07:06pm Sunday 16 February 2020

One in six 3 year-olds have had an accident or injury requiring hospital treatment or admission

The estimates are based on analysis of results from the Growing Up in Ireland study (2011).

Prevalence of injuries and accidents were found to be*:

·         Higher among boys compared with girls,

·         Higher among children whose primary carer had a longstanding health condition,

·         Higher among children in households with other children and one parent,

·         Higher among children whose primary carer had attained lower levels of formal education

*When these characteristics combined, they resulted in much higher rates of injury.

Jude Cosgrove, Senior Statistical Analyst, IPH said “The figures released today show that injuries that required hospital treatment or admission are relatively common among 3-year-olds in the Republic of Ireland.  Children with a primary carer with a longstanding health condition are disproportionately affected. The results also show a higher prevalence and risk impact on boys. The report recommends a comprehensive review of data on childhood injuries and suggests the need for targeted injury prevention measures that take into account children’s home and local environments.”

Results are in line with international trends which show higher rates of injury among boys than girls, and among children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Results are also consistent with international research which has demonstrated the large burden that child injuries place on healthcare systems.

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More information

The findings are drawn from the IPH report Prevalence of injuries among three-year-old children in the Republic of Ireland in 2011 which is a supplement to Longstanding health conditions among three-year-old children in the Republic of Ireland in 2011: A report based on data from the “Growing Up in Ireland” study (Institute of Public Health in Ireland in Ireland, 2014)

The findings are based on Wave Two of the Infant Cohort of the Growing Up in Ireland (GUI) National Longitudinal Study of Children which consisted of interviews with 9,793 families of 3 year-old children in 2011.

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