09:18am Thursday 02 July 2020

No public health or safety risk in labs, according to CDC

As part of this investigation, Penn State officials have been working with the CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health to identify and dispose of any remaining parts of a minute sample of anthrax bacteria (Bacillus anthracis) shipped to Penn State in 2007.  The University’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) officials have located and secured the material remaining from the sample, which had been irradiated before its shipment to Penn State.  Following the guidance of the CDC, EHS officials have safely disposed of the material.  The University has been assured that the sample and its disposal does not present a public health or safety risk. The CDC does not recommend decontamination of the lab where the specimen was found or further action by Penn State.

More information about the CDC investigation can be found on its website at   http://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2015/s0529-anthrax-shipment.html. The CDC website confirms that, “At this time, we do not suspect any risk to the general public.” Any faculty, staff or students with additional questions about this matter, should contact the EHS office at 814-865-6391.


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