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Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn Review 2023: Is It Effective?

Mitchelle Morgan

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Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn




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  • A metabolism-enhancing collagen supplement
  • Supports skin, hair, and nail health
  • The brand has a V.I.P. membership
  • Has five types of collagen
  • Gluten and caffeine-free
  • Added thermogenic
  • Available in both powder and capsule form

Brand Information

  • American company
  • Health and nutrition company
  • Founded in 2018

Medical Benefits

  • Rejuvenates collagen supplies
  • Youthful, vibrant, fair skin
  • Weight loss
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Support bone health

About The Brand

Vitauthority is a health and nutrition company based in the U.S.A. Started operation in 2018, its headquarters is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Vitauthority offers collagen peptides, weight loss, tasty candies, and daily health necessities.

Multi Collagen Burn, flavored Multi Collagen, unflavored Multi Collagen, Radiant + Krill Oil, Multi Collagen capsules, Radiant + Stasis, Radiant + Multi Collagen Burn, and Collagen Gummies are some of their products.

The Vitauthority Collagen Burn is one special collagen supplement that offers health benefits that surpass natural collagen production. According to the manufacturers, this formula may also help with bone health and weight loss.

While there are several Collagen Burn reviews online from clients and industry experts, this one offers an unbiased analysis of the product. By the end of this piece, you will have the science and evidence to judge whether this collagen supplement is effective.

What Is Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn?

The Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn is one of many proper collagen supplementation products the brand offers to users. But why would anyone require collagen supplementation if it is naturally made in the skin?

Well, here are the facts:

Collagen[1] protein is the fundamental structural component of your skin, tendons, bones, muscles, ligaments, and other fibrous tissue. It’s also present in your organs, circulatory system, and the lining of your intestine.

Collagen is vital as it is responsible for skin health, offering skin elasticity, plumpness, and even complexion. For the organs and blood vessels, it helps maintain their structure and offers protection. It also helps blood to clot and replaces dead skin cells periodically.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins; proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine are the primary amino acids used to produce collagen. There are about 28 known collagen types, but the most widely researched types are collagen types I, II, III, IV, and V. They all have varied functions in specific human body parts.

Now, the reason you may need a multi-collagen blend as in the Vitaauthority Collagen Burns is that as we age, our body’s ability to replace extended collagen decreases. The body’s natural collagen production slows down, and since the body organs and skin continue to use the same amounts of collagen, there arises a significant deficiency. This becomes evident in the skin, but it also occurs inside the body where it isn’t cosmetically noticeable.

A collagen production decrease is why some people start to see subtle signs of skin aging, e.g., wrinkles, lines, loss of elasticity, hair loss, brittle nails, visible cellulite, and bone health decline. Loss of collagen in blood vessels[2] can present anything from varicose veins to aneurism. These can get worse as someone ages and may worsen if an added factor such as a disease (rheumatoid arthritis[3] or lupus[4]) is part of the deficiency.

Bad lifestyle habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, exposure to UV light, and consuming highly sugary/salty and processed foods may also aggravate the decrease of collagen production.

A gradual deficiency is a normal part of the human body, thus, one does not necessarily need collagen supplementation if they are on a healthy and balanced diet with collagen-rich meals[5]. Examples are meat broths, chicken, berries, citrus fruits, and fish, to name a few.

Nonetheless, oral collagen supplementation may also be necessary if you are still not getting enough from your diet. Using the Vitaauthority Collagen Burn may be the solution. It contains a multi-collagen blend, a metabolism-support blend, and a cellulite-control matrix that we shall highlight next when we analyze the supplement’s effectiveness.

Feature Product & Coupon

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn

Best Reputation

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn

  • A metabolism-enhancing collagen supplement
  • Supports skin, hair, and nail health
  • The brand has a V.I.P. membership
  • Has five types of collagen
  • Gluten and caffeine-free
  • Added thermogenic
  • Available in both powder and capsule form

Does It Really Work?

Dietary supplements are graded according to the ingredients used and the effects a user gets after. And in this case, Vitauthority Collagen Burn contains a multi-collagen blend with the following hydrolyzed collagen[6] peptides. These are vital in skin, joint, and heart health, supporting the brand’s claims to better your skin and joint health.

  • Hydrolyzed grass-fed bovine collagen peptides
  • Hydrolyzed chicken peptides
  • Hydrolyzed fish collagen
  • Egg membrane collagen

The metabolism blend consists of three botanical extracts that offer anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-obesity properties. This one is especially beneficial for individuals who want to lose weight.

  • Ashgwanda extract
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Grains of paradise extract

The cellulite matrix blend has two ingredients known for cellulite reduction. They offer skin hydration and prevent oxidative stress in the skin cells.

  • Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid)
  • B Dimpless superoxide dismutase, or S.O.D. (melon)

In theory, it sounds plausible to replace collagen for collagen deficiency, but science hasn’t proven the effectiveness of these ingredients. So in that respect, the supplement may work. However, note that the human body is widely diverse, meaning a product may work for one while becoming ineffective for the next. Also, while the supplement stays the same over time, the body changes: what may work now may not work in six months, and vice versa. 


  • Supports natural collagen production
  • Contains a metabolism-boosting blend
  • May help with weight loss
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Gluten-free and sugar-free
  • Free shipping within the U.S
  • The product dissolves easily
  • This supplement has five types of collagen
  • Users on the V.I.P. membership get great discounts


  • Contains two allergens: eggs and fish

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn Ingredients

With only 30 calories, it is no wonder this supplement is believed to help with weight loss; it also has 7 grams of proteins, 50 milligrams of vitamin C, 100 micrograms of chromium, and 75 milligrams of sodium. Noteworthy is that it has zero sugar, stimulants, or cholesterol. The proprietary blends include

  • 7.8 grams of the multi-collagen blend.
  • 177 milligrams of the metabolism support blend.
  • 90 milligrams of the cellulite control matrix.

The various types of collagen make this dietary supplement one of the best since it offers collagen support for all the connective tissue where it is present, i.e., skin, organs, blood vessels, and the entire bone structure.

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn Ingredients

The nutritional information is included in both the collagen powder and the capsules.

Multi Collagen Blend 7.8 Grams

This blend contains hydrolyzed fish, chicken bone broth, grass-fed bovine collagen peptides, and eggshell membrane collagen. The difference between regular and hydrolyzed collagen is that the amino acids have been broken down into smaller particles with water.

This mix of collagen[7] may aid in boosting your metabolic rate and weight loss by inhibiting the formation of fat cells in the body. It may also help bone health by reducing joint stiffness in osteoarthritis patients, as shown in a 2019[8] study. This may explain the formula offering healthy hair benefits[9], because the abundance of amino acids can improve hair growth and quality in people with protein malnutrition.

Metabolism Support Blend 177 Milligrams

The metabolism support in the Multi Collagen Burn powder contains the extracts of ashwagandha, olive leaf, and grains of paradise. Ashwagandha has remarkable anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its bioactive element called Withaferin A. Withaferin A[10] safeguards the skin against cancer, tumors, discolorations, and aging. It may also improve brown fat tissue metabolism and increase energy expenditure, as was demonstrated in rats fed high-fat diets[11]. While human studies are required to substantiate weight loss in people, the studies that are available haven’t disproved this benefit, either.

Olive leaf[12] extract also has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains some phytochemicals that might inhibit fat cell formation. The grains of paradise extract are anti-obesity, which might decrease visceral fat and increase whole-body energy expenditure, as shown in one study[13].

Cellulite Control Matrix 90 Milligrams

Finally, the Cellulite Control Matrix specifically targets cellulite with hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) and SOD-B Dimpless (melon). Oral hyaluronic acid supplementation is proven to improve skin hydration[14]. When the skin is plump and hydrated, it may reduce cellulite. Besides skin benefits, it may help with bone health, specifically in patients with osteoarthritis[15].

The melon extract has antioxidant properties which help slow down skin aging which would make cellulite appear worse. Cellulite is unharmful to the body, but you cannot eliminate it. You can, however, make it appear less with diet, exercise, and now supplementation. In a small trial[16], the results showed that SOD-B Dimpless may reduce cellulite.

Sodium 75 Milligrams

Sodium is a salt that helps the skin retain moisture. It is believed that sodium and other salts help the skin restore its outer barrier to keep moisture.

Vitamin C 50 Milligrams

Vitamin C is essential in collagen synthesis[17] and can defend against hyperpigmentation, UV exposure, moisture loss in the skin, inflammation, creases, and saggy skin. It may also help preserve bone density and reduce fracture risk[18] in those with osteoporosis, improving bone health.


Lastly, chromium may help in the preservation of lean muscle mass[19] during weight loss, so you stay healthy with your weight loss. 

Alternatives To Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn

SkinnyFit Super Youth

SkinnyFit Super Youth

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  • Contains five types of collagen I, II, III, V, and X
  • Supports skin, bone, and hair health
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Not third-party tested
  • Expensive
HUM Nutrition Collagen Love

HUM Nutrition Collagen

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  • Repairs skin and minimizes aging signs
  • Has collagen types I and II
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  • Expensive
Care/of Collagen

Care/Of Collagen

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  • Contains grass-fed bovine collagen protein
  • Supports skin elasticity and hydration
  • Third-party tested
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Health Benefits Of Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn

The health benefits that this Vitauthority Multi Collagen Burn promises its users are

  • Promotion of natural collagen synthesis.
  • Better skin elasticity.
  • Improved skin hydration.
  • Improved the appearance of sagging skin.
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Better bone and joint health.
  • Healthier hair and nails.
  • Weight loss.

Potential Side Effects

Whenever you want to start using any oral supplementation, it is a must that you should be aware of both the positives and the potential negatives of that product. It is the same when using the Vitauthority Collagen Burn for skin, bones, hair, or nails.

Before we state the potential adverse effects of using Vitauthority, it’s good to understand some of the ways they may arise.

The first instance is when a user goes overboard and uses a dosage above what is recommended. This leads to an overload of the ingredients in the human body, more than it can handle, resulting in an unpleasant reaction.

Side effects may occur if you are allergic to one or more ingredients in the formula. This product has fish and egg components, so if you are allergic to any of these, stay clear from using this supplement.

Third and lastly, take this collagen supplement with caution if you are sick, undergoing other treatments, or using other medications. There may be unpleasant drug interactions. You should always ensure you have your physician’s go-ahead before using this or any other collagen supplement.

All in all, here are the potential side effects:

  • The side effects of olive leaf extract include vertigo, muscle aches, headaches, tiredness, malaise, and coughing.
  • Oral hyaluronic acid[15] consumption may cause stomach aches, appetite loss, and reflux esophagitis.
  • The chromium[20] in this blend may cause vertigo, hives, watery stool, and diarrhea.
  • Negative drug interactions.


According to the manufacturer, use this product only as a nutritional supplement. To consume, combine one scoop with 6-8 ounces of your preferred delicious drink or recipe once or twice a day. Coffee, shakes, smoothies, tea, juices, and meals like oatmeal are among the most popular options.

Have two or more servings of Multi Collagen Burn or Multi Collagen per day for the best bone, hair, weight, and skin benefits. It is advised to avoid mixing with regular water for the best experience.

Vitauthority Collagen Burn Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

I really liked the Margarita flavor, but since that is no longer available I just wanted an unflavored version of the Collagen Burn powder. I like that it’s collagen, and I really like that it has a thermogenic (fat) burn component.

Gene Mary

Plenty of other Multi Collagen Burn reviews highlight the positive effects on healthy weight loss, cellulite reduction, appetite suppression, wrinkle reduction, and its incredible taste . However, there were also a few negative remarks:

I specifically bought this because it reputedly did not contain stimulants. Unfortunately each time I have taken it, I get a bad headache. And feel as if I’m hyped up and jittery. Since I’m 70 years old, I am afraid to continue using it due to the jittery side effects. Unfortunately it’s non-returnable.


Prominent negatives were that the product did not work, caused constipation and jitters in different clients, and was way overpriced. The one thing we noted in these negative remarks is that most clients still highlighted its effectiveness for healthy skin in reducing wrinkles, smoothening skin, and improving hair and nail health.

The only mention of its effectiveness for bone health was from a client who felt jitters and had to stop using it.

These comments show that this multi-collagen protein supplement is effective for skin, hair, and nails. For the other claims, it’s expected that it may not work for some individuals for a particular reason (lifestyle, disease). These are supplements and not medicines; they do not have approval as medicines from the Food and Drug Administration. So the results are never guaranteed.

Final Thought

The Multi Collagen Burn capsules and powder have science that suggests the validiy of the health claims of the ingredients in the formula. The brand claims its product may improve skin health, promote healthy hair and nail growth, and promote weight loss.

Of the three, the most significant benefit you get is textured skin fine lines and wrinkle reduction, skin hydration improvement, and a better appearance of cellulite. Its claim on bone health comes second, with evidence-primarily supporting osteoarthritic patients. Weight loss benefits come last; however, they are still viable since some ingredients are anti-obesity.

Vitauthority seems to be a brand you can trust for any of the above. But remember to seek advice from your dietitian before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Collagen Burn to work?

According to the manufacturers, joint pain alleviation usually occurs within 2-3 weeks. Long-term skin, hair, cellulite, and weight loss effects are best evident after 60 days of constant use of Multi Collagen Burn.

Does Collagen Burn help with weight loss?

Yes, it does. It contains ingredients with anti-obesity properties.

What does Collagen Burn promote for the body?

It improves skin, bone, hair, and nail health, and weight loss.

Can you take too much collagen?

Since the human body naturally contains collagen, it is considered non-toxic. There have not been any cases of collagen toxicity, and there is no standardized amount of collagen the body can sustain. There have been some reports of reactions to collagen when getting COVID-19 vaccines, but fret not–these are only reaction to injected collagen, not supplements.

Can collagen reverse sagging skin?

No, it can’t, since this is an aging process. However, since collagen improves skin hydration and restores moisture, all the sagging skin gets lifted and appears plump and full as long as the hydration is maintained. This is more of a supporting benefit, not really reversing aging effects.

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