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Liquid IV Reviews 2023: Is It Worth Buying?

Lisandra Fields

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Liquid IV




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  • Allergen-free
  • Encourages consistent water intake
  • It helps boost focus and concentration
  • Utilizes advanced Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)
  • Enhances water hydration potential by 2 to 3 times
  • Extensive line of quality products

Brand Information

  • Founded in 2012
  • Address: El Segundo, California
  • Recently partnered with Unilever
  • Employees range between 51-200
  • Involved in numerous humanitarian projects

Medical Benefits

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About The Brand

Liquid I.V. is a US-based wellness company that practically rules over the beverage industry. It was founded back in 2012 by CEO Brandin Cohen and currently has about 51 to 200 employees. 

Cohen, a former athlete, understood how unhealthy most hydration beverages are. He, therefore, set out to study oral hydration therapy and began developing something better. 

The company values creating better lives for people and the sustainability of the earth’s planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste production.

Read on to know about our complete Liquid IV reviews in 2023.

What Is Liquid I.V.?

Liquid I.V. is based on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Oral Rehydrating Solution, a scientifically studied specific ratio of glucose, potassium, and sodium needed to rehydrate you optimally and to combat the side-effects associated with severe dehydration.

The WHO Oral Rehydrating Solution has been used in disaster zones to rehydrate those in critical need and is essential to those in emergency living quarters.

Liquid I.V. hydration multiplier is an electrolyte mix that offers approximately 2 to 3 times water’s regular hydration. Liquid I.V. utilizes Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) to induce hydration into your bloodstream at a faster rate.

CTT uses just the right amount of sodium, potassium, and glucose to alter the osmotic force to deliver the hydration directly to the bloodstream faster in the digestive process.

Liquid IV products come in various yummy flavors such as passion fruit, apple cinnamon, acai berry, and lemon-lime flavor. Its flavor is enhanced by non-GMO cane sugar.

Liquid I.V.also comes in different types: immunity, energy, sleep, and hydration. Each type contains CTT that’s combined with their respective synergistic ingredients.

For example, the sleep I.V. contains melatonin, l-theanine, and valerian root to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

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Liquid IV Energy Multiplier

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Energy Multiplier

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Liquid IV Sleep Multiplier

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  • Contains melatonin, L-theanine, valerian root
  • Use one packet in 8 oz of water

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Liquid IV Probiotic Kombucha

Best Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic Kombucha

  • Fermented drink with beneficial bacteria
  • Kombucha contains lactic acid bacteria
  • It kills undesirable bacteria and yeast in the body

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Does It Really Work?

Liquid I.V. is designed for athletes and health-conscious consumers. Liquid I.V. has proven its effectiveness in amping up your hydration level for the time it’s been around. A single serving offers 2-3 times the hydration that a single glass of water may provide. 

What’s more, the hydration multipliers contain electrolytes that are absorbed into your cells faster than drinking water. It is great for re-hydrating after a night of drinking alcohol, which is known to dehydrate the tissues.


  • Wide variety of healthy products to choose from
  • Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO
  • Innovative and responsible packaging
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Hydrates body cells a lot faster than water
  • Eliminates hangovers


  • Costly when purchased online
  • Some might consider the 11g of sugar a bit excessive

Liquid I.V. Ingredients

Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier contains Vitamin C, Niacin, B-6, B-12, and Panthothenic Acid that are all present in amounts equal to 110% of the Daily Value (DV).

Here is the Liquid IV nutrition facts.

Liquid IV Nutrition Facts

Vitamin C

Vitamin C does relatively more than all other ingredients on this list. It helps generate collagen production that’s linked to skin firmness and elasticity. Low collagen levels equate to sagging skin. This vitamin is also responsible for your body’s healing process[1]. It prevents certain conditions such as eye diseases, common colds, and even cancer. 

The Vitamin C content in Liquid I.V. hydration multiplier basically repairs tissues and ensures all-round growth and development. It also offers muscle and immune support. 


This powder contains a combination of capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin (vitamin B3). Those are all high-quality ingredients for weight loss pills. 

Otherwise known as Vitamin B3, Niacin plays a critical role in the Liquid I.V. hydration modifier. It helps strengthen the cognitive function and prevent conditions such as schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s[2]

Niacin exerts positive effects on blood pressure levels and blood fat. It also plays a role in preventing several kinds of skin cancer. Niacin is one of 8 water-soluble dietary supplements whose role is to process usable energy from food.

Vitamin B6 

The B6 component in Liquid I.V. helps maintain a healthy level of amino acids[3] in your circulatory system. It boosts your immunity upon regular intake. Vitamin B6 is a notable water-soluble vitamin that helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression[4]

It’s essential for mood regulation and creates neurotransmitters such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), dopamine, and serotonin. Vitamin B6 may also help treat anemia[5] by aiding in the production of hemoglobin. Vitamin B6 also helps reduce water retention in premenstrual syndromes.

Vitamin B12 

Otherwise referred to as cobalamin, B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a relatively similar role as B6. It assists in forming red blood cells to prevent conditions such as anemia. 

Vitamin B12 is most notable for its energy-giving properties, enabling you to be more productive. It also supports bone health and keeps conditions such as osteoporosis[6] at bay.  

B12 helps prevent the loss of neurons in the brain and keeps your memory intact. 

Pantothenic Acid 

Pantothenic acid is another name for Vitamin B5. It’s one of the eight B vitamins that helps your body convert fats, carbohydrates, etc., into glucose. The glucose will be used to replenish your energy levels and keep you active for longer. Pantothenic acid also helps in the normal functioning of the nervous system[7]

This water-soluble vitamin is widely used as a dietary supplement and vital for healthy, glowing skin. 


This naturally-occurring mineral performs many critical functions, including keeping the bones healthy and strong. It also helps in the removal of waste and repairing damaged tissues. In addition, it contributes to different physiological processes such as heartbeat regulation, muscle contraction, kidney function, and smooth running of the nervous system.

Phosphorus also manages your body’s energy storage and usage. If you experience joint pain, appetite loss, fatigue, bone pain, or breathing problems, you need more of this mineral in your system. Phosphorous is present at only 4% of the DV.

Health Benefits of Liquid I.V.

There are plenty of reasons to start using Kayleigh Christina’s hydration multipliers. For one, Liquid IVs help you stay hydrated and have the same hydration as drinking water but are more bioavailable.  Here are more of the benefits: 

Boosts Concentration and Focus

Did you know that your brain is made of 73% water[8]? That abundant portion means that our brains are primarily dependent on adequate water. The hydration multiplier helps supply water to the brain, thus enhancing thought and memory processes. This further translates to clearer thoughts, higher creativity, and boosted focus. 

Boosts Energy 

Dehydration causes us to lose approximately 30% of energy. It causes us to be lazy, sleepy, and reluctant to effectively carry out our day-to-day activities. Ingesting the Liquid I.V. helps replenish your low energy levels. Dehydration increases fatigue[9] and decreases cognitive performance, so you should feel more vitality if you drink the electrolyte drink mix.

The Energy Multiplier I.V. contains 100 mg. of caffeine to boost energy levels as well as ginger, Matcha. and Guayusa. Guayusa is rich in antioxidants and caffeine and is often used as a coffee alternative.

Eliminates Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes, dehydration may lead to increased nervousness, stress, and anxiety. This could be attributed to our brains being 73% water. The lower the water levels, the higher the energy degeneration, thus increasing anxiety[10]. In addition to increasing your water intake, try whipping up a cup of Liquid I.V. and enjoy the relaxing results.

 The Sleep Multiplier  I.V. contains valerian root extract, which might help with stress and anxiety as well as sleep. This I.V. also contains the amino acid l-theanine known for the same type of effects.

Glowing Skin

Your skin is a reflection of your hydration levels. Severe dehydration[11] causes skin-related complications such as acne, dryness, or dullness. The pores and wrinkles may even become more prominent. To restore that healthy glow in your skin, try drinking more water and adding in some Liquid I.V. for better results. 

Immune Support

The Immune I.V. contains electrolytes and additional zinc, vitamin C and a patented blend of its own beta-glucan product to support immune function. Beta-glucans are sugar compounds that are sources of soluble fiber and are known for increasing host immune defense systems[12].

Potential Side Effects

Are you sensitive to salt? If yes, we recommend that you consult your doctor first before ingesting any Liquid IV’s nutrient components since they contain a good share of sodium. 


Mix a single stick of Liquid I.V. with 16 oz of water per the directions on the package. Mix the concoction thoroughly before ingesting. Take as much as you need to cater to your hydration needs. This product is safe for children and adults alike. It’s gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free, making it safe for consumption at any time. 

However, if you or your child have a history of diabetes, kidney, or cardiovascular problems, either limit your intake or steer clear from using Liquid I.V. hydration multiplier completely. If you have high blood pressure, the sodium content may not be advisable for you; consult your physician. 

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

““First of all, I never expected the Liquid I.V. to taste this good. I can literally feel the electrolytes coursing through my tract each time I take it. Don’t be deceived by the recommended amount of water you should be taking with this hydration multiplier (2-3 bottles). Drink plenty of water with this product. The high electrolyte number might cause bloating and leave you utterly uncomfortable.”


“Some folks may consider this product unnecessary, but it’s the best thing that’s come my way this year. I’ve struggled with hydration for the longest time. I’m an athlete, and I work out as often as possible. As you can see, I need all the hydration I can get. The Liquid I.V. provides that and so much more. Although I can’t stand the taste, I appreciate its consistency and effectiveness.”


I love everything about this product, except for the fact that it uses pure cane sugar rather than the healthier low glycemic beet sugar. No athlete needs sugar for proper hydration! The whole thing packs a whopping 11 grams of sugar and has an annoying sugary taste. That’s a letdown for me. Sorry. 


“My grandson introduced me to the Liquid I.V. hydration booster (I believe that’s what it’s called?) I’ve been getting dehydrated a lot lately, so much so that I was recently hospitalized. He told my son, his dad, that Liquid I.V. would do the trick. Before using it, I presented it to my doctor first, and she gave me the green light. I’m turning 91 next week, and I feel 21 thanks to Liquid I.V.!”


“Everyone with something bad to say about Liquid I.V.mostly focuses on the sugar aspect of it. I’m with them 1000%. I hate that it packs 500 mg worth of salt per serving except for me. The overall taste is just off-putting. Who would want to treat their taste buds to the awful Liquid I.V. taste every single day? I know it has Vitamin C and all but isn’t water a better alternative?”


Alternative Choice

Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement

Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement

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  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Excellent taste
  • Provides a perfect balance of glucose and electrolytes
  • Relatively lower in potassium
  • Powder too sticky
Skratch Labs Sport Hydration

Skratch Labs Sport Hydration

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  • Boosts energy
  • Preferable option for all kinds of sport
  • Contains a unique formulation that boosts absorption
  • Considerably high in sugar
  • Dries up the throat
Dr. Price's Electrolyte Mix

Dr. Price’s Electrolyte Mix

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  • Vegan and sugar-free
  • Contains more than 72 trace minerals
  • Has a lemon-lime taste
  • Heavy metals
  • Artificial flavors

Is Liquid I.V. Worth It?

The Liquid I.V. hydration multiplier is a lot better than other electrolyte beverages and traditional sports drinks. All products from Liquid I.V. are gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO.

The thing we love most about them is how diverse their flavors are. You literally have to choose from five or so flavors to ensure you get nothing but the best. The Liquid IV taste is varied enough to keep you interested in staying hydrated!

In this Liquid IV review, we haven’t covered an instance of poor customer service or delayed shipping. That’s because they’re competent at what they do, and they’re dedicated to enriching your life and those of your loved ones. 

If you live outside the US, good news – you can still lay your hands on all Liquid I.V. products from Amazon or other wellness shops. 

Although some people may be against the sugar content within the line of products, we can assure you that it’s a vital ingredient like all the rest. The sugar in the Liquid I.V. helps in the entire  CTT hydration process. Glucose helps open up the intestinal wall, allowing the electrolytes to easily pass into the digestive tract.

You may want to avoid these supplements if you wish to lower your sugar content or have diabetes. If you’re not any of these, we suggest you give Liquid I.V. a shot. If you aren’t impressed by the results, you can always utilize the return policy and cancel at any time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Liquid I.V. help with hangovers?

Liquid I.V.also doubles as a rehydration remedy. It’s a worthy addition to your hangover avoidance routine. One of the main causes of a hangover is dehydration. Liquid I.V. will definitely deliver hydration to counter the hangover and get you feeling great in no time.

How does Liquid I.V. work?

Being a powdered supplement, you only need to add it in 16 ounces of water and take it at any time of day. Liquid I.V. utilizes Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) based on the oral rehydration therapy formula. It helps rehydrate people with severe dehydration.

What ingredients are used in Liquid I.V.? 

The main ingredients in Liquid I.V. include potassium, glucose, and sodium. It also features 110% of the recommended dose of B12, B6, B5, B3, Potassium, and Vitamin C. To enhance transparency, and Liquid I.V. offers a detailed list of ingredients on its product page.

Does Liquid I.V. have any side effects?

While nothing on the official website suggests that Liquid I.V.has any side effects, there’s no telling the potential threats liquid I.V. products hold. That’s why we recommend that you consult with your doctor before trying this supplement. 

What’s the purpose of Liquid I.V.?

Liquid I.V. enhances the water you drink and makes it better at keeping you hydrated. The brand also promotes formulations that improve sleep, boost energy, and ensure your overall well-being.

Does Liquid I.V. have any impact on blood pressure?

It certainly does. Liquid I.V. keeps your blood pressure as low as possible. When you’re thoroughly hydrated, your blood will freely move through your arteries and veins, thereby leading to less pressure. If you have high blood pressure, you will want to consult with your doctor before consuming any electrolyte drink or liquid I.V.’s since they contain sodium and sodium is restricted for those with hypertension.

Can you drink Liquid I.V. when sick?

You should only drink Liquid I.V.when you need to stay hydrated or have a stomach bug. Keep in touch with your doctor to determine your best options at that point. 

Does Liquid I.V. have insane amounts of sugar?

Unfortunately, yes. Liquid iv contains about 11 grams of added sugar in each packet. It is mainly to facilitate the absorption of electrolytes and water into the small intestines. The sugar speeds up the process but may also amp up your blood sugar if you have diabetes.

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