How to stay hydrated in high heat

What to drink

“If you are staying outdoors for just an hour, drinking water alone should be fine,” said Dr. Steve Rosenbaum, assistant professor of medicine and section chief of general internal medicine at the Baylor Clinic. “But if you stay longer, you will need to replace lost electrolytes. Mixing a little bit of pre-made sports drink into your water is a great way to do this.”

Rosenbaum said a good rule of thumb is one part sports drink to three parts water. “There is a lot of sugar in these sports drinks so you do not want to add too much.”

He advised using the premade (not powdered mix) sports drinks to ensure the proper combination.

What not to drink

“Avoid drinking any caffeine right before or while you are outside,” said Rosenbaum. “The caffeine causes even more dehydration and acts like a diuretic.”

Remember to eat

“Do not spend extended periods of time outside on an empty stomach,” said Rosenbaum. “You will need some fuel in your body to burn.”

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