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Best Multivitamin For Men Over 50: 2023‘s Top 7 Brands

Mitchelle Morgan

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Medically reviewed by Melissa Mitri, MS, RD

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Ritual Multivitamin

Ritual Essential for Men 50+

  • It’s jam-packed with nutrients
  • All-natural formula
  • Delivers highly absorbable nutrients

Care/of Multivitamin

Care/Of Men’s Care Pack

  • Brand ships to your doorstep
  • Products are tested for purity
  • Personalized supplement



  • It contains 22 key nutrients
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Jam-packed with essential nutrients

It’s natural for us to lose our ability to absorb nutrients as we become older than 50 years old. No matter how hard you may try to eat a balanced diet it’s always a good idea to consider supplementing the vitamins in your diet for added peace of mind.

And for men over 50, the usefulness of particular vitamins goes beyond bolstering their immune system. You should consume vitamins and minerals regularly for various reasons, such as for optimal muscle, brain, and bone health.

If you don’t eat enough nutrient-dense foods or have a disease that demands more nutrients, multivitamins can help fill in the nutrient gaps in your diet. However, you are confused because of a variety of multivitamin products in the market nowadays, you should know the best multivitamin for men over 50 to make the right choice.

Best Multivitamins For Men Over 50 In (November. 2023)

Why Do Men Over 50 Need To Take Vitamins?

Vitamin supplements may be needed in a few particular circumstances. And even though different brands have varied drug administration schedules, the following are the general reasons for taking vitamins:

  • When your body doesn’t get enough nutritional supplementation from your regular diet, it develops deficiencies.
  • A nutritionist or physician prescribes it for you because you have a condition that necessitates further mineral and vitamin supplementation.

On that note, you’re probably aware of the necessity of eating foods high in crucial nutrients if you follow a healthy eating plan. Dietary supplements are required for maximum cardiovascular health, but a well-balanced diet will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

However, some people find it difficult to eat correctly. Such people should take multivitamins and multimineral supplements to stay on track.

Top 7 Best Multivitamins For Men Over 50 

Ritual Essential For Men 50+

Ten nutrients are included: vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, boron, vitamin E, folate, omega-3 DHA, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin K. These nutrients target heart, bone health, immunological function, and normal muscular function.

  • Contains beneficial vitamins
  • NSF-certified
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Only be customized to a certain extent
  • Not included extra health advice

Ritual’s vitamins are all National Sanitation Foundation(NSF)-certified, a government testing organization that ensures the ingredient list is authentic with the exact quantities listed on the product label. These essential vitamins are vegan and allergen-free, non-GMO, and free of artificial colors and fillers.

Ritual also comes in a delayed-release pill format that can be taken with or without meals, without causing stomach distress.

Ritual also has a professional advisory board and an executive team made up of dietitians, scientists, and medical physicians who are involved in product creation and help the company who help the company keep current with research. All in all, here is what each ingredient does for men’s health:

Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3’s are fatty acids that aid the body in naturally reducing inflammation, which can optimize heart, eye, and brain health.

The omega-3 fats used in Ritual are sourced from algae, which is readily available. Omega-3’s combination with folic acid, in particular, may have beneficial effects on male fertility[1].

Vitamin D

Nutrient deficiencies from a lack of vitamin D are prevalent in older men[2] over 50. The chances are higher if one lives in higher latitudes or is overweight.

When you consume enough vitamin D, this can support healthy levels of testosterone[3], a stronger immune system, and optimal bone health.

Vitamin A

This nutrient may help to aid in healthy vision and immune[4] system function. Men need more Vitamin A daily than women, and Ritual employs retinyl palmitate, a type of vitamin that could be more efficient than alpha- or beta-carotene.

Vitamin E

This antioxidant has been linked to skin health[5] and decreasing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radical generation and your system’s ability to neutralize or eliminate the adverse effects via antioxidant balancing.

Vitamin B12

One of this vitamin’s main jobs is to produce DNA for new cell growth[6]. Inadequate B12 intake can lead to a loss of stamina and endurance.


This is a B-vitamin that aids in DNA methylation[7] and the production of red blood cells. DNA methylation is a biochemical process that involves the addition of aromatic rings to the DNA molecule. Without affecting the sequence, methylation can affect the activity of a DNA region. When DNA methylation occurs at a gene promoter, it usually suppresses the expression of genes.

Ritual uses a type of folate called dimethyl folate, rather than the more commonly used form, folic acid. This is because roughly a third of males have a mutated gene that makes it very difficult to use folic acid in the body.

Chelated Zinc

Zinc may help maintain a healthy immune system, boost testosterone production, and support eyesight and skeletal health. In fact, Zinc requirements for men are higher than for women, and it’s typically a prime concern for males because of the apparent links to hormonal health.

According to one study[8], men who took 30 mg of zinc per day had higher free testosterone concentrations in their systems.


Magnesium aids in restful sleep, calmness, and muscle function[9]. It is found in substantial quantities in green vegetables and legumes.

Vitamin K2

K2 is mainly present in fermented foods and organ meat, but it appears to work with calcium and Vitamin D to enhance bone health.

Research suggests that it tends to aid [10]calcium absorption while supporting a healthy heart and skin.

 Care/Of Men’s Care Pack

The best multivitamin subscriptions for men provide individualized prescriptions. Minerals and vitamins are packaged in envelopes.

  • Tailored to healthcare goals and requirements
  • A monthly supply is sent to the doorstep
  • Product graded based on available research
  • Product tested for quality and purity
  • Expert consultations unavailable
  • No free shipping under $20
  • Lack of third party tested and certified

To join the program to get on the subscription multivitamin program, you need to head to the website and fill in some vital information about yourself. After that, you will get prompts to fill out any other multivitamins you are taking, your goals, and your overall lifestyle.

These prompts are to help the brand categorize which kind of multivitamins for men they will send you. Even so, here are the essential vitamins and nutrients you will get from this best multivitamin for men over 50:


B-complex vitamins, multivitamins, and single vitamins such as vitamins C, D, and B12 are included. Vitamin B12[11] is essential for maintaining a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin A[12] is essential for vision and a healthy immune system. Vitamin C[13] is critical for long and healthy life.


The first essential mineral available in this food multivitamin is calcium, which is significant in optimizing bone health.

Men in their 50’s and beyond are at risk of calcium leaching out of the bone, leaving one with weak and brittle bones. This can increase the risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis[14]. Additionally, These essential minerals also contain iron to fight off iron deficiencies, as well as magnesium and zinc.

Other Ingredients

The other ingredients that you may find in this daily multi are probiotics that are good for gut health. Then there are herbs like elderberry, Ashwagandha, garlic, and milk thistle. These herbs help support a man’s well-being. For instance, milk thistle[15] could potentially cure prostate cancer.

Lastly, you can also get keratin for hair and nails, astaxanthin for male fertility[16] due to its high antioxidant nature.

Persona Men’s Essential + Stress Support

A multivitamin subscription service for various health needs. It is available for men and women such as energy, pregnancy, fitness, immunity.

  • Individualized regimens for better health
  • Deliveries to front door
  • Approved by a medical board
  • You can save the program and use it later
  • These dietary supplements are too expensive to buy
  • Only available in packages
  • Not third-party tested
  • Only available on the brand’s official website

Persona’s primary goal is to fill in those periodic nutritional gaps in men over 50. Here are some of the multivitamins that they offer men in their 50s and beyond.

Foundational Multivitamin

The ingredients included are:

  • It primarily contains Vitamin K[17], which reduces any cardiovascular issues.
  • It also contains methylated folate[18] that is optimal for improving mood, heart, and brain health.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for maintaining excellent health. Medications, health problems can also influence nutritional status and age—the multivitamin aids in completing your nutritional profile by providing the nutrients that your body requires the most.


Spirulina[19] is a blue-green algae superfood abundant in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and phytonutrients that give it its vibrant color. Spirulina may help boost immunity and are a great addition to a healthier life.


Adaptogens like Ashwagandha[20] can help you become more resistant to the adverse effects of stressful situations. This Ashwagandha multivitamin is a natural approach to help you relax, boost your immune system, and improve your athletic performance.


Omega-3[21] assists your brains, heart, eyes, and joints while promoting a healthy immune system response.

Daily Probiotic

Persona’s Daily Probiotic multivitamin dose may aid in the restoration of your microbiome, resulting in improved digestion, immunity, and well-being.

 Garden Of Life Multivitamin For Men

A holistic whole-food multi-nutrient supplement designed exclusively for active men’s needs. Over 20 fruits and vegetables are included.

  • Probiotics and enzymes for proper digestion
  • Contains both vitamins and minerals 
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • The brand has an NSF Gluten-Free Certification
  • All batches are third-party tested
  • It may have an unpleasant taste

This brand is raw, which means that no high heat is utilized in the manufacturing process. It also doesn’t contain any inorganic binders, preservatives, flavorings, sugars, pigments, or additives typically found in tablet and capsule form supplements.

The list of the active probiotics and enzymes include Lipase[38], Cellulase, Protease, Lactase, Aspergillopepsin, beta-Glucanase[39], Pectinase, Bromelain[40], Phytase, Peptidase, Papain, Hemicellulase[41], Xylanase, [Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus plantarum] (500 Million CFU).

Nature Made Men’s Multi

Nature Made Men’s Multi is a specially developed multivitamin for men. 22 vital nutrients are included.

  • Contains 22 vital nutrients
  • Vitamin A aids the healthy immune system
  • Vitamins C and E eliminate free radicals
  • Vitamin D for bones, teeth, muscles, and the immune system
  • Adheres to tight manufacturing guidelines
  • Verified by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • The product is non-FDA evaluated

Nature Made Men’s Multi is free of filler colors, synthetic additives, and is gluten-free. The list of ingredients included are:

Smartypants Men’s Formula

These tasty gummy vitamins are produced with high-quality ingredients; specifically, developed for men’s health in those over 50+.

  • GMO-free, gluten-free, no synthetic colors, fillers, no soy, peanuts, or other common allergens
  • Third-party tested
  • Backed by scientific research
  • Not FDA-evaluated

The Smartypants Men’s Formula comes in three primary flavors: blueberry, blackberry, and lemon creme. And in each serving, you get:

  • Essential fatty acids Omega-3 EPA and DHA are sustainably derived from wild-caught tiny fish. This is excellent for maintaining a healthy visual system, cognition function, and heart health[34].
  • CoQ10[35] production is decreased as you get older. Supplementing with CoQ10 is involved in supporting heart health.
  • Vitamin B12[36] (methylcobalamin) supports energy production.
  • Vitamin D3 is a form of vitamin D that helps the body’s immune system work normally.
  • Lycopene[37] helps promote prostate health.

New Chapter Men’s Advanced Multi

New Chapter products are committed to using only organic, pure, and high-quality ingredients. The brand cares about harvested ingredients, waste minimization.

  • Contains ingredients to increase absorption
  • Other plant ingredients are included to help with wellness
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, and certified by the Internal Control System (ICS)
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Allergies may be caused for certain people

New Chapter Men’s Advanced Multivitamin consists of a few organic ingredients that provide men over 50 essential nutrients for their bodies. They help boost immune health and optimize heart and prostate health.

Here is a list of what the New Chapter dietary supplement contains:


One top benefit of turmeric for my health is its anti-inflammatory advantages. This is mainly thanks to the substance called curcumin, the active element in turmeric with immeasurable benefits to men’s health.

Turmeric’s first benefit is to help in the prevention of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer statistics state that 1 in every 8 men[42] will get the disease during their lifetime. However, a study that was conducted in Germany[43] showed that curcumin could potentially help prevent the onset of this menace. 

Curcumin[44] Blocks the NF-B and Src Protein Kinase Signaling Pathways, Improving the Effect of Chemotherapy on Colorectal Cancer Cells. Even so, you are advised to include turmeric in your diet, whether your family has cancer risk or not.

The other benefit of turmeric is it supports mental health in men. Generally, men like to keep things to themselves, leading to specific brain ailments like stress, depression, and anxiety. 

If you’re wondering how many men suffer from depression, here is your answer: one out of every eight men will suffer from depression[45], and one out of every five men will suffer from anxiety at some point in their life.

A study[46] attested that 77% of men suffered from these three conditions in that survey. And 40% said that for them to get help, it had to get to the point of self-destructive thoughts.

In one UCLA[47] study, those who took curcumin reported improved cognitive function, which counteracts depression, stress, and anxiety. They performed better when it came to memory tests, with an improvement of 28% in the 18 months.

Other commendable benefits of turmeric to men’s health are an improvement in sexual health[48], where it helps improve blood flow[49] and increases the male sex drive.

Men who love getting their sweat on can also benefit from turmeric’s pain-numbing properties. For instance, turmeric extracts, taken alone or in combination with other herbal substances, can help persons with osteoarthritis decrease knee pain. Lastly, turmeric can also help optimize skin health[50].


Yet another active ingredient in the New Chapter men’s multivitamins is astaxanthin. This substance helps with reducing oxidative[51] state and increases blood flow in smokers and overweight people.

It also helps with curbing various cancer risks, including prostate cancer[52]. It is great for your skin [53], smoothing wrinkles, and reducing the appearance of aging spots.

Astaxanthin is also great for improving endurance and minimizing fatigue[54] after working out. Lastly, it plays a significant role in promoting heart health[55] and reducing joint pain[56].


This substance is jam-packed with certain nutrients that can boost the immune system. Elderberry can help men over 50 better fight colds and flus[57], treat acne[58], and reduce the appearance of wrinkles[59].


The reishi mushroom is an Asian grown fungus that helps men’s health by boosting the immune system. The effects of the reishi mushroom are mainly on the white blood cells, which destroy microorganisms and cancer. 

On the flip side, if you have low blood pressure or are taking medicine to raise your blood pressure, are diabetic, or have immune system diseases or medications, ingesting reishi mushrooms could invoke certain side effects[60]. These are like dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, and other adverse reactions.

This substance has focused on various cancer-related studies like breast cancer[61] and prostate cancer. Because it influences the hormone testosterone, some research[62] has examined whether reishi could benefit prostate cancer.

Reishi can also help:

Here are additional ingredients found in the New Chapter Men’s Multi:

Potential Side Effects & Risks

Researchers have researched multivitamins extensively and found them generally safe[82].

However, large doses of antioxidants present in multivitamins have been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer[83] in males, even though they were initially expected to aid against cancer.

High concentrations of supplemental beta-carotene have been linked to an increased risk of lung cancer[84] in men who smoke. As a result, people who smoke cigarettes should avoid taking massive doses of any multivitamin for men with a lot of vitamin A.

Multivitamins are generally safe and well-tolerated, but it is possible there may be long-term negative effects associated with very high antioxidant dosages.

Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Men

Everybody requires daily multivitamins but as you become older, your body may not be able to soak up certain nutrients as well. 

The following are several vitamins and minerals that are especially beneficial to elderly guys.

Vitamins for Men’s Health

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for a variety of biological activities. It aids in the maintenance of good vision, the clearness of the skin, tissue restoration, and the proper functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin A is in various foods, from carrots to bell peppers, to beef and milk. Despite its widespread availability, most people still take insufficient quantities of vitamin A. Because vitamin A toxicity is a worry, sticking to around half of your Reference Daily Intake (RDI) should keep you healthy in the long run. Men need a daily intake of Vitamin A measuring 900 mcg/day.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is one of the most widely used supplements worldwide. Because of its link to testosterone, it is especially popular amongst men.

Your free testosterone levels are closely linked to the amount of Vitamin D3 in your blood.

If you believe you have low testosterone, a deficiency in Vitamin D3 is the most likely explanation. Numerous males are not getting enough sunlight exposure to meet their RDI of Vitamin D since they are spending more time indoors.

Some other vitamins essential for Men’s health include:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K2
  • B Vitamins

Minerals for Men’s Health

Listed below are essential minerals for a man’s health, exercise prowess, and brain ability.


Zinc is an easy choice for a men’s multivitamin supplement. This mineral supplements for a wide range of body processes; for example, a healthy immune system, facilitating wound healing, and cell development and division.

However, zinc[85] plays an even more vital role in manufacturing testosterone in men. You won’t be able to generate as much testosterone as your body would like under ideal conditions if you don’t have sufficient zinc in your body. 

In other words, low testosterone levels are connected to low zinc levels.


Copper is an essential mineral for males who want to achieve peak physical efficiency. In addition to iron, copper is required to create new red blood cells. Furthermore, it aids in the preservation of robust, healthy bones, blood vessels, and nerve cells. It is also highly involved in immune function.

Copper[86], like zinc, is sadly missing in the usual male diet in the developed world. If you genuinely want to improve your wellness and physical productivity, supplementing with copper is usually advisable.

Some other minerals for Men’s health include;

  • Selenium
  • Inositol/Vanadium/Boron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

How To Choose Multivitamins For Men?

When looking for the best multivitamin, keep the following in mind:

The Reputation Of the Brand

Search for companies with a good reputation and third-party certifications like USP, NSG, or other quality assurances.

Concerned Nutrients And Dosages

Men are more susceptible to nutrient inadequacies, so make sure your vitamin has enough calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids, if feasible.

Nevertheless, beware of vitamins that include many “megadoses” of vitamins because these doses may be too much for you, and can cause you to experience side effects.

Additives And Ingredients

Make sure your daily multivitamin has only the nutrients you require and no additional fillers or chemicals. Look for allergens and also identify ingredient suppliers if you suffer from allergies.

Vitamin Type

Vitamins come in various forms, including tablets, chewable, liquid, and gummies. Consider which version would be the most convenient for you to use or would be more enticing to you to have on a daily basis.


If you’re planning on taking a multivitamin every day, you need to consider your budget. Spending additional money on a supplement at the expense of whole foods likely isn’t a wise idea. 

Food first, but there is a multivitamin out there that is suitable for practically every budget.

Final Thought

Meeting your vitamin requirements as a man over 50 is critical to your overall health. Your vitamin levels can support your physical health, a healthy emotional state, and link to overall happiness. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to provide your body with the important nutrients it needs for optimal health.

A high-quality multivitamin is one way to prevent important nutrient shortages. For men who are over 50, the supplements in this list can help you make an informed decision on the best multivitamin for you.

Always check with a health professional before starting any new supplement, including a multivitamin supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do multivitamins work?

While some people doubt multivitamins’ usefulness, others believe they are beneficial. According to many studies, taking multivitamins has been associated with various benefits, including improved memory and cognitive function in older persons, slowed advancement of age-related visual diseases, and reduced risk of heart attacks.

Is it necessary to take multivitamins daily?

If you’re lacking in crucial nutrients in your diet, having a multivitamin a day can assist you in making up for it. Of course, nothing can take the place of a well-balanced diet rich in the vitamins and minerals your system needs.

Which nutrients are essential for testosterone production?

Vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium are all linked to a healthy amount of testosterone. A person’s varied diet must also include enough calories, protein, carbs, fat, and cholesterol; being too restricted in any of these areas might cause testosterone levels to plummet.
To maintain your hormones in good form, you should consume sufficient amounts of all of your micronutrients and macronutrients.

What are the benefits of taking a man’s multivitamin?

If the richness of your food isn’t what it should be, having a multivitamin is an excellent method to secure your bases. A men’s multivitamin is a valuable stopgap to ensure you don’t become nutritionally deficient.

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Mitchelle Morgan

Medically reviewed by:

Melissa Mitri

Mitchelle Morgan is a health and wellness writer with over 10 years of experience. She holds a Master's in Communication. Her mission is to provide readers with information that helps them live a better lifestyle. All her work is backed by scientific evidence to ensure readers get valuable and actionable content.

Medically reviewed by:

Melissa Mitri

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Database from World Health Organization

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Journal of Neurology

Peer-reviewed Medical Journal

American Academy of Neurology Journal
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Bibliographic Database of Scientific and Medical Publications

Dutch publisher Elsevier
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Wiley Online Library

American Multinational Publishing Company

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

U.S. National Public Health Agency

U.S Department of Health and Human Services
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Database from U.S. National Library of Medicine

U.S. Federal Government
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U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Federal Agency

U.S Department of Health and Human Services
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PubMed Central

Database From National Institute Of Health

U.S National Library of Medicine
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