02:37am Wednesday 16 October 2019

NHS patients being denied vital treatment by shortage of scanners

The Public Accounts Committee Chair Margaret Hodge said, “A modern NHS should not let 50 per cent of people who have a stroke wait more than a day for a scan. We were shocked.”

Dr Sharlin Ahmed, Research Liaison Officer at The Stroke Association says, “A stroke is a medical emergency and anyone displaying the symptoms of stroke needs get to hospital immediately.

“We are concerned to hear that so many people are not receiving a brain scan within 24 hours, as this is the only way to diagnose the type of stroke and ensure they get the right treatment. Some may be eligible to receive clot busting treatments, however these need to be given within three hours of the stroke symptoms starting, so acting quickly is so important.

“When a stroke happens, time lost is brain lost. We believe anyone who has a stroke should be able to receive a brain scan within 24 hours so that they are given the best possible chance of recovery.”

You can read more about the story on the Daily Mirror website.

The Stroke Association

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