5 Reasons Being a Pharmacy Technician is a Rewarding Career Path


A pharmacy technician is an entry-level medical professional who is responsible for assisting a certified pharmacist in the daily operations of the pharmacy. You’ll be working with patients as well, filling orders and operating the cash register (in a retail or chain drugstore). You’ve probably heard the career defined as “rewarding”, but what makes it so?

Let’s dive into the responsibilities of a pharmacy technician and why these medical professionals are so crucial to the medical field. If you’ve ever thought about earning a pharmacy tech certification, here are five reasons why it’s a rewarding career path.


1. You’re Helping Others


When you’re helping other people, you earn a sensation of fulfillment and joy. In fact, many people actually enter the medical field for the sole purpose of wanting to help others. There are thousands of doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians, and more in the field whose sole mission is to help other people.

As a pharmacy tech, you’ll be assisting in getting patients their much-needed prescription medications. Some of these medications manage things like high blood pressure, pain, and more. In many cases, the patient must have their medications in order to survive or function on a daily basis.

Without pharmacy technicians, the pharmacist wouldn’t be able to keep up with demand. You’re fulfilling a critical purpose in the pharmacy and providing the support, customer service, and extra knowledge needed to keep it operational. Best of all, you’re helping people get what they need so they can live out happy, fulfilling lives.


2. You’re Part Of A Larger Purpose

The pharmacy is just one small part of the giant that is the healthcare industry. Millions of people all over the country depend on medical professionals just like you to keep them healthy, manage their ailments, and provide valuable advice and guidance in their journey toward great health. You’ll be a part of this colossal industry, and serving a much higher purpose than just measuring prescriptions.

Chronic diseases are estimated to affect around 100 million Americans every year (that’s about one-third of the population), so it’s no understatement to say that the healthcare industry is nothing less than a necessity. The thing is, it can’t run without passionate, dedicated, and trustworthy people to uphold its ethics and perform their jobs correctly.


3. You Can Make Living From It

Pharmacy technician is an entry-level position, but can still command anywhere from $13-15/hour, depending on your state and the level of experience you bring to the table. You’ll want to get your education at an accredited university or program like pharmacy technician training at United Medical Academy, so you can be sure you’re getting the best education and the opportunity for hands-on training.

Hands-on training is a crucial part of the education process, as there are things you just can’t teach in a classroom. Your pharmacist will show you how the pharmacy operates, where things are located, how you should interact with patients, and more. Be sure to pay attention to your pharmacist, as they’ll offer a wealth of information for you to absorb.

Many entry-level pharmacy tech positions also offer a benefits package, so you’ll get a decent wage as well as access to healthcare and other important benefits like retirement options.


4. You Won’t Feel Stuck

Many Americans end up feeling stuck at their jobs; like there’s nowhere else to go and they’ve hit a career wall of sorts. This isn’t the case with a pharmacy tech position. There’s plenty of room to advance if you continue to pursue your education and gain more experience in the field.

You could go on to become a certified pharmacist yourself, and be in charge of running the pharmacy. Or, you can work in a nursing home or hospice care center instead. There are options available so you never feel like you’re stuck in one place.


5. You Can Go Anywhere

Perhaps one of the best parts of being a pharmacy tech is that you can pretty much travel anywhere and find employment. Pharmacies exist all over the country, from big chain drug stores to retail stores and independent pharmacies, or nursing home and other healthcare facilities.

This level of flexibility makes pharmacy tech a good career path for those looking to travel to a new place or settle down in a different state. That being said, you’ll want to check each state’s requirements to make sure you don’t need to do any extra training to operate there. Some states have very specific requirements.


Final Thoughts

As a pharmacy tech, you’ll be an important part of a vast industry that helps millions of people on a daily basis. This rewarding career path offers flexibility, opportunities for advancement, and a living wage from an entry-level position. Why wait? Get started today and you can earn your certification in less than a year.



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