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5 Best Colon Cleanse Supplements 2023: Top Brand Reviews

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ColonBroom Psyllium Husk Powder Colon Cleanser

ColonBroom Psyllium Husk Powder Colon Cleanser

  • Boost gut microbes.
  • Support weight loss.
  • Support mood and energy.

Colon Broom Discount: CBOFF10

UMZU zuPOO Colon Cleanse & Gut Support

UMZU zuPOO Colon Cleanse & Gut Support

  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Herbal formula.
  • Made in cGMP facility.

Renew Life Cleanse Smart

Renew Life Cleanse Smart

  • It contains 12 probiotics.
  • Support digestive health.
  • It’s affordable

Digestive health is usually one of the foundations of good health. It’s uncomfortable when you experience a stomach ache or bloat, and this can affect your quality of life. uneasy if you experience a stomach ache or feel bloated. A blocked colon is one potential contributing factor to these symptoms.

The colon is one of the crucial gastrointestinal organs that influences your digestive and overall health. Colon health is essential since the colon has two primary bodily functions: absorbing vitamins, water, and electrolytes and moving unwanted waste material out of the body through the rectum. 

However, suppose you continue to let it become clogged. In that case, you may exacerbate certain conditions such as irritable bowel disease.

You may want to consider a colon cleanse if you suffer from digestive problems. or have colon-related problems. Always speak to your doctor about the pros, cons, and potential risks before doing so

This piece highlights how colon cleansing supplements work and discusses if they can help you burn fat and more. Keep reading to find out.

Best Colon Cleanse Supplements On The Market In (June. 2023)

How Do Colon Cleansing Supplements Work?

Colon cleansing supplements work to detox the colon from a build-up of waste and other harmful materials.

Consequently, with a healthy digestive system, you also have healthy bowel movements since the body absorbs what it needs. The effects may be that you lose weight, boost metabolism, reduce bloating, relieve constipation, and increase energy as a result. 

Besides colon supplements, some people consider colon cleanser therapy like calorie irrigation, also known as colon hydrotherapy[1]. This type of colon cleanse involves flushing water through the large intestine to remove unwanted waste. These sessions occur as open or closed-system colon cleansing.

In an open system, you are shown how to use the LIBBE system which uses gravity force and the therapist gives you privacy. In a closed system, the therapist inserts a speculum in the client’s rectum and inserts a pressurized hose. Then they drain the colon back with the hose.

Please note that colon cleansing may pose some dangers[2] as well, so before starting any of our suggested best colon cleanse supplements, consult your physician first. It would be best if you also approached colonic irrigation cleanses with the same caution.

Next, we’ll cover five of the best colon cleanses on the market.

5 Best Colon Cleanse Pills & Powders In 2023

ColonBroom Psyllium Husk Powder Colon Cleanser

ColonBroom Psyllium Husk Powder Colon Cleanser

Colon Broom Discount: CBOFF10

See ColonBroom Reviews

ColonBroom operates as a gentle, bulk-forming colon natural laxative that goes through you, clearing pollutants from your intestines for a GI detox that may help with digestion, bowel problems, blood sugar, and weight loss.

  • It supports weight loss.
  • It offers a healthy supply of the intestine microbiome.
  • It provides a full-body detox, and reduces constipation.
  • It induces regular bowel movements.
  • It is vegan, gluten-free, and made with ingredients free of genetically modified organisms (non-GMO).
  • You need to follow a strict routine for it to be effective.
  • Some clients on Amazon claim that the product is overrated.
  • It is expensive.

This supplement is the best colon cleanse powder on our list with one vital ingredient. It is made with psyllium husk, a healthy, plant-based, vital fiber supplement. By purifying your gut and getting rid of accumulated toxins, the unique blend of components in ColonBroom works to enhance your body’s detoxification procedures.

Psyllium husk takes up water to become a sticky compound that helps with diarrhea, blood pressure, constipation[11], and weight reduction. It also helps optimize gut microbiota[12].

The psyllium husk can also promote weight loss by accelerating the body’s transition into the fat-loss phase.

According to a study conducted by American researchers, psyllium husk promotes increased fullness[13] and lessens hunger sensations. When it interacts with water, a thick coating forms that aids in slowing the passage of food through the gut, increasing fullness[14].

It has also been seen to be more effective[15] than other natural laxatives at reducing diarrhea and constipation.

According to the statistics listed on their website, they assert that 90% of consumers reported experiencing regular bowel movements, 80% reported losing weight with fewer cravings, and 90% reported feeling lighter after taking the product.

Follow a healthy diet, take one scoop dissolved in water before meals, and drink water. One negative is the cost. One jar of 60 servings costs over $60 online, so may not fit everyone’s budget.

UMZU zuPOO Colon Cleanse & Gut Support

zuPOO aids in cleaning your intestines of all the toxins that have built up inside your body. They claim that zuPOO provides a thorough colon cleanse to support a clean, healthy gut.

  • The brand offers free shipping above $99.
  • It provides an intensive colon cleanse.
  • It is a powerful herbal power flush.
  • It is manufactured in a Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility.
  • It may cause some stomach upset when you first start taking it.

The company claims that using this herbal power flush would also give customers a better technique to lose weight.

This colon cleansing formula has six powerful ingredients. First, cascara sagrada[3] is a moderate laxative. It supports the immune system and promotes probiotic development.

Second, bentonite clay[4] gently removes body waste, emptying your stomach and intestinal contents.  It contains calcium, silica, magnesium, salt, iron, copper, and potassium.

Aloe ferox[5] is a natural laxative, cleaner, and colon stimulant.

Milk thistle[6] strengthens the liver. It helps eliminate liver-processed waste while supporting liver cells.

Cayenne pepper promotes saliva production[7], which aids digestion and freshens breath. It promotes enzyme production[8], which is vital for digestive health. Cayenne pepper helps the body digest meals and pollutants by stimulating stomach secretions[9].

Slippery Elm improved stool consistency[10]and increased bowel movement frequency.

When you subscribe to the product on the brand’s official website, one container will cost you $25.46. You will have to pay $29.99 and $37.76 when purchasing from Amazon without a subscription.

Renew Life Cleanse Smart

Among the numerous colon cleansing supplements, this may be the best to help you combat constipation. It is devoid of allergens like soy and dairy, making it ideal for anyone allergic to them.

  • It contains 12 effective digestive probiotics.
  • It might encourage normal digestion.
  • It might support your body’s normal detoxification processes.
  • It’s ideal for people who occasionally encounter constipation.
  • Through expiration, purity, safety, and potency are guaranteed.
  • Some clients attest that there was a change in the formula.

Because this brand offers a profusion of promotions and discounts, you need to keep an eye out for them to save money on your purchase.

If you are unhappy with your purchase within the first 60 days after receiving it, they will refund your money. In addition, the Renew website contains a wealth of information in case you are interested in discovering more about the functions served by their supplements and extra medical details.

You can take the supplement in two parts. The morning blend is what you consume first thing in the morning, and the evening mix is what you drink right before bed. When you order directly from the manufacturer’s website, a 30-day supply will run you $24.75 in total cost.

This herbal colon cleansing formula supplement contains a long list of ingredients, all of which work together to promote the health of your digestive system. It also helps lower the user’s likelihood of colon cancer.

The morning blend contains:

Triphala is a blend of Vidanga (Emblica officinalis) fruit, Chebulic myrobalan[25] (Terminalia chebula) fruit, and Belleric myrobalan (Terminalia belerica) fruit.

Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse

This gentle colon cleanser supports regular, healthy bowel movements. This colon cleansing supplement is excellent for weight loss and promotes a good colon detox cleanse.

  • It is gentle on the tummy.
  • It is effective as a body and gut detox powder.
  • It is soy, dairy, shellfish, and tree nut-free.
  • It is a gluten-free colon detox.
  • It is GMP-certified.
  • Free shipping is restricted in Hawaii, Alaska, and US territories.

It contains senna leaf extract powder, an herbal stimulant that promotes peristalsis[26], a series of muscle contractions that occur to aid in digestive waste removal.

It contains psyllium husk powder, which helps the body move waste through the digestive tract slowly and gently.

Intestinal flatulence, discomfort, and appetite loss are among the digestive issues that fennel seed[27] helps with.

Vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals can be found in papaya leaves[28]. The digestive system is supported and maintained by the enzymes papain, amylase, and protease, which aid in protein breakdown[29].

Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich rosehip fruit powder[30] are used to treat various illnesses, including renal, urinary tract, and gastrointestinal issues. It may also help with weight management[31].

Last but not least, it contains L. acidophilus, a type of healthy bacteria that is important for digestion and may also be helpful for conditions like diarrhea[32].

If you are unhappy, the brand offers a complete warranty. The price of the 240 capsule tab is $31.99. The cost of the 12 capsules is $19.99.

Microbiome Plus Colon Cleanse & Detox

This specially-made laxative has potent detoxifying qualities and provides prompt relief from gastrointestinal issues. These supplements for colon cleansing and detoxification are all organic and non-GMO.

  • It stimulates cleansing in the colon and digestive tract. It supports normal metabolic processes.
  • It helps with constipation and gas.
  • GMO-free.
  • Tested for ingredients and quality purity.
  • It has a proprietary blend.

The price of this colon and digestive system cleanser, which contains 120 capsules across four cycles of cleaning, is $29.99.

You may also lose weight by taking this supplement. It may do this by aiding in removing waste and preventing fat accumulation.

You may also feel more energized after using this supplement. Some ingredients like prune juice[33], can support regularity and digestive health. 

You can use this supplement for no more than 15 days at a time. For this product to effectively cleanse your colon, you should ingest it at bedtime.

It contains fennel seed, psyllium husk, ginger root[34], Cascara sagrada, goldenseal root[35], licorice root, rhubarb root[36], and buckthorn bark[37]. The proprietary blend contains flaxseed powder, citrus pectin[38], Lactobacillus acidophilus, cayenne pepper, aloe vera, and senna, prune juice[39].  

It also contains gelatin (bovine) microcrystalline cellulose, oat bran, silicon dioxide, and vegetable magnesium stearate.

How We Ranked The Best Colon Cleansers

This section lists some of the criteria we used to rank these colon cleansing products. They are:

  • The ingredient list: we selected the best in each category.
  • The price tag is compared to the value you get.
  • The additional ingredients: gluten, added sugars, and flavoring.
  • The accreditation that the supplement possesses.
  • The independent ingredient assessment.
  • The brand’s reputation from client testimonials.
  • The brand’s return and delivery policies.

Benefits Of Best Colon Cleanse Powder & Pills Supplements

Colon cleansing benefits that you may get from using a colon cleanse supplement are:

  • Better digestive health.
  • Better bowel movements.
  • They may improve your immune system.
  • They may help you lose weight.

Side Effects Of Colon Cleanser Supplements

When it comes to experiencing side effects from the best colon cleanse natural product or from the best colon cleanse detox at home, it is primarily due to a few reasons.

The first possible explanation is that you could have an allergy to one of the ingredients present. The second possible explanation is that you are taking excessive dosages, more than what is recommended, which could be causing the reaction. In any event, you should immediately seek medical counsel and stop taking the colon cleanser supplement if any side effects occur,

Therefore, you should stop using the colon supplement if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Dehydration
  • Dizziness
  • Pains, nausea, and vomiting
  • Elevated electrolyte levels
  • Mineral imbalance
  • Infection and bacteria imbalance
  • Intestine perforation (a hole)

Final Thought

The five products in this article are the best available for both men and women, and several of them also produce the best colon cleanse drinks. However, they are not the only great brands.

However, it is essential to remember that regardless of whether you use colon cleanser irrigation systems or the best colon cleansing supplements, you should be sure to carry out the process under the advice and supervision of a trained medical professional. Take the recommended dose, eat a healthy diet, stay active, and use the supplement as intended and at the recommended time.

If you do that, you may enjoy the benefits of having improved digestion and an enhanced mood. If you do that, you will also enjoy the benefits of having a more robust immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cleanser for your colon?

There are numerous colon cleansers on the market, but as per our list, the best is the UMZU zuPOO Colon Cleanse & Gut Support supplement.

Is colon cleansing dangerous?

Colon cleaning, like any other medical therapy, has its pros and cons. To ensure that you remain in the pro section, research widely and seek medical advice before attempting either the irrigation or using supplements.

Can I take a laxative to cleanse my colon?

Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, some colon cleansing supplements contain numerous laxatives, such as cascara sagrada and Aloe ferox.

What’s the safest colon cleanse?

One of the safest ways to naturally clean the colon is by using water. Water offers stools weight and moisture, which helps them move more quickly through the colon. Fewer bowel motions signify dehydration since the body is striving to retain water.

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