01:25pm Saturday 22 February 2020

Multiple pregnancies may reduce cardiovascular risk

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In a long-term study of cardiovascular disease risk factors, researchers followed women from the early 1970’s through to 2007. They found that whether and how many times a woman has given birth affects her chances of developing CVD.

Amy Thompson, our Senior Cardiac Nurse, said: “We know that cardiovascular disease kills as many women as it does men, but they are affected in different ways and we do not fully understand why. One theory is that women are protected by their hormones up until the menopause.


It is never too late to change our lifestyle and help to protect our hearts

“This study goes on to suggest that the number of pregnancies a woman has had can also have some effect on her cardiovascular risk later in life.

“Researchers found that women who had had four or more pregnancies had a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, but they couldn’t say for sure why. Further research is needed before we jump to any conclusions.

“Regardless of our age, or pregnancy history, it is never too late to change our lifestyle and help to protect our hearts. We are all at risk, so quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise are great ways to start.”

This study was published online by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in their journal Fertility and Sterility.


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