Researchers seeking help from gay or bisexual men for new study

Cassandra Jones, a researcher from the University’s School for Policy Studies, is seeking 20 to 25 gay or bisexual men who have been in adult relationships and encountered domestic violence to find out what they think of their relationship(s) with adult partner(s), community and seeking support.

The study, which can be conducted anonymously online or via telephone, will involve answering a few questions on your relationship followed by a more in-depth interview about your views and experiences of your relationships, community and seeking support.

Cassandra Jones said: “We realise that talking about domestic violence and conflict can be a difficult subject, however without knowing what the issues are and experiences have been, we have no way of establishing whether the right support networks are in place.

“All the information is completely confidential and we will feed back results once the study has finished.”

If you would like to find out further information or take part in this study, contact Cassandra Jones, tel mobile 07741 086 924, [email protected]