The Vitamin D Solution

What do obesity, heart disease, depression, diabetes, and fibromyalgia have in common? The answer is vitamin D deficiency. Over 200 million Americans lack this essential vitamin and as a result suffer from a host of daily annoyances, chronic conditions, and even life-threatening illnesses. In the landmark book THE VITAMIN D SOLUTION: A 3-Step Strategy to Cure Our Most Common Health Problem (Penguin/Hudson Street Press; April 1, 2010) Dr. Michael F. Holick identifies the causes of vitamin D deficiency, outlines why it is essential to our health, and provides a 3-step program to attain optimal levels of Vitamin D in our bodies.

The leading expert worldwide, Dr. Holick has studied Vitamin D for more than 30 years. Through his research, we now know that every body cell has a receptor for vitamin D and it goes much further beyond bone health. Increasing the amount of vitamin D can treat, prevent, and even reverse a remarkable number of daily ailments, from high blood pressure to back pain; lessen the symptoms of chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis; and actually prevent infectious diseases, including H1N1 and cancer. Dr. Holick also credits vitamin D with improving infertility, weight control, memory and mood.

THE VITAMIN D SOLUTION provocatively speaks to the misconceptions of sun exposure. The data is clear: just as people require some fat and salt for survival, we also need the health benefits of the sun in moderation. Americans have been taught that any unprotected exposure to the sun is bad. However, Dr. Holick specifies that only 10-minutes of unprotected sun exposure a day is not only safe but needed.

Vitamin D is called the “Sunshine Vitamin” for a reason, but surprisingly to many, it is not actually a vitamin by a hormone that is unique because it is made in the skin as a result of exposure to sunlight. It is possible to also receive minor amounts of vitamin D from certain foods (milk and mushrooms are both known to carry vitamin D) as well as daily supplements. However, through Dr. Holick’s research on the subject, we now know that Vitamin D made in the skin from sun exposure has a longer lifespan than when ingested. But for millions of people around the world who live above the Mason-Dixon Line or in urban cities, and are not able to get adequate sun exposure everyday, Dr. Holick offers the recommended supplements that will ensure they also have optimal levels of this crucial vitamin. Readers of Dr. Holick’s three-step strategy, which combines a sensible amount of sun exposure, supplementation, and foods rich in vitamin D, easy and practical to implement as they work towards optimal health.

THE VITAMIN D SOLUTION combines cutting-edge research from around the world,, an insightful historical perspective that goes back millions of years, and a simple plan for rebuilding and maintaining an optimal level of vitamin D.

Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D., is a professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University Medical Center. Additionally a BUMC, Dr. Holick serves as the director of the General Clinical Research Unit, the Bone Health Clinic, and the Heliotherapy Light and Skin Research Center. A recipient of the prestigious Linus Paulding Institute Prize in health research and the DSM Nutrition Award, Dr. Holick has authored more that three hundred peer-reviewed research articles, coedited eleven books in academia, written two books for a general audience, and currently serves on the editorial board for a number of medical publications. Dr. Holick has been featured in numerous popular media, included The New York Times, Forbes, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Men’s Health, and Scientific American. He lives in Massachusetts with his family.

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