars make snack bars, protein cookies, and protein bars with low total carbs and sugars. As such, you can eat these best keto bars and still remain in ketosis. 

Alternatives To Quest Bars

Protein bars should be keto-friendly, contain low-carb ingredients, and taste good too. That is why you can get delicious flavors from quest bars such as peanut butter, chocolate, and more. However, there can be alternatives too. They might have different recipes, flavors, sugar alcohols, and so much more. Here are some of the alternatives to consider. 

Stoka bars

  • Multiple flavors 
  • Keto-friendly bars
  • High-protein and low carb bars

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Atlas bars

  • Made of nutrient-dense ingredients
  • Low in sugar
  • Has no junk, gluten, or soy

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What are quest bars?

You may have come across a candy bar that states it would help you stay in ketosis. However, most of the time, that is not the case. This is what led to the quest protein bar. Such a bar contains important ingredients vital for providing proper nutrition when you eat it. 

The manufacturer carefully picks various ingredients that can work together to keep you healthy while at the same time being a great snack without the user worrying about too many calories or carbohydrates. The amount of protein you also get from the bars can boost your energy and muscle repair. 

Are Quest Bars Keto-friendly?

It is possible to say that quest bars are keto-friendly because the manufacturer has done a good job of providing the necessary nutrition without increasing the amount of carbs. On average, the bars will have 4g net carbs or 5g net carbs and 21g of protein. As you can see, they are low-carb bars that will not easily kick you out of ketosis. 

This does not mean you eat the quest bars all the time. Too much use of the bars can easily lead to eating a lot more carbs than you want while on a keto diet. 

Quest Bars Ingredient Review 2023

Anyone looking to buy protein bars would look at the number of net carbs in a product. This will determine if the bar is low-carb or not. Luckily, Quest Nutrition has managed to keep most of the products below 20g net carbs. This should make their keto bars good for ketogenic dieting. 

The bars may also contain sugar alcohols which are important to make them sweet. Even if you are looking to burn fat on a diet, it does not mean the food should not taste good. A good example of a sugar alcohol is erythritol. 

Looking at the other ingredients, you will see how they collectively help you gain more nutrition, enough calories, and energy even while on a diet.

When you are looking for ketogenic protein bars, the ingredients will always be a big part of deciding. That is why we also look at the main ingredients in the quest bars to help you understand what nutrition you will get per serving. 

Learning about the taste, ingredients, fat, net carbs, or total carbs can help you know if you can get into ketosis with quest bars. Below are some of the main ingredients a quest bar may contain. 

Quest Bars Ingredient Review

Milk protein isolate

Like most protein bars, these keto bars need to have more protein to help you achieve better muscle growth after losing weight through ketosis. That is what you will get with the milk protein isolate. It can help you rebuild your muscles better. 

Keep in mind that milk protein isolate is nearly carb-free, but it would not be the best for those on a strict ketogenic diet[1]. This is because milk protein isolate is low carb, but it will contain whey protein. Whey protein is not something those on strict keto would want to consume. 

The calories you get from this ingredient are good enough to help you have more energy to maintain focus and work on other projects. 

Soluble corn fiber

Quest protein bars also contain soluble corn fiber. From the name, you can easily describe it as a soluble fiber that is corn-derived. Since it is from corn, it might be low carb but not as low as many people might want for a keto diet. 

If you do not mind the total carbs all the time, it is a good fiber the body needs. We all know how fiber can help to keep you feel full for longer[2] and still aid with natural digestion. 

Looking at the amount of soluble corn fiber in the protein bars, you could say that it is keto-friendly. So, ketosis can still be achieved as you enjoy the flavor of your protein bar. 


Protein bars also have to taste good. That is why the manufacturer included sweeteners such as erythritol in the quest bars. These sugar alcohols are sweet but calorie-free. It should be interesting to see how the sweetener improves the overall bar taste while keeping the calories down. 
Since the net carbs will be low, you can say the quest bars can act as a low-carb food with great flavor too. You can also get some of the bars having sucralose[3] instead of erythritol as the sweetener.

Palm Kernel Oil

Anyone looking for a keto-friendly protein bar would want something with low total carbs. Luckily, this ingredient does not increase the net carbs in the protein bar. So, the resulting net carbs will be great for a person on a keto diet. 

Palm kernel oil is great for increasing overall ketone production in the body. As such, you would stay in ketosis longer. 

Sometimes you may get a quest bar that contains coconut oil instead of palm kernel oil. Both do the same job; only that palm oil is more effective at ketone production. 


Yes, even protein bars can have almonds. The presence of almonds helps provide the body with healthy fats, fiber, vitamin E, protein, and magnesium. 

It may also influence the flavors of the different protein bars. It is why some people love how their bars taste like almonds. 

You also do not have to worry about total carbs, as almonds are great for those looking to enjoy a perfect keto diet. 

Sodium Caseinate

This is a popular food additive you would get in snacks, keto bars, protein bars, and so much more. In most cases, a quest bar contains sodium caseinate since it provides you with all the 9 essential amino acids[4]. This should help in keeping your body healthy. 

The ingredient also promotes the repair and growth of your muscle tissues. It is why weightlifters and athletes may like using quest bars. 

It will not largely affect the calorie content of the bars and can still help keep you in ketosis because of the low net carbs. 

Quest keto bars flavor 

Quest protein bars are generally low carb, delicious, and still come in multiple flavors. If you are looking for delicious and flavorful bars, below are some of the keto bars you will get from quest. 

  • Chocolate chip cookie dough 
  • Chocolate peanut butter 
  • White chocolate raspberry 
  • Caramel chocolate chunk
  • Birthday cake
  • Oatmeal chocolate 
  • Blueberry muffin
  • Lemon cake etc. 

Quest Bars Nutrition facts 

Protein bars are mostly low carb, keto-friendly, and may contain sucralose or other sugar alcohols to make them sweet. It is only when you look at the ingredients you get per bar that you can understand its nutritional value. Below is a nutrition facts sheet of the quest birthday cake protein bar as an example. 

Pros & Cons


  • Available in multiple flavors 
  • Offers high-protein amount 
  • Very nutritious and sweet
  • Has low calories per gram


  • Some feel the bars are a bit dry
  • Some flavors have a chalky taste

How to Use Quest Product 

Quest protein bars seem like a really good choice for those who want to keep their carbs intake low. If you look at each quest protein bar, you will notice it still contains carbohydrates and thus the reason you need to know how many quest bars you can eat daily.

If you diet, you would want to keep carb intake under 20g per day for restrictive keto or 50g daily for relaxed keto. It is worth noting that total carbs in quest bars are around 4g net carbs per bar. So, as much as you may enjoy the sweet flavors, keep in mind the number of net carbs you are eating per bar.

Now that you know the amount of the ingredients in the bars, you should not binge on quest bars. Only use them when it is necessary to snack or in case of an emergency. 

Quest Bars Review: What real users say? 

“I have had a hard time managing the keto diet before because of the cravings. However, using quest protein bars has helped a lot in keeping me in ketosis while at the same time handling my cravings better.”

Jessica K. 

“Protein bars have always been something I enjoy snacking on more often. I always make sure that I do not overeat my favorite flavor, which is double chocolate. Since I can keep the consumption of the delicious protein bars, I can always keep net carbs low.”

Steve W.

“I have enjoyed myself trying out different protein bars in the market. So far, I enjoy the quest protein bars because they are nutritious, and there are many flavors to consider. Also, I can combine with other foods and remain in ketosis.”

Joseph J.

“I thought the presence of sugar alcohols would make me break my ketogenic diet. However, that is not the case. The sweetener used in the protein bars has zero calories, thus healthy sugars too. I can now use my protein bars without worrying about calories.”

Doris S.

“Quest bars are available in various flavor options such as peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie, double chocolate, and more. I love it that I can get a protein bar that is still great for my health.”

Robert L. 

Where to buy Quest Bars?

If you want to get yourself a high protein bar, quest bars are a nice consideration. However, where can you buy them?

Quest bars can be found on the official company website[5]. Simply visit the website to place your order. You can create an account from the website and start browsing through the various protein bars on the website. Choose the best flavor you like and add it to the cart. 

Other than the protein bars, there are other categories such as protein cookies, protein chops, protein powders, and more. Just make sure you look at their ingredients, especially for keto dieters. 

Final thought

After going through the quest bars keto review above, you can see how these bars can be great for those who want keto-friendly snacks. They are generally low carb and high protein. This is a great combination to ensure you always get the best nutrition while keeping the body in ketosis. 

However, some might feel that the quest protein bars do not have the best macronutrient ratio for a ketogenic diet. So, you still have to supplement them with other options too. Luckily, the company also makes protein cookies, snack bars, protein chips, hero bars, and more. They are all designed around being low-carb and high protein snacks. 

Even if you find quest bars sweet and enjoyable, ensure you always eat them in moderation. Too many protein bars daily can easily kick you out of ketosis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are quest bars okay on keto?

Yes. They are low carb and high in protein. That is what most people on keto would want to see on the ingredient list. Such a combination does not kick you out from ketosis.

Are quest bars really good for you?

Quest bars can be good for you depending on how much you use them. If you stick to one or two bars per day, you should be fine. Also, the bars have natural ingredients, making the products generally safe for you.

Are quest pizzas Keto-friendly?

Like other Quest products, the quest pizzas also have a low net carb product, high protein, tasty, and will be keto-friendly. If you eat them in moderation, they should be good for keto dieters. 

Can I eat quest bars on keto?

Yes. Quest bars can help in providing you with vital nutrients such as proteins while at the same time maintain ketosis because of the low net carb content.

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