Purple Carrot Reviews: Best Plant-Based Meal Delivery 2021

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Purple Carrot








  • Easy to prepare
  • Certain recipes are available
  • Hassle-free delivery
  • Organic and Vegan

Brand Information

  • Easy to prepare
  • Convenient, hassle-free delivery
  • Organic ingredients
  • Flexible in pausing, skipping or canceling

Medical Benefits

  • May support weight loss
  • May prevent certain chronic diseases

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What Is Purple Carrot?

Have you ever wanted to have your meals, a food that is ready to cook be delivered to you? If yes, Purple Carrot is for you. It is a plant-based meal delivery service offering plant-based meals for people practicing a plant-based diet.

With Purple Carrot, you are allowed to pick from a wide selection of menus available. Whether it will be food for your breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner, they have something for you. The great thing with them is that you are allowed to have a customized or personalized menu.

In our Purple Carrot reviews and research, we are going to give you information about how it works and how it helps. Will this be a great choice for someone like you? Come and join the discussion.

Does it work for weight loss?

There is no direct study or research solely about Purple Carrot, however, science agrees that it may have an impact on your weight. For instance, a diet with low carbohydrates, and a low calorie intake may contribute in aiding weight loss. Moreover, it may keep you away from an issue regarding your health. Issues may include obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular/heart disease, high blood pressure, and chronic kidney disease.

As such, medical practitioners now consider a plant-based as an optional and supplemental treatment and/or prevention for obesity[1]. In addition, there is a systematic review of studies[2] showing that consistent consumption of a plant-based diet can lead to a short-term to moderate-term reduction in body weight as well as inflammation. Added to that is its ability to reduce the levels of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c). It is a body compound responsible for marking blood glucose among people suffering from diabetes.

Another research supports the idea. For instance, the search suggests that high fiber content found in a plant-based diet can protect a person from developing diabetes.

As for cardiovascular health, heart disease, and blood pressure, a study from the Journal of the American Heart Association[2] estimated that people opting into a plant-based diet may have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease for almost 19%. This is because plant-based practice reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension). Similar benefits are found for kidney health.

All of the health conditions mentioned have an impact on your weight. Thus, meal planning might be important to you. If you decide to opt into a plant-based diet, Purple Carrot will be ready to serve.

Who Would Benefit Most From Purple Carrot?

Purple Carrot is best for those people who are a fan of a plant-based diet, especially if you do not like the hassle of going out for meal shopping. Due to the variety of options, those who love vegan types of diet will surely like what Purple Carrot offers.

Aside from that, Purple Carrot offers not only the meal delivery service, but also health benefits through its available meals. Such benefits include support for heart and kidney health, control in blood pressure, and support for weight loss.

How does Purple Carrot Work?

As mentioned in the introduction, Purple Carrot is a company offering a plant-based meal kit subscription service, delivering the meal ingredients for a specific menu you want for your diet. Each meal kit delivery service allows you to choose a serving plan.

If you are new to Purple Carrot, the first thing you should do is signing up with an account for the said meal delivery services. Upon having an account, you must choose between two-serving plans and four-serving plans. The two-serving plan delivers three or four meals per week, while the four-serving plan delivers two or three meals per week.

Moreover, the two-serving plan offers at least eight meal options/menus, while the four-serving plan offers you at least four meal options. The good thing about Purple Carrot regardless of what serving plan you want to choose is that you can see all the meal options that are coming for four weeks or one month ahead. You can then skip the week that does not offer the meals you like.

In contrast with other meal kit companies offering similar meal delivery services, Purple Carrot decides the best time to deliver your meals. Their decision will depend on your proximity to their distribution center. This saves you the hassle of calculation.

Add-Ons: Extra Meals

Isn’t it good that aside from a wide selection of menus, Purple Carrot offers more extra meal options that can serve as an add-on to your orders? For instance, those who subscribe to a two-serving plan can add an additional meal per week in a maximum of three. It can be for dinners, lunch, or breakfast extras.

Oftentimes, the meal delivery company offers two extra meal add-ons for breakfast, and also two for lunch. The commonly available meals are Peanut Butter Overnight Oats with Dried Figs and Cacao Nibs, and Kale Beet Salad with Chickpeas and Scallion Cashew Cheese.

For the breakfast meal options, the menu comes with four-serving kits, while dinners and lunch come with two-serving as for its minimum.

Support Materials & Ingredients

Aside from healthy meal ingredients sent directly to your door, Purple Carrot also makes its mark through its recipe instructions. For instance, they reduce the number of lost recipe cards through the use of recipe booklets. In addition, these plant-based recipes are also made available at their website, near the bottom of their website’s home page.

If you want to try a food that is something new, or revisit the recipes you have done in the past, always feel free to search through their database. Instructional or how-to videos are also made available at the site. All of those can easily be found in the web’s menu.

What’s The Deadline to Edit, Skip, or Cancel The Meal Plan

In terms of the deadline for canceling, editing or pausing a meal plan, Purple Carrot has a reasonable policy. As soon as you have a change of mind and want to change your meal delivery service subscription, you can do it with just one click. The same goes if you want to skip weeks. In addition, you can also pause your subscription for as long as 10 weeks, or even completely stop such a subscription.

If you decide to pause your subscription to a meal kit delivery service in a span of ten weeks, Purple Carrot will notify you through an email ten days before your subscription resumes. This way, you will have enough time to decide and do the thing you want to do such as pausing again, or changing your existing subscription.

Purple Carrot Review

Purple Carrot

Editor’s Choice

Purple Carrot

  • Packaging
  • Recipe Variety
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Delivery Service
  • Customer Service

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According to Purple Carrot reviews, Purple Carrot’s packaging is very similar to other kit delivery service companies in the sense that they do not have a shortage of plastics. However, they come with a difference.

For instance, they have fulfilled their goal of limiting the negative environmental impact of their packaging. Their meal kits are wrapped inside a cardboard box that can be easily recycled. The ingredients on the other hand are packed in plastic bags. But do not be deceived by these plastics. These are recyclable materials too.

The common feedback is that they use lots of plastics. However, this is for security purposes – to avoid the ingredients breaking down. Regardless of everything, having the fact that these plastics can be recycled is already a big thing.

Recipe Variety

If you are looking for a large selection of recipes, look no more further from Purple Carrot. They have different food options, so whether you want something for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner recipes, you will surely get something from them.

In terms of flexibility in making choices, this meal delivery company wins. For instance, they offer different dishes that can accommodate your needs. Choose from dishes that are either with high protein, quick and easy, gluten-free, and soy-free.

In addition, these meals are coming from a different array of cuisines with many nutritional ingredients inside. You can choose one cuisine among beans, sweet potatoes, quinoa, kimchi, fresh spinach, and many more. In addition, they also offer the popular Middle Eastern cuisine, which is the Carrot Hummus Bowls flavored with Za’atar.

Furthermore, Purple Carrot package seasonings and spices individually. As a result, it gives customers more flexibility on how the food will taste

Easy to Prepare

The cooking process required for Purple Carrot’s meals is also a lovely feature. Whether you are next to cooking or not, Purple Carrot meals are easy to prepare. Each meal kit you buy from the company comes with recipe cards in a form of a booklet. According to consumers, the guidelines from recipe cards are written in a way that is easy to understand by everyone.

The cooking process and preparation are literally more straightforward than other companies. There is no need to buy additional kitchen accessories to cook your favorite meals!

Delivery Service

Purple Carrot offers two types of meal plans – the two-serving plan and the four-serving plan. No matter which of the two meal plans you choose, you are eligible for free shipping.

Purple Carrot’s meal kit delivery services are somewhat different. For instance, you cannot decide on the date of the delivery nor predict it. Unless it is not your first time ordering from Purple Carrot, you will not know when your order will arrive. However, we are sure that all your meals will be delivered. The company decides one for you. They base it on the nearness of your location from their centers.

Customer Service

As for the customer service, Purple Carrot also performs well. If you have questions in mind, the first thing we can recommend is checking their FAQ section. In case when you did not find the answer you are looking for, you can contact their customer service through their email, telephone number, or live chat.

If you use the lie chat customer support service, you will get an instant reply via autoresponder. It will tell you that a chat representative will be able to send you a response within around 20 minutes. However, according to one Purple Carrot review, customers usually receive a reply in less than 20 minutes.

The cooking process required for Purple Carrot’s meals is also a lovely feature. Whether you are next to cooking or not, Purple Carrot meals are easy to prepare. Each meal kit you buy from the company comes with recipe cards in a form of a booklet. According to consumers, the guidelines from recipe cards are written in a way that is easy to understand by everyone.

The cooking process and preparation are literally more straightforward than other companies. There is no need to buy additional kitchen accessories to cook your favorite meals!


When compared to other companies offering plant-based meals, we strongly believe that Purple Carrot is the best for vegans. However, if you have a different type of diet, you may consider other meal kit companies.

Meanwhile, Purple Carrot is still good for those people wanting to adopt a plant-based diet. This will also give you a way where you can experiment with dishes using healthy ingredients.

Keep in mind though that a plant-based diet is not for everyone. This is not best for those who have a certain allergy, as meals may contain certain types of allergens. This diet is also limited to plants. This means that if your body needs meat, products for vegans may not be a good option to choose.


There are a couple of reasons why people love Purple Carrot. Here are some of them:

  • It’s Vegan
  • It’s organic
  • It has a wide selection of recipes
  • It’s gluten-free, soy-free, and more
  • It’s easy to prepare


Even though Purple Carrot has lots of pros to consider, some may still avoid their meal delivery service. Here are a few reasons:

  • They are not good for those who want meat
  • They are not ready to eat yet (You still have to do cooking preparation)

Purple Carrot Compared

Aside from Purple Carrot, there are also other meal delivery companies offering plant-based meal delivery service. Some of them include Home Chef, Sun Basket, EveryPlate, and Freshly.

Home Chef

Most of the customers suitable for Home Chef are those people who are picky with their food. They include meat in their dish and customers can double it further. They also offer oven-ready meals, which turn out to be easier to consume, but may be less healthy.

If you are practicing a Vegan style of diet, then Purple Carrot is more suitable for you. Though you must prepare the foods on your own, you can further customize it.


Sun Basket is quite similar to the Purple Carrot. They are also having a large selection of meal options. However, some of their meal kits include meats, which is not best suitable for vegans.

Nevertheless, you can still choose vegan meals among options. Perhaps, the hassle falls onto having more meals which will turn out not to be in your best interests..


EveryPlate is also considered one of the best plant-based meal kit companies offering high-quality meal delivery services. According to some delivery service companies and Purple Carrot reviews, EveryPlate comes with a more affordable price upfront.

As of writing, the total price of Purple Carrot comes lower compared to Every Plate’s, including the shipping fee. However, their package can justify its cost.


Freshly is one of a few meal kits companies that offer a ready-to-eat or fully cooked meals. Like others, they also deliver the meals through your Door. However, you cannot practice your cooking skills, and you cannot further customize the taste.

If you are the one who loves trying to cook for yourself regardless of whether you are good at it or not, the Purple Carrot is still the best for you. Not only can you develop your cooking skills, but you can also customize your chosen plant-based meals.

Home ChefSunbasketEveryPlateFreshly
PackagingBoxes and dividers: made from partially recycled cardboardrecyclable, compostable packagingEco-friendly and less packagingRecyclable boxes, plastic meal containers, and cardboard sleeves
Recipe Varietyover 38 meal kitssix to 18 different organic meal recipesrotating weekly menu with 13 recipesrotating weekly menu with over 10 recipes
Best ForPicky eatersKeto diet and low-carbThose on a budgetThose who do not want to cook

Final Thought

Here is the bottom line of Purple Carrot meal delivery reviews. If you are looking for an easier way to maintain your vegan diet and life-style, there will be no reason to stay away from Purple Carrot’s meal delivery services. Aside from the fact that they provide you your preference such as meals with high protein, you can also choose a cuisine you love such as sweet potatoes for your snacks.

Their meal kits are also in a full package. It includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. You will also receive a recipe booklet instead of a recipe card for easier access and portability.

Moreover, we also found out from several Purple Carrot reviews that their meals are all healthy. Therefore, it can help you avoid a future chronic health issues, and can even help you lose weight as needed. If we would recommend a meal delivery service, we would choose Purple Carrot’s offers.

Last but not the least, it saves you the hassle of shopping. As a meal kit delivery service provider, they will bring your order to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Purple Carrot meal kits are not so good for?

If you are not into a plant-based diet, then you may not like the Purple Carrot’s offers. However, we are sure that you do not want to compromise your health. Nevertheless, Purple Carrot meal kits are also not advisable for those who need meat in their diet.

What does a Purple Carrot taste like?

The Purple Carrot meal tastes like how plant-based meals taste. However, since their plant-based recipes are flexible, you can add some spice to them to make them taste the way you would want.

Are Purple Carrot meals healthy?

Yes, Purple Carrot meals are healthy. Their products are organic, gluten-free, and soy-free. In addition, a plant-based diet keeps you from developing certain health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

How to cancel Purple Carrot?

Canceling your Purple Carrot meal services is easy. Just go to your profile and find the right button for canceling a subscription plan.

Is it easy to skip weeks with Purple Carrot?

Yes, it’s easy to skip weeks with Purple Carrot. You can do it with a click. You can pause your subscription plan only for ten weeks.

Is there any coupon for Purple Carrot?

Purple Carrot gives out a special discount code for their new customers. You can find the code on the home page of their website. It lets you save lots of money.

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