08:19pm Monday 20 January 2020

National Jewish Pays Participants in Weight-Management Program

Beginning in early January, FitLogix® participants who continue participating in the 12-month program will receive $10 prepaid cards after 6, 15, 25 and 47 weeks of participation in the program. Denver-based Springbok Services, Inc. will supply and service the debit cards.

“Our data clearly show that the longer people stay in the program, the more weight they lose. So, we decided to pay them to stay in the program.,” said David Tinkelman, Vice President of Health Initiatives at National Jewish Health. “Previous research has shown that financial incentives can significantly increase quit rates. It is more than the actual cash, however; it is the immediate recognition and reward for doing the right thing.”

The National Jewish Health-Springbok partnership reflects a growing trend among companies that are trying to reduce healthcare costs by offering positive rewards for healthy behaviors.

FitLogix® relies on customized personal coaching, Internet education and support and accountability through activity monitors and scales wirelessly connected to computers to help people lose weight. Since its inception, participants have lost an average of 7.5 pounds. Those who stay with the program the full 12 months lose an average of 12 pounds. These results have translated into health benefits as well. Healthcare claims for 1.500 FitLogix® participants dropped more than 13 percent from the previous year.

Companies, health plans and individuals can all sign up for the FitLogix®. For more information visit the FitLogix® Web site at http://www.nationaljewish.org/programs/prevention/fitlogix/fitlogix.aspx.

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