01:57pm Tuesday 22 October 2019

New Zealand dads needed for parenting survey

The Triple P-Positive Parenting Research Group, which is based in the Faculty of Education, is running a study to investigate the acceptability and relevance of parenting programmes for dads.

Researchers are looking for at least three hundred New Zealand fathers of one or more children aged two to nine years old to take part in an anonymous internet survey. Fathers will be asked about parenting and child behaviour and their knowledge and experience of parenting programmes, and what they would think are important features of parenting programmes.

The survey results will help develop an enhanced version of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Programme for New Zealand fathers.

The research group is also seeking 40 Auckland fathers to take part in focus groups on the relevance of the current parenting programmes.

Senior Lecturer Louise Keown, from the Triple P Research Group at the Faculty of Education, says research shows the majority of parenting programmes are tailored towards mothers.

“Research shows that father involvement is very important for children’s behavioural and social development. The problem is that little is known about fathers’ views on the suitability of the content and delivery of parenting programmes so by default most programmes are geared towards mothers.

“It’s important that parenting programmes are meeting fathers’ needs because we know from research, here and overseas, that far less attention is paid to supporting fathers in their role as a parent,” says Dr Keown.

The survey and focus groups’ findings will help university researchers in New Zealand and Australia design evidence-based parenting interventions aimed at fathers.

Fathers can participate by:

– Completing a 15-minute anonymous online survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/father-opinions.

– Or, if Auckland-based, by taking part in a small focus group about the relevance and acceptability of parenting programmes for fathers.

To express your interest in participating in a focus group or for more information please contact Tenille Frank on (09) 623 8899 ext 83042 or tj.frank@auckland.ac.nz.

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