Terrible toes don't have to be taboo

The QUT Podiatry Clinic is offering free ingrown nail check-ups in Brisbane this month (September) for members of the public, as well as QUT staff and students.

The clinic is part of the QUT Health Clinics at the university’s Kelvin Grove campus, which are staffed by specialists assisted by current QUT students.

QUT podiatrist Associate Professor Lloyd Reed said there was no need for people to suffer in silence.

“Ingrown toenails are one of the most common conditions that podiatrists see and often they can be fixed without surgery,” he said.

“Causes can include bad nail cutting techniques, shoes that don’t fit properly, injuring your toe, or an unusual nail structure.”

People can book their free toenail consultation with the QUT Health Clinics on 3138 9777.

QUT’s Faculty of Health runs the university’s Bachelor of Podiatry four-year degree, which is the longest-running podiatry course in Queensland.

Media contact: Mechelle McMahon, QUT media officer, 073138 9449 (Mon & Thurs) or [email protected] (Mon-Fri)