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Researchers at the University of Granada associate trigger points with shoulder injury

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IMAGE: This illustration represents a shoulder injury.

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The study revealed that excessive activation of specific neck and shoulder muscles during daily life or while playing sports –as swimming– is the cause of a high number of injury and shoulder

A Common Pain

The pattern of the pain originated in these muscles –sometimes in regions far from the shoulder– coincides with most of the symptoms suffered by patients attending health care centers for this type of problem. 25 out of 1,000 visits to the family doctor are related to shoulder pain, and the causes of this problem are several. The chronic impingement syndrome is considered the main cause for shoulder pain and disability.

The study conducted by Amparo Hidalgo-Lozano, Ph.D candidate of the department of Physiotherapy of the University of Granada, under the supervision of professor Manuel Arroyo Morales, opens the door to future tests to the efficacy of Physiotherapy as a non-invasive treatment for shoulder injury. Shoulder injury is the cause of 13% of sick leaves and implies a cost of 7 billion dollars in the USA.

This research was published in the last issue of the prestigious journal Experimental Brain Research.



Hidalgo-Lozano A, Fernández-de-Las-Peñas C, Alonso-Blanco C, Ge HY, Arendt-Nielsen L, Arroyo-Morales M. Muscle trigger points and pressure pain hyperalgesia in the shoulder muscles in patients with unilateral shoulder impingement: a blinded, controlled study. Exp Brain Res. 2010 Feb 26.

Contact: Manuel Arroyo Morales. Departament of Physiotherapy of the University of Granada. Phone: +34 958 24 28 64. Mobile: +34 620 936138. E-mail: marroyo@ugr.es

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Contact: Manuel Arroyo Morales
University of Granada

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