CBD Oil Near Me In Oregon (Portland) 2021: Where To Buy Best CBD Oil

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Where To Buy CBD Oil In Oregon

If we go back to many decades ago, the difference between (cannabidiol) CBD and marijuana were not well-defined, as they both belong in the cannabis family. But in today’s generation where CBD has gone through much research, almost everyone can obtain such a product. According to preliminary trials[1], CBD can be of great help to human health. For instance, it contributes to the management of seizures, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Now, if you live in Oregon, this post is for you. We are going to answer your question, “Where to buy CBD oil in Oregon?” You will also answer other questions such as the differences between marijuana and the laws and regulations pertaining to CBD, (whether CBD is legally available in the state of Oregon or not), and many more.

Best CBD Oil Shops In Oregon (May. 2023)

CBD Oil In Oregon (Portland)

The law about the use of CBD[2] can be tricky for many. Added to that is the confusion between the two products — CBD and marijuana. Thus, it is essential to know that marijuana contains high THC and lower amounts of CBD. In contrast, CBD is derived from hemp, containing more elevated amounts of CBD and low THC.

Also, marijuana use can be classified into two, depending on its usage. The first one is medical marijuana[3]. It is used as a treatment for specific conditions. A doctor’s prescription is needed before you can purchase one.

The opposite of medical marijuana is recreational marijuana. It is where a person uses the product for personal enjoyment only. If recreational marijuana is allowed, it means you can buy a product without a prescription.

The law about the possession of marijuana varies from one state to another. For instance, some states allow both recreational and medical marijuana. Some only allow medical marijuana, and the remaining allow both medical and recreational marijuana but with certain exceptions such as age limitation. In the case of CBD, however, things become different.

Through the power of the 2018 Farm Bill[4], CBD or the product produced from industrial hemp and hemp extracts are now not included in the Controlled Substances Act. This means that hemp plants have now become one of the great agricultural products. For the same reason, many people can now use it as part of food ingredients, beverages, cosmetics, textiles, oils, and many more.

This also means that you can legally buy CBD oil in Oregon. Yet, it is essential to keep in mind that only a hemp-derived CBD is legal in Oregon. And so, it’s time to find CBD online stores near you.

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Spruce Max Potency CBD Oil

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Where To Buy CBD In Oregon (Portland)?

Local stores

For some, it is more convenient to buy CBD in local stores, especially that CBD and even recreational marijuana are already legal in Oregon. In addition, buying in local stores is simple. You can do it just like the way you shop for everyday items.

To give you an idea of where to buy the best CBD in your state. Note that some of these stores do not only sell CBD oil, they also made vaping and tobacco products available.

Here are our top recommendations for certain cities to

Recommended CBD stores in Portland

  1. CBD Hemp Store Sellwood
  2. Home Grown Apothecary & Dispensary
  3. Vape Spot
  4. CBD Hemp Store
  5. Atomize Vape Shop
  6. Rose City Vapesters

Recommended CBD stores in Salem

  1. Cherry City Compassion Dispensary
  2. Valley Vapors LLC
  3. Ancient Remedies Cannabis Store
  4. Dizzy’s Smoke Shop
  5. Elite Vape Station
  6. NW Freedom Vape

Recommended CBD stores in Eugene

  1. CBD Hemp Shoppe
  2. Emerald Vapors
  3. Urban Vapors
  4. The Greener Side
  5. ECBlend
  6. TJ’s Provisions

Recommended CBD stores in Gresham

  1. Your CBD Store
  2. Str8vaping
  3. All Stop Pipes & Tobacco
  4. Cannabis Nation
  5. Fatboy Vapors Gresham
  6. Nectar

Online Shops

If traveling creates a hassle for you, you can also buy CBD oil in Oregon online. Doing this will also help you save time. On the other hand, you can make orders even in the middle of the night because online shops are always open.

Unlike buying in local stores, shopping online gives you a more comprehensive CBD product selection. You even have more time to research a specific product. Therefore, you will more likely get what CBD suits you best.

If it is your first time buying CBD oil in an online store, here are some tips to help you choose the right online shop.

  1. Is the store reputable? Reputation relies not only on how long the website or the company stands, but good reputation means it has a longstanding positive opinion since it started up to the present. The more the store has an outstanding performance, the more you can rely on it.
  2. Can you find information about the company directly on its website? A legit company is not afraid to put up information, especially the contact information. It gives the customer an idea about how truthful and committed the company is when providing quality products and services. Also, their contact information is your tool when reaching out to them, especially if you have queries in mind.
  3. Do they provide lab test results? Most CBD brands make their product’s lab test results available to the public. However, no lab test result may put you at risk of having low-quality CBD. The worse thing is if many of them can be contaminated ones.

How to choose the best CBD oil products?

After we know what to look for in a store, it is also good to know what to look for in a CBD oil product. But before that, did you know how CBD from hemp can help you? Here are some of the hemp benefits.

  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces depressive symptoms
  • Alleviates Cancer-Related Symptoms
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Helps the management of seizure

Going to tips on choosing the best CBD oil for you, another primary thing to look for is the brand. While CBD stores are often the same as the CBD brand itself, pure retailers do not fully control the CBD they provide. It is the company that is mainly responsible for such things.

What should we expect from a CBD brand? 

  1. Does the company submit its products to a third-party lab test? If the answer is yes, it means your CBD oil has a higher probability of having an absolute quality. 
  2. Where is the source of their hemp? It is always best to choose a CBD brand sourcing their hemp from those plants organically grown in top farms like in Colorado and Kentucky.
  3. What extraction method does the company use? It is better to choose a CBD brand that uses the CO2 extraction method when extracting hemp. It is the most expensive method, yet it gives a higher quality CBD.
  4. Does the company or store promise an absolute cure or treatment? Try avoiding this kind of CBD brand. Often, they tend to mislead customers and do not offer quality products. While CBD truly has benefits, the reward will never happen in just a short period.
  5. Does the brand offer a wide variety of CBD? Most highly reputable CBD brands provide CBD oil and other product types such as edibles, topicals, and gummies. They should also offer CBD oils with varying potencies and forms. CBD forms, however, may or may not include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

Tips in Choosing the suitable CBD Oil That Suits You Best

CD oil comes in three forms. Your choice will depend on your personal preference. There is nothing wrong with choosing one form from another. Yet, you must take note of the potency and the dose. Before picking a CBD product, here are our quick tips for you.

  1. Choose one of the following: Full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full-Spectrum CBD contains all the content present in hemp plants. On the other hand, broad-spectrum CBD has all the hemp plant components except THC. Lastly, CBD isolate does not contain other hemp components except CBD. Therefore, the full-spectrum will not make you high as it only has less than 3% THC.
  2. Consider the dose. It is best to start with the lowest general recommendations, especially if you are just starting up. Then, you can increase the amount later if you feel like you need to. Yet, if you think of specific side effects such as fatigue, nausea, and excessive thirst, buy a CBD oil with lower strength.
  3. Choose CBD oil, whether flavored or unflavored. Some people choose unflavored CBD because they believe it is purest compared to a flavored one. Yet, others cannot tolerate the natural taste of the oil. If you have the same situation, please choose the flavored CBD oil.

Is CBD oil Legal in Oregon?

While the use of marijuana may be tricky to many as we have varying laws from one state to another, the use of CBD creates no harm. This means that people like you who live in Oregon have nothing to worry about.CBD is legal within the state. So, you can freely buy CBD, regardless of whether you do it offline or online.

3 Best CBD Oil In Oregon (Portland) 2023

Spruce CBD

Spruce Max Potency CBD Oil

If you want to buy CBD online, Spruce CBD is our top choice in providing high-quality CBD oils.

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  • Sourced from Colorado’s Organic industrial hemp
  • Products are third-party lab-tested

  • No other flavors available
  • Potencies may be higher for starters


Spruce CBD is one of the best CBD brands selling CBD oils and other CBD products like CBD Salve, CBD Lotion, and CBD Edibles. Their CBD oils are made of 100% pure and organic industrial hemp plants. The source of their hemp farms from Colorado.

The company also does third-party lab testing to ensure that they only offer high-quality CBD oil. Furthermore, they use molecular distillation to eliminate certain pollutants such as heavy metals and chemicals. Most of all, all their CBD products are manufactured within the US.

If you buy CBD online through Spruce CBD’s website, you will see you have different options based on its potency. Their most purchased CBD oil is the one having 750 mg CBD. Other options include 400mg, 2400mg, and 4800mg. All of these are in the form of a full-spectrum CBD.


CBDPure Oil

If you plan to purchase an industrial hemp-derived CBD oil, do not forget CBDPure. You will also be amazed at their customer service.

Free Shipping and 15% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

See Full Review Of CBDPure

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 100% pure, no synthetic ingredients
  • Available only for online purchase
  • International purchase unavailable


CBDPure is another CBD brand offering high-quality CBD oil in the Cannabidiol industry. To provide people’s expectations with their name, the company gets its extracts from Colorado hemp plants. Aside from getting their CBD oils to a third-party lab test, they also use the most expensive extraction method — CO2 Extraction.

Buying CBD oil from CBDPure will give you three different options regarding CBD concentration. These are 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg CBD. The company is probably the friendliest CBD brand for starters.

More importantly, their CBD oils are free from contaminants and do not contain synthetic ingredients. As a bonus, they ship CBD products within all the states of North America. You are also backed up with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This is probably one of the most extended times for product observation.


cbdfx tincture

If you buy CBD oil in Oregon with free shipping and a wide selection of CBD products, CBDfx can be your best choice.

25% Off Coupon: HEALTHCANAL

See Full Review Of CBDfx

  • Wide range of CBD oil selection
  • Free shipping to all states
  • Few information about the company
  • Average customer service


CBDfx started in 2015, aiming to satisfy people’s needs in health. The company also sells a wide variety of CBD products, including CBD edibles, CBD capsules, CD topicals, CBD beverages, CBD oils, and CBD vape products.

Their CBD oil is in a full-spectrum CBD form. Their extracts are pure hemp with organic MCT oil as its carrier oil. Buying from CBDfx will give you three different options in potencies, including 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg.

Additionally, CBDfx gives you unique flavors aside from natural ones. This is perfect for those who cannot tolerate the taste of the oil. There are three bottles available with different colors that correspond with specific flavor combinations.

The blue bottle has a combination of blueberry, pineapple, and lemon. The green bottle contains lemon, lime, and mint flavor—lastly, the red bottle lychee, lemon, and kiwi.

Final Thoughts 

There is nothing to be confused about among medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and CBD despite their laws and regulations within the country varies from one state to another. Yet, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is now legal in Oregon. So, if you want to buy CBD in Oregon, you can freely choose to buy in online shops or local stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy CBD in Oregon?

If you live in Oregon, you can buy CBD through online shops or local stores. CBD is entirely legal in Oregon. So, it is also easy to find the local store near you.

Can I buy CBD Oil in Oregon?

You can surely buy CBD in Oregon. No one will file a lawsuit against you for gaining CBD possession, as it is entirely legal in Oregon.

Does Dischem sell CBD oil?

Yes, you can find some CBD oils on Dischem’s official website.

Is CBD oil available at Walgreens?

Yes, there are various CBD products available at Walgreens, including CBD oil.

 Is CBD approved by the food and drug administration?

CBD sold in local stores or online shops is not monitored by the FDA. Thus, you will see such disclaimers stating that their CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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