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Beyond Marriage: Opposite Sex – Same Sex – No Sex

Dr Olivia Rundle of the UTAS Faculty of Law

Potentially anyone in a personal relationship is affected by these laws.

For Who?

You know who is most important to you. You know your relationship matters to you. But do you know whether it matters in the law? You can protect and recognise your personal relationship. You may have rights of which you are unaware.

Do you have a companion?
Do you share your life with another adult who is significant to you?
Do you care for someone without financial reward?
Are you in a same sex or de facto relationship?
Have you decided not to re-marry but have re-partnered?

Tasmania’s laws about personal relationships have changed significantly in recent years. Tasmanian law recognises and protects a wide variety of personal relationships, including significant (marriage-like) and caring (non marriage-like) relationships.

This project is proudly supported by the University of Tasmania’s Community Engagement Grant Scheme and is being managed by Dr Olivia Rundle of the Faculty of Law in partnership with Mr Rodney Croome of the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group.

Visit the Home Page of the Beyond Marriage project for more information about this project and personal relationship recognition in Tasmania. To provide your feedback or stories email: [email protected]

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Photo caption: Dr Olivia Rundle of the UTAS Faculty of Law.

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