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msnl seed

  • Large selection of strains
  • Quality seeds
  • High and solid reputation
  • Multiple shipping and payment options

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  • Started in 1999
  • Ships worldwide
  • Led by a geneticist. 
  • Over 200 strains

Medical Benefit

  • 90-100 germination rate
  • Stealth Shipping guaranteed

About The Brand

If you like shopping marijuana online, chances are, you come across several cannabis seed banks. MSNL is just one of them. Started in 1999, it is still considered a highly reputable marijuana seed bank in the UK, selling high-quality marijuana seeds.

Are there compelling reasons to choose MSNL cannabis seed bank? Let us find out through several MSNL reviews. From its special features, top products, and alternatives, we will also go over some of its customers’ feedback.

Top Product

MSNL Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

  • Most popular
  • One of the bestselling strains
  • Tastes good and feels good

10% Off Coupon: DONTGO10

What You Like About MSNL?

History of MSNL 

MSNL seed bank (seed bank) was the first cannabis seed bank to sell marijuana seeds online. They are based in London, Uk. During that time, the field of Ecommerce was already about to rise. From then on, they started earning their reward. 

The company was started by a group of friends whose passion is leaning towards marijuana, both for medical and recreational purposes. Their goal is to share and provide Marijuana enthusiasts to get the seeds. With the highest quality, MSNL seeds are still being enjoyed by many customers, both starter and professional growers. 

Product Quality

The person behind MSNL is a geneticist. With that, we do not have to wonder why their products are high-quality seeds only. The company ensures that Its products have excellent viability and are still consistent from their beginning up to the present. It is also said that all their marijuana strains have 90-100 germination rates.

Strain selection

MSNL seed bank offers a large selection of marijuana seeds. As of the present, they provide over 200 strains.

Common types of marijuana seeds are available such as regular seeds, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. Aside from recreational marijuana seeds, the company also offers medicinal marijuana strains.

Along with the mentioned cannabis seeds, specific value-pack mixes are also being sold. Such mixes are suitable for newbies as they explore their preferences.

Free Seeds

“Free seeds” is one of the terms we mentioned earlier. MSNL offers free seeds with every order. The least number of free seeds you will get is five. Therefore, it can increase as you increase the amount of Cannabis seeds you order from them.


The MSNL Seed bank started its business in 1999. Therefore, they have been in the cannabis industry for more than two decades. Their more than 20 years of experience made them one of the most reputable seed banks in the world.

It was started by a group of friends who had a great passion for cannabis seed collection. They spend their time gathering every marijuana seed they can collect, as long as it represents the quality that suits them best. Strongly driven by their passion and determination, they traveled from one country to another, including Australia and places in Europe. Today, they ship their seeds worldwide.


MSNL website, which is located at marijuana-seeds.nl, is easy to use. You can quickly sort products by nature (whether regular, feminized, or auto-flowering), strain, or certain specific features. 

On the MSNL website, you will also see various guides for a seed breeder and grower like you. Whether you are new in the cannabis seed industry or not, they have comprehensive information to address your needs.

Customer Service

As we looked at several MSNL seed bank reviews, we can say that their customer service is fantastic. Before contacting their customer support, you may want to check their FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions page), where you can find answers to most of your questions.

For some cases in which you need to contact them, we are glad that MSNL has a separate business phone number for local and international customers. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. You can find all their contact information on their contact page as well.

Payment methods & Return policy

MSNL seed bank is one of the seed banks accepting different payment methods. While others only accept credit cards and debit cards, MSNL also accepts bank transfer payments and bitcoin (BTC). For most users, credit cards or debit cards are the simplest.

Here are additional perks. If you use bitcoin to pay for your items, you will automatically get a 15% off the total price. It applies to any orders, even on top of promos. Whereas, if you pay via bank transfer, you will have the chance to double your free seeds. You will also be able to take advantage of the anonymous payment.

Another thing that amazed us is the cash payment option. However, note that you must pay first before sending you your items. Cash on Delivery (COD) is not available.

As for the returns, MSNL seeds can be replaced if proven damaged. All you must do is secure a clear photo of the damaged seeds and send it to them. If it meets the requirements, the company will send seed replacements without any additional payment from you.

Shipping options

MSNL ships marijuana seeds not only in the US but also worldwide. They have three different shipping options: standard shipping, Stealth shipping, and Guaranteed stealth shipping. You can also add a small payment for faster delivery.

The speed of the delivery may vary depending on your location. For instance, the UK’s orders may arrive within 1-3 business days, while orders within other European countries may take up to five business days. If you live in the US, you may expect your products to be delivered within 7-12 days.

Promos and product Discount

Another thing that makes MSNL unique from other brands is that they offer special sales and discounts from time to time. All those special promos can be seen on their website (mariuana-seeds.nl). Therefore, going back, marijuana-seeds.nl is worth doing, especially if you want to get updated with the trends.

Reward Program

If you want to save money, you would also like to become an MSNL loyal customer. Simply create an account, and you will automatically be subscribed to their rewards program. You will earn three points for every pound you spend, which is equivalent to £0.01. Of course, there are other ways to earn MSNL points. You can find the full details on their website as well.

Top Alternative Choice

Crop king seeds

  • Germination guarantee
  • Free seeds
  • Ship faster in US
  • Seed replacement available

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  • Germination guarantee
  • Money-back guarantee
  • High-quality seeds
  • Free shipping

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Top 3 Best MSNL Product Reviews 2022

Girl Scout Cookies

MSNL Girl Scout Cookies

If you prefer good-looking and good-taste feminized marijuana seeds, look no further than Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It can give you energy but feel relaxed afterward.

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The Girl Scout Cookies [1]came from Northern California, USA. It became popular due to its tasty flavor. Specifically, the Cookies have a highly distinct sweet-spicy taste.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) sold in MSNL are feminized seeds. This means that you do not have to struggle to spend lots of time separating your male counterpart. If you are looking for regular seeds and Autoflowering seeds, this is not for you; however, MSNL also offers that.

It has been said that GSC contains a high amount of THC. Thus, people should have a high tolerance for such a substance. It brings euphoria followed by certain relaxation within the body. Some use this to ease the symptoms of chronic pain and appetite loss.

Auto Blue Dream

Auto Blue Dream

Auto Blue Dream will not give you blues nor bad dreams. Its CBD content can help you feel calm and less stressed.

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Auto Blue Dream[2], also called Blue Dream Autos is an Autoflowering version of Blue Dream, which initially belongs to female genetics. It was made through its crossing with the Super Silver Haze.

The flavor tastes like a Blueberry with a bit of the taste of new-mown grass. Nevertheless, that little ugly taste can slowly disappear. If getting too high is your concern, this might be the best for you.

The Auto Blue Dream contains less THC but with more CBD content. Thus, it is more effective in dealing with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It can also help you relieve stress and feel relaxed.

Classic Marijuana Seed Pack

Classic Marijuana Seed Pack

If you are looking for more budget-friendly MSNL seeds, Classic Marijuana Seed Pack is something you can consider. Available in regular and feminized, both have high germination rates.

10% Off Coupon: DONTGO10

The Classic Marijuana[3] Seed Pack offered by MSNL is an excellent choice for tight budgets. The pack contains three classic strains of marijuana at a relatively low cost. You can get regular seeds and feminized seeds if you prefer.

Inside the pack, you will get Northern Lights, Big Bud, and Bubblegum. They are known to have a high concentration of THC. You can quickly grow them at such an affordable price, whether for recreational purposes or therapeutic goals.

Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Guaranteed stealth shipping available for all orders
  • Affordable prices
  • Seed quality guaranteed
  • Best customer service


  • There are other companies that offer larger selection of cannabis strains.

marijauna seeds nl reviews – What real users say?

Upon looking at several MSNL seed bank reviews, we can see that positive feedback is raining. Most of the time, users report great satisfaction.

For instance, one customer said, in her review:

“I grew critical since I was a beginner and they were easy growers.” She added, “It gives a relaxed feeling and has a fruity smell. Ordering at MSNL is one of the best experiences I had.”

Here’s what another happy customer could say from a males’ point of view.

“Me and my brother have a family condition where we feel more pain than others. We use the plant for CBD oil and with a 18% THC level; it is a great opportunity.”

We also found other customer reviews, but their focus is the different areas of MSNL. For instance, they report that the information they got from the MSNL site is enough to help them effectively utilize their products. Also, its excellent customer service was also highlighted. Thus, we highly suggest this brand over other seed banks for you.

Final thoughts

Being the first to open seed banks online, MSNL remains a highly reputable marijuana seed seller. Regardless of specific cons, the company still has too many pros, which dominates buying seeds from them.

They do not only sell high-quality products but also deliver quality customer service. Their additional rewards and product discount make the brand friendlier to most users, aside from their affordable prices. Based on many MSNL reviews, they are the most generous to every customer.

For instance, they offer free seeds with every order of five seeds, regardless of whether all belong to one strain or a mix of different strains. Also, they offer multiple shipping options, including guaranteed stealth shipping.

Going further, orders can be shipped faster if you add a small fee. You can pay via bank transfer, credit cards, bitcoin, or cash. They also have a wide selection of cannabis strains. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can simply reach out to them.

Furthermore, damaged products can be replaced without any additional cost. Not only that. MSNL posts blogs on their website, which can help answer almost anything that bothers you.

Having all these facts, we highly recommend MSNL seeds. We also suggest you share this opportunity with other guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MSNL seeds legit?

Yes, MSNL seeds are legit. This seed bank has already operated since 1999; its existence ranges over two decades already. Moreover, their customers are still raining.

Where is MSNL seed bank located?

As of now, the company is based in London, UK.

How long does MSNL take to ship?

MSNL seeds can take up to 12 days to arrive at your given address. However, this may become faster depending on where you are located. You can also add a small payment if you want your order to prioritize shipping.

What is the best seed bank to use in Australia 2020?

MSL seed bank can still be considered the best seed bank that ships to Australia. Although based in the UK, the company accepts any order worldwide. Plus, they also ship quickly to Australia. However, Aussie Seed Bank (Aussies) also delivers weed seeds in the country.

What does MSNL stand for?

MSNL stands for Marijuana Seeds Netherlands. However, you will notice that their website domain is marijuana-seeds.nl and not others. This is because .nl indicates that it is from the Netherlands.

Is BOGOF option available with MSNL?

There is no such thing as Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) with MSNL. The Marijuana Seed offers more than you expect — at least five free seeds per order. The more you make more orders, the more free seeds you can get.

What is the main difference between Standard Shipping, Stealth Shipping, and Guaranteed Stealth Shipping?

Standard Shipping is regular shipping, in which your order is placed in a regular envelope only. On the other hand, Stealth Shipping is where your order is being placed inside any unrelated items, best for those who live in a country or state in which marijuana is not legal yet. Lastly, the Guaranteed Stealth Shipping is similar to the second one except that it requires a signature with added shipping guarantees.

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