Outbreak of measles continues in Oslo

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Health services in the districts are taking action in the local environments of the children and in the affected child-care centres. This includes supplying information, monitoring vaccination status and offering vaccination to those who want it.

Seek medical help for suspected measles

In cases of suspected measles, medical advice should be sought. Measles often starts with fever, cough, nasal congestion (coryza) and aversion to light (photophobia). Within a couple of days, a rash appears in the mouth (Koplik’s spots). Then the fever usually subsides before rising again when the typical measles rash erupts. The rash usually starts behind the ears and spreads quickly throughout the body. Rash with persistent fever and other symptoms usually lasts for 2 to 5 days. Fever that continues beyond the rash stage may be a sign of complications.

Measles is now a very rare disease in Norway thanks to a high level of child immunisation. Out of the vaccine-preventable childhood diseases it causes the most severe symptoms. Measles is a major cause of illness and mortality among children in developing countries.

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