08:03pm Friday 03 July 2020

The Biggest NHS payouts in the last 10 years

UK law firm Express Solicitors have published details in an interactive infographic of some of the highest-profile negligence cases that have cost the NHS millions.

The biggest payout on record is the £12 million awarded to Kerstin Park. Kerstin, a world-class dancer with a the best years of her career ahead, was left to view life from a wheelchair after hospital staff failed to implement even basic procedures when complications arose during childbirth.

Cerebral palsy sufferer Alice Joyce received £5.6 million after doctors were deemed not to have reacted to complications during her birth quickly enough.

£5 million was awarded to actress Leslie Ash after she contracted MRSA whilst in a London hospital. Leslie, who had been admitted to hospital with rib and lung injuries, left with her career in tatters after contracting the life-threatening bug.

Former consultant Eva Michalek received a £4.5 million payout when a court agreed that after Eva had given birth her bosses victimised her.

When Christina Malcolm’s ‘worse headache of her life’ was diagnosed as a virus by doctors instead of the haemorrhage it was, Mrs Malcolm returned home. Two weeks later she suffered another haemorrhage that left her brain-damaged and needing constant care. She was awarded £4.46 million.

£3.6 million was awarded to Elaine Silvester when a court ruled that a hospital personnel error during an operation had caused her to suffer left-sided paralysis, partial blindness, and loss of both memory and smell.

Other high-profile payouts include Frazer Spackman (£3 million), Christopher Lines (£2.1 million and £205,000/year), Tia Ruel (£2.5 million) and Lydia Spilner (the family settled out of court for an undisclosed sum).

Whilst the NHS continues to make cuts, avoidable mistakes have led to these payouts for negligence, which could have paid the annual salaries of a considerable amount of nurses instead.

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