Best Supplement For Regular Bowel Movement & Constipation Relief 2023

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Colon Broom

Colon Broom

  • Tailored quiz to help get the best recommendations for you and your needs
  • Vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, non-GMO
  • All natural ingredients

Colon Broom Discount: CBOFF10

UMZU zuPOO Colon Cleanse & Gut Support


  • Contains six natural ingredients that help cleanse your colon and promote gut health
  • Gluten-free, sugar-free, and free of artificial ingredients
  • Affordable


Nucific Bio X4

  • Contains five unique probiotic strains with four billion CFUs
  • Four-way approach with probiotics, digestive enzymes, craving blocker, and a metabolic boosting blend
  • Clean ingredients, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan

Many people struggle with digestive discomfort and irregular bowel movements, causing abdomen pain, bloating, and either constipation or diarrhea. These unpleasant and often very painful symptoms can result from many different factors, sometimes within–and sometimes out of your control. Taking efficient and high-quality supplements for constipation and other digestive issues can help you find relief as well as potentially prevent these symptoms from causing you any further harm. 

From probiotics and prebiotics to digestive enzymes and more intense supplements like the colon cleanse, the best supplement for regular bowel movement will be the one that works for you and your digestive health needs. 

Best Supplements For Constipation Relief On The Market In (June. 2023)

Benefits Of Taking Bowel Movement Supplements

Bowel movement supplements contain a variety of important vitamins and minerals that can help you find relief[1] from chronic constipation, improve your gut health and the bacterial flora of your gut microbiome, promote more regular bowel movements, and help you deal with other digestive conditions[2] like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 

They are usually rich in dietary fiber and various helpful micronutrients like magnesium[3], carnitine[4], and different strains of probiotics[5] that can help treat constipation and improve your digestive health. 

Even when you’re focusing on eating the best possible foods and including plenty of dietary fiber in your daily diet, you might have trouble digesting it. That’s where targeted supplements might help you find constipation relief, relieve your IBS symptoms, and help improve the gut bacteria in your digestive tract. 

5 Best Supplements For Constipation Relief In 2023

Colon Broom

Colon Broom

Colon Broom Discount: CBOFF10

Colon Broom helps relieve constipation and other digestive problems through a detailed questionnaire that helps you get recommendations for you and your needs.

  • Tailored quiz to help get the best recommendations for you and your needs
  • Vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, no genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • All natural ingredient
  • Pricey

If you’re looking for the best supplement to help with constipation and infrequent bowel movements, Colon Broom is an excellent choice. This dietary supplement is a great and convenient addition to any diet, made with all-natural ingredients, no gluten or dairy, and no artificial fillers. 

Rich in psyllium husk[6] as a natural source of dietary fiber, Colon Broom is considered the best fiber supplement and it helps relieve constipation, reduce bloating, feed the good bacteria in your gut, and promote better overall digestion and gut health. Additionally, thousands of satisfied customers report feeling lighter and better. 

It’s a clean supplement that can help you find relief when you need it the most, but you have to stay consistent with it to notice real and effective results. With every purchase, you get a free 28-day diet guide that helps you follow through and get the desired outcome in the shortest amount of time. 


UMZU zuPOO helps cleanse your colon and relieve you from waste buildup, promoting gut health and strengthening your gut lining.

  • Contains six natural ingredients that help cleanse your colon and promote gut health
  • Gluten-free, sugar-free, and free of artificial ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for vegans

When you’re feeling like your intestines aren’t doing a good job of flushing out the waste and toxin buildup, UMZU zuPOO is a great supplement to try out. Made with six natural ingredients that support gut health and help flush the toxins out, this dietary supplement promotes regular bowel movements, reduces bloating, and promotes healthy weight loss

The formula contains cascara sagrada, bentonite clay, aloe ferox, milk thistle, cayenne pepper extract, and slippery elm extract, but no artificial ingredients, gluten, or sugars. It’s a powerful formula created to tackle your most severe digestive problems to help you feel better, lighter, and overall healthier. The supplement is affordable and won’t make you break the bank, so it’s convenient even for those with a lower budget.

Nucific Bio X4

Nucific Bio X4 is a powerful formula containing four different sets of ingredients that together help combat constipation, bloating, and inflammation.

  • Contains five unique probiotic strains with four billion colony-forming units (CFUs)
  • Four-way approach with probiotics, digestive enzymes, a craving-blocker, and a metabolism-boosting blend
  • Clean ingredients, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan
  • Pricey

Nucific Bio X4 has a powerful four-way approach to help promote your gut health from all possible angles. The formula contains five different strains of probiotics with four billion CFUs to replenish your gut microbiome and help balance out the bad bacteria with the beneficial kind. 

It also contains Caralluma fimbriata[7], a known appetite suppressant to help reduce cravings and make it easier to stick to a healthier diet without the need for sugar and unhealthy junk food. A powerful trio of digestive enzymes, amylase, bromelain[8], and lipase, helps you break down food and enhances your nutrient absorption, and the metabolism-boosting green tea extract (EGCG[9]) helps stimulate your digestion and promote healthy weight loss. 

Additionally, the formula is completely clean and free of gluten, dairy, sugar, and any artificial ingredient. This makes it one of the best supplements for constipation, regular bowel movements, and a healthier digestive system. It does, however, cost a bit more than other brands on the market, but the high-quality ingredients and thousands of positive reviews might outweigh the high price. 

HUM Nutrition Flatter Me

HUM Nutrition Flatter Me is a powerful blend of digestive enzymes, so if you’re having trouble breaking down food, this is a supplement for you.

  • 18 powerful, full-spectrum digestive enzymes
  • Additional natural ingredients to support gut health
  • Clean formula, containing no gluten, dairy, or sugar
  • Great for helping break down food, but might not be the best for constipation

Many digestive issues create additional problems like bloating, abdominal pain, and the inability to break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. HUM Nutrition Flatter Me aims to help improve the way you digest and metabolize food as well as promote better nutrient absorption overall. 

Their powerful blend of 18 digestive enzymes targets all three big macronutrient groups–carbs, fats, and proteins–separately and contains additional herbal supplements like ginger, peppermint, and fennel to further support your gut health, strengthen your gut lining, and help make your bowel movements smoother and easier. 

The formula contains only the cleanest ingredients and has no gluten, sugar, dairy, or any unnecessary additives, making it easy to digest and absorb, even with a more complicated digestive condition like IBS.

Onnit Total Gut Health

Onnit Total Gut Health

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Onnit Total Gut Health tackles your gut problems from four different angles and helps you deal with a variety of key issues to improve your overall health and well-being. 

  • Contains four powerful ingredients: digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, and betaine HCI
  • Clean formula with no gluten, sugar, or dairy
  • Contains a proprietary full-spectrum enzyme supplement to enhance the breakdown of food
  • Pricey
  • Contains maltodextrin[10] that’s known to create digestive issues in some people who are sensitive

Onnit Total Gut Health contains a powerful formula containing five different strains of probiotics, two types of prebiotics, a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, and betaine HCI[11] that’s known to further improve the breakdown of food and nutrient absorption as well as ward off yeast. 

The clean formula contains no gluten, dairy, sugar, or artificial ingredients. However, in the interest of transparency, many consider its maltodextrin[12] additive artificial. Maltodextrin has been known to create some digestive issues in people who are sensitive to it. 

The powerful blend of ingredients aims to help you relieve symptoms of constipation, increase your fiber intake, improve the breakdown of food, enhance the absorption of nutrients, and improve your gut flora by replenishing your gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria, as well as efficient prebiotics that feed your bacteria and help maintain healthy levels of them.

How We Selected Our Picks

When choosing the best supplement for constipation relief and overall digestive health, there are some important factors to consider. Every brand tackles your digestive issues with the highest-quality ingredients and a powerful combination of natural compounds from many angles. 

Most of our picks contain probiotic strains that help replenish your gut flora by adding a variety of beneficial bacteria to your digestive tract and digestive enzymes that help with food breakdown and the absorption of nutrients. Additionally, some products contain prebiotic fiber that promotes healthy waste disposal and feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut, and additional ingredients like green tea extract, fennel, peppermint, and ginger, to further stimulate your metabolism and fire up the breakdown of food. 

All of our picks have clean formulas and contain no gluten, sugars, GMO, or artificial ingredients. (However, since maltodextrin, refined from natural starch[13], isn’t itself found in nature, many consider it unnatural, i.e., artificial.)  Our picks are also well-reviewed, with thousands of satisfied customers and positive testimonials. Some products are affordable, while others require a bigger investment from your end, but it’s mostly due to the proprietary blends and unique ingredients that are not the cheapest to extract and produce. 

We strived to choose the best and most popular supplements for bowel support and digestive health on the market, but just like anything else, what works for you might not work for someone else. And as always, consult with your healthcare provider before starting a new supplement, even one with the cleanest ingredients and the best reviews.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Most of the aforementioned supplements are generally considered safe (GRAS) and without any serious side effects; powerful formulas like these, however, might not be the best for everyone’s sensitive digestive tract or their health condition. 

Some people report bloating and cramping when using some supplements for regular bowel movements, and others mention stomach aches and nausea. Still, those reviews and reports are in the smallest percentage and shouldn’t be considered as a rule of thumb.

Final Thought

Supplements that help promote more frequent and smoother bowel movements, help you get constipation relief, and overall improve the environment of your gut can be helpful when added to an overall healthy diet and other good lifestyle habits. 

They are not magic pills that will help you lose weight overnight or reverse all the effects of the junk food you’ve consumed, but they’ll do their best to help you absorb nutrients you need to thrive, improve your energy levels, replenish your gut flora, and get the best from every healthy food ingredient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best supplement for regular bowel movements?

Some of the best supplements for regular bowel movements contain a blend of probiotics, fiber supplements, digestive enzymes, and other herbal extracts that help promote smoother waste disposal.

Do multivitamins affect bowel movements?

Multivitamins may affect bowel movements and even worsen constipation. Some of the culprits include iron[14] and calcium[15]. However, being deficient[16] in some important nutrients like vitamin D can also cause constipation and abdominal pain.

Does vitamin C make you poop?

Vitamin C may help improve your gut health[17], relieve chronic constipation, and relieve symptoms of other digestive health issues.

What can I take daily to relieve constipation?

When you need to relieve constipation and improve your bowel movements, getting fiber supplements or other products aimed to specifically help improve your bowel movements will be your best option. Just as important, however, is hydration. Drink lots of water. Constipation is a dehydration problem.

What can I take to increase bowel movements?

If you’re looking for help in making your bowel movements more frequent, find a supplement with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and maybe an organic prebiotic fiber blend to further support your waste disposal.

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Karla Tafra

Medically reviewed by:

Michael DiLeo

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Medically reviewed by:

Michael DiLeo

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