06:09am Monday 01 June 2020

College Spring Break: Going On Vacation? Stay Healthy With These Tips

Julie Gibbs, director of health promotions at K-State’s Lafene Health Center, offers some tips and precautions for students planning to get away during their upcoming break:

* Alcohol consumption is one of the main safety risks that occur on college spring break trips. “Overdrinking is definitely common for college students on spring break,” Gibbs said. “You have to worry about dehydration. If you are somewhere warm, pay attention to how much water you are consuming. If you drink alcohol, it can further dehydrate you.”

* Don’t forget to take your medications with you. Gibbs said students should bring enough for the duration of their trip. “One thing I’ve learned is to always put some of your medication in your suitcase, and to also have some in your carry-on baggage just in case your luggage is lost or delayed,” she said. “Always have enough medication in separate places.”

* Research your destination for any health hazards. Follow any health precautions that are advised. For example, if it’s advised not to drink the water make sure you are drinking bottled water and don’t drink anything that contains ice.

* Bring sunscreen and use it. Even if students used a tanning bed before their trip, they should still wear sunscreen while they’re on vacation.

* Keep up on daily exercise. Most hotels or resorts offer weight and fitness rooms for guests.

* Ask community members where you’re staying about places to visit and whether they’re considered safe.

* Don’t drink and drive, and know the phone number of a transportation service.

* Be current on your vaccinations, and remember to fill any prescriptions that may be running low.

More travel information is available on Lafene’s website, http://www.k-state.edu/lafene/allertravel.htm.

Source: Julie Gibbs, 785-532-6595, [email protected]
News release prepared by: Kayela Richard, 785-532-2535, [email protected]

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