Health plan must support evidence based care

Professor Angus said to be world leading, Victoria’s health system in 2022 should be centred on a vision of evidence-based care. 

“This should be built through the creation of Academic Health Science Centres linking the State’s premier Universities to teaching hospitals,” he said.

“Fundamental to this is recognition that health is a partnership between the patient and health provider and often the health provider will be accompanied by a student.”

Professor Angus said this model required that doctors be prepared to teach and that patients be prepared to enable students to learn.  

“Teaching is not a small sideline but a fundamental activity for sustainable, quality healthcare,” he said.

“A patient entering the Victorian health system in 2022, should be a willing participant in clinical trials and other translation research to ensure the ongoing quality of care.

“We must also ensure that there is an identifiable, appropriately remunerated, satisfying career pathway for clinical academics.”

The Victorian Health Priorities Framework 2012–2022: Metropolitan Health Plan identifies priority areas for the development and operation of the Victorian health system. Professor Angus was a member of the Minister’s advisory group to develop the Plan.

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