07:36am Saturday 19 October 2019

American Heart Association Applauds Food Industry’s Calorie Reduction Pledge

“The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation has taken action to successfully reduce calories available to consumers, providing a positive example of the influence that industry can have by working together. The American Heart Association commends the 16 companies that participated in this pledge and recognizes the significant impact of this collaboration – together these companies produce 36 percent of all packaged foods and beverages purchased by families across America.

The progress made by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation ensures that consumers have better food choices. This positive step forward also represents a call to action to all of us, to act on our own behalf by becoming more aware of the relationship between the foods and beverages we choose and our long-term health. We also call on the remainder of the food and beverage industry, which represents the other 64 percent of this market, to follow suit and do what’s right for their consumers. Better-for-you, lower-calorie foods don’t only benefit health, but are also what today’s consumers are demanding.”


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