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Norwegian parents are positive towards vaccination

The results show that Norwegian parents are positive towards vaccination and that 97 % would vaccinate their children in the future. They are generally satisfied with the way the immunisation programme is provided.

The survey was conducted as part of a European collaborative project whose main goal is to reduce morbidity and mortality rates and to reduce the transmission of vaccine preventable diseases. Similar studies have been conducted in England, Poland, Spain and Sweden and the results have been published in the journal Vaccine.

In Norway, a total of 1529 parents with children under 24 months of age were included in the study. Participants filled out a questionnaire that covered various topics related to knowledge about and attitudes towards vaccination and the diseases we vaccinate against.

Positive to childhood vaccination

Parents are generally very positive about the childhood immunisation programme. The results also show that parents generally have a good understanding of the importance of vaccines, both in order to protect the individual child and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases within the community. However, 21 % report that they had ever been in doubt whether or nor to vaccinate their children. The vast majority (97 %) responded that they will vaccinate their children in the future.

Satisfied with the programme

Parents are mainly satisfied with the immunisation programme in Norway and the quality of the way this is provided at their local health centre. They report that the public health nurses and public health doctors at the health centres are main sources of information about vaccines, and that they have confidence in them. The same applies to the information brochure about the childhood immunisation programme published by the NIPH.

Results from the study are published in the journal Vaccine, together with results from similar surveys in collaborating countries.


Pawel Stefanoff, Svenn-Erik Mamelund, Mary Robinson, Eva Netterlid, Jose Tuells, Marianne A. Riise Bergsaker, Harald Heijbel, Joanne Yarwood and The VACSATC working group on standardization of attitudinal studies in Europe (2010): Tracking parental attitudes on vaccination across European countries: The Vaccine Safety, Attitudes, Training and Communication Project (VACSATC). Vaccine, Volume 28, Issue 35 : 5731-5737.

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