11:32am Sunday 15 December 2019

New partnership combines industry, technology and academic thinking to solve global public health problems

AURORA, Colo.  – The Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH) is among five academic institutions chosen to participate in Northrop Grumman Corporation’s University Global Alliance Program (UGAP), an initiative to unite higher education and the private sector for the purpose of accelerating the translation of thought leadership to global public health informatics, policy development, strategic planning, programmatic implementation and evaluation.

CSPH joins Atlanta-based Emory University, the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at the Morehouse School of Medicine, Georgia State University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology in this unique enterprise.  Institutions were chosen for their innovative research in public health and their strong interest in advancing public health practice through applied technology and informatics. 

The Colorado School of Public Health and other members of the UGAP will participate in Northrop Grumman contract work, coordinate research projects, share information and best practices, develop curricula, author joint case studies/white papers, and benefit from learning opportunities within the public health community. 

“As a unique collaborative school of public health, we already understand the value of working across institutions to solve complex problems facing the health of all of our communities,” stated Jack Barnette, PhD, Colorado School of Public Health associate dean.  “As a member of UGAP, we now have the opportunity to share national resources and technology to solve public health problems locally as well as internationally.”

UGAP interlocks private industry and academic capabilities to address the scarcity of public health informatics resources globally and find solutions to solve global and domestic public health problems. In addition, UGAP will provide students with practical experience to better prepare public health graduates entering the workforce as well as strengthen the talent pool for public health informatics.

“The solutions to certain types of public health problems can be more rapidly discovered and better implemented when varied resources are brought together in a collaborative fashion,” said Nancy Nelson, director of public health for Northrop Grumman’s Information Systems sector. “The UGAP supports the mission of public health practice by bridging the gap between academic and industry capabilities and translating academic thinking into tangible technology solutions that address public health information management challenges.”

“Northrop Grumman has been in the health information technology domain for more than 20 years, and this is an exciting time in our nation’s history for advancements in this field,” said Amy King, Northrop Grumman’s vice president of health information technology programs. “A critical component of applying best-of-breed techniques includes the need to access leaders in such areas as informing health economics, measuring effectiveness of public health interventions, and monitoring and evaluating programs for the sustainment of public health operations in developing areas. The availability of experts in the application of these techniques resides in both academic institutions and private industry.”

The partnership program utilizes Northrop Grumman’s Public Health Research and Demonstration Center in Atlanta, a state-of-the-art public health technology research and development facility. Through the lab, Northrop Grumman develops technology to support strategic public health initiatives, including disease surveillance such as H1N1, health data analysis and visualization, modeling and simulation of disease and climate effects, and collaboration across the global health community. 

About the Colorado School of Public Health
The Colorado School of Public Health is the first and only school of public health in the Rocky Mountain Region, attracting top tier faculty and students from across the country, and providing a vital contribution towards ensuring our region’s health and well-being. Collaboratively formed by the University of Colorado Denver, Colorado State University, and the University of Northern Colorado, the Colorado School of Public Health provides training, innovative research and community service to actively address public health issues, including chronic disease, access to health care, environmental threats, emerging infectious diseases, and costly injuries.


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