04:40pm Tuesday 07 April 2020

New Study on Youth E-cigarette Use Underscores Critical Need for Final Deeming Rule, Says American Heart Association

“These findings are yet another wakeup call to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that final regulations are needed now to protect our kids from tobacco. As this study reinforces, we have a real problem on our hands. E-cigarette use has tripled among teens, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey, and the evidence released today adds fuel to the fire. What is extremely worrisome is that these findings further indicate that e-cigarette use by our nation’s youth, which is a major concern in itself, may also be a gateway to smoking. This new study truly underscores just how dangerous of a habit e-cigarette use can be, especially if it is leading to teens taking up additional tobacco products.

It’s high time we stop hitting the “snooze button” in response to these repeated wakeup calls.  The wait for a final deeming rule has gone on too long – it has been over a year since the FDA first released its proposal. As this study suggests, the public health nightmare that is tobacco is only getting worse and all tobacco products present risk. Federal oversight of these products will go a long way in the fight against tobacco by helping to combat the tobacco industry’s efforts to foster a new generation of users. That’s why the American Heart Association once again urges the FDA to act swiftly and release the final rule.”


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