08:23pm Saturday 04 April 2020

Safer medicines highlighted in Patient Safety Week

NUH has strengthened the way it assesses which medicines are best for patients, how those medicines are dispensed, and the way patients are told about any side affects.

The Trust has launched a campaign to promote the NUH ‘medicine pathway’ to coincide with Patient Safety Week. The pathway shows how medicines can be made safer and more effective – from the moment a patient arrives in hospital until they are discharged and beyond.

Some 3,500 items are issued by the NUH pharmacy each day – that’s 440 per hour.

The ‘Making Medicines Safe for You’ campaign at NUH includes observations such as:

  • Only half of our patients can tell us what medication they are taking
  • Our pharmacists spend on average 15 minutes verifying each patient’s medicines. We take the time to get it right
  • There are pharmacists on every ward, and a dedicated Medicines Information Service
  • Medicines are dispensed from the pharmacy and undergo a thorough labelling and checking process which guarantees a safe and accurate supply of medicines to patients
  • Transfer of medicines from the pharmacy department towards clinical areas is done in secure packaging. Medicines received by a ward are stored in a locked cupboard or room by a nurse.

Wayne Robson, Patient Safety Programme Lead at NUH, said: “Patient safety is the number one priority at NUH, and this campaign is an excellent way to highlight the way we are continuing to improve our service to patients.

“We have done a lot of work in the way that medicines are prescribed and dispensed. We encourage all patients to ask us about their medicines – this will help us to ensure that they get the right medicine at the right time. Please ask us if there is anything you want to know about or tell us.”

It’s worth remembering the theme of the national Patient Safety Week: ‘It starts with me’ – every single member of hospital staff can play their part, and every patient and relative too.

To read more about work at NUH to improve patient safety, please click here.


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