What to wear, when to avoid outdoor treks during heat wave

Heat of the day

“Toward the end of summer, the heat of the day extends between 11 a.m. and about 6 p.m.,” said Dr. Steve Rosenbaum, assistant professor of medicine and section chief of general internal medicine at the Baylor Clinic. “These are times to avoid going outdoors if possible.”

Rosenbaum said during those hours rigorous activity such as running or walking for exercise could be dangerous.

Cover up!

Key items to wear outdoors include hats and light clothing to cover up your skin, Rosenbaum said. “For men who like to work outside in the yard, try not to go shirtless.”

Also, always remember to lather on a good sports sunblock. “SPF 30 and up works,” said Rosenbaum. “Sports sun block is a better protection against perspiration.”

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